Israel: spy chief’s ‘stupid’ remarks about Iran

Israeli journalist and analyst Barak Ravid said on Monday that Mossad head David Barnea has made “stupid” remarks about Iran’s nuclear programme, Rai Al-Youm has reported. Ravid made his comment in an interview on Israeli Radio 103 FM when discussing Barnea’s claim that Iran will never have nuclear weapons.

“This is my personal commitment, this is the Mossad’s commitment,” said Barnea. “Our eyes are open, we are alert, and together with our colleagues in the defence establishment, we will do whatever it takes to keep that threat away from the State of Israel and to thwart it in every way.”

Ravid said that, “Such a statement by the head of an Mossad is not an unusual statement is a stupid statement, and the fact that it is presented as it is presented is our problem in the State of Israel. The head of the Mossad has only one role and that is that Iran should not have an atomic bomb.”

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The Israeli journalist, who is close to the country’s decision-makers, concluded: “His statement is stupid and the media pumps it up as if it were the words of a living God, the Tablets of the Covenant from Mount Sinai.”

In reporting on this matter, Rai Al-Youm wondered whether Ravid was providing his own analysis or reporting the positions of some decision-makers. The online newspaper pointed out that Ravid had in the past held completely opposite views about the potential to attack Iran.

Iran and major powers started talks in April aimed at bringing back Tehran and Washington into full compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, which was abandoned by former US President Donald Trump three years ago.


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