Isaac Newton And His Alchemical Interest In The Lost Pyramid Code

Unpublished 17th-century AD alchemical documents reveal Sir Isaac Newton’s private Egyptian pyramid studies, in his quest to calculate a date for the End of Days. In July 1936 AD, a metal chest surfaced at Sotheby’s auction house in London filled with Isaac Newton’s unpublished, private, hand-written papers and lab books. After economist John Maynard Keynes bought the treasure chest he was shocked to find Newton was not only a force in mathematical theory, astronomy and optics, but that he was also a clandestine esoteric theologist, and an alchemist , questing otherworldly realms beyond physics with the assistance of supernatural forces.

According to Sam Kean´s “ Newton, The Last Magician ,” the great man of science was “secretly Europe’s leading alchemist” and believed his deepest universal insights came from his communications “with ancient spirits.”

Having spent five decades exploring the macro and micro-mechanics of the universe seeking a date for Armageddon, Newton is believed to have decoded it from the measurements and proportions of the legendary Solomon’s Temple. But now, more unpublished papers reveal a key step in Newton´s search for the date of Armageddon: the quest to find a hidden mathematical code within the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

One of the unpublished burned papers for sale. (Isaac Newton/Sotheby's)

One of the unpublished burned papers for sale. (Isaac Newton/ Sotheby’s)

Isaac Newton’s “New” Papers Worth A Small Fortune!

Isaac Newton has always been the number one, primary icon, for rational thinking , logic and reason. So, when his alchemical interests were first revealed it was a great embarrassment to the scientific community, and it’s happening again.

The works revealing more of Newton´s attempts to ascertain a date for the apocalypse are now being sold by Sotheby’s, and show his genius interpretation of the geometry, scale and proportions of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

According to a report in The Guardian , Gabriel Heaton, Sotheby’s manuscript specialist, says the papers take you “remarkably quickly straight to the heart of a number of the deepest questions Newton was investigating.” And, she added, that the three papers are expected to fetch “hundreds of thousands of pounds,” at auction next Tuesday. The Sotheby´s antiques specialist said Newton was trying to “uncover the unit of measurement used by those constructing the pyramids,” as he suspected it would disclose a microcosmic expression of the measure of the earth.

Isaac Newton was also an alchemist who hunted for secret numbers in Egypt and Israel. ( Nikki Zalewski / Adobe Stock)

Isaac Newton: Master Of The Universe

Newton studied the pyramids in 1680s, but his real goal was to calculate the prime measurements of the biblical Temple of Solomon , in which he was convinced the date for the apocalypse was embedded. Heaton says “the alchemist” was looking for proof for his theory of gravitation and he believed the secrets of ancient Egyptian alchemy would provide the required evidence.

Building on Heaton´s suggestion, I wrote and published a four-part series of research articles on my website in 2016. In the first instalment, Isaac Newton and the Temple of Doom , I present Newton´s study of the Temple of Solomon, the “Philosopher’s Stone of the Emerald Tablet.” Newton believed the Emerald Tablet had alchemical Egyptian origins and as he matured it satisfied his theological thirst. The 10 magical lines of the tablet became a “foundation” for Newton´s cosmological outlook, and his development of universal models . I go so far as to suggest the Emerald Tablet actually inspired the alchemists most famous universal laws. For example, Line 10 of the Emerald Tablet says “Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.”

A 17th-century-AD translation of the Emerald Tablet. (Deutsche Fotothek / Public domain )

Pop culture tells us that Newton conceived the concept of gravity after an apple fell on his head. But read this 10th line again and you will see how succinctly and clearly the sentence describes “gravity,” which is defined by modern science as “ the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

Isaac Newton And The End Of Time

In a letter dated 1704, which is currently on display at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem , Newton explained that after 30 years of analyzing the measurements, ratios, proportions and architectural features in ancient buildings he had unearthed a secret number system within the biblical books of Daniel and Revelations. And from his secret code he declared the prophetic year, 2060 AD, as the date for Armageddon, The End of Days.

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