JCPOA isolated U.S., says Iranian MP

TEHRAN— In an interview with the Tasnim news agency published on Saturday, Masoud Pezeshkian, representative of Tabriz people in the parliament, has expressed views on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions, commonly known as the 2015 nuclear deal.

Pezeshkian believes that in the world of politics, neither Iran’s words nor the United States’ words can be 100% implemented. 

He said, “The U.S. and Trump wanted to ruin everything for us. Why couldn’t they? Trump wanted to humiliate us. Why couldn’t he? Did Trump achieve all his goals? If we lost in the JCPOA, why is Israel trying so hard that we leave the deal?”

The veteran pro-reform lawmaker believes that what the enemy is doing to get Iran out of the JCPOA shows that the nuclear deal has benefited Iran.

“Aren’t the conspiracies launched by Israel right now aimed at inciting Iran to leave the deal?” he asked.

He further said, “The fact that we did not achieve all our goals in the JCPOA is the right thing to say, because our enemies do not want us to achieve our goals in the nuclear deal.”

Pezeshkian, who was deputy parliament speaker in the previous parliament, said Iran achieved an accomplishment through the JCPOA. Citing an example, the MP said, “The United States tried as hard as possible to issue a resolution against us (at the UN Security Council), but failed.”

He went on to say that one of the JCPOA accomplishments was that countries like China and Russia and even Europeans voted against the United States when the Trump administration took steps against Iran at the UN.

Pezeshkian also calls the 25-year cooperation plan between Iran and China as another achievement of the JCPOA. 

“Under Obama, China and Russia voted against us at the UN Security Council,” he reminded.

Also being able to have dialogue with China and Russia is the JCPOA’s achievement in the MP’s opinion.

He went on to count the diplomatic successes that Iran has made via the JCPOA, saying, “The Europeans vote against the United States at the United Nations. Is it the rise of the JCPOA or its fall? I would like to say that one of the advantages of the JCPOA was that it isolated the United States.”

“The JCPOA was signed so that Iran would enhance its nuclear strength,” said Pezeshkian. 

He also refuted claims that the JCPOA has undermined Iran’s nuclear program, citing remarks by nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi. 

Iran’s rapid return to its pre-JCPOA state also illustrates this fact, the MP asserted.

Talks among Iran and the P4+1 is under way in Vienna. 

“A new understanding appears to be emerging and there is a common ground between the parties on the ultimate goal,” Seyed Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s chief negotiator, told Iranian media on Saturday afternoon. 

China’s envoy to the talks also said earlier in the day that all remaining parties to the nuclear agreement have agreed to speed up work on issues such as which sanctions the U.S. will lift.



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