Jerusalema Dance Challenge Insanity Becomes Part Of “The New Normal”

Nothing says “The New Normal” like a dance craze to a supposedly spiritual song originating from a black DJ in South Africa and, like a virus, spreading to the boys and girls in blue, healthcare workers, airline personnel, etc. around the world. It just brings such a “warm feeling to my heart” knowing that members of the police, healthcare workers and others who have been enforcing the COVID-19 lock down insanity are being paid to demonstrate their choreographic talents. I’m just a bit skeptical that this, like most fads that come out of nowhere, is actually a grassroots phenomena. The title of the song, the lyrics, the TikTok connection, the cross-racial influence spread to European countries, mask wearing and social distancing participation of the performers, the origin of the challenge starting with authority figures — this dance challenge hits psychologically on many levels.

Here is a video featuring the South African DJ who created the song along with an English translation of some of the lyrics. “It’s taking over the world.”


“Police in Switzerland recently started the viral Jerusalema Challenge to lift people’s moods during some of the hardest moments of the pandemic.

The challenge sees Swiss officers dancing along to the song Jerusalema by South African DJ Master KG in various locations across the country. Officers began posting the videos online and they instantly went viral.

The hashtag #JerusalemaChallenge is now being used on social media, and a number of other police officers are joining in with the morale-boosting dance trend.”

“After the Swiss Jerusalema Challenge went viral online, the Garda Síochána, who are the national police service of the Republic of Ireland decided to join in with the challenge.

They posted a video on their official Twitter @gaurdainfo on February 2nd that sees a group of officers socially distantly dancing in locations across Ireland.

Alongside the video, they wrote: “We have stepped up to the Swiss police @fedpolCH#JerusalemaChallenge. Gardaí across Ireland answered the call to give the public we serve a lift in these challenging times. #StayTogether #homeStaySafe.”

The video has already had a million views and gone viral on the internet, and the Irish Police have challenged the general public to have a go at the Jerusalema Challenge too.”

Here is the Austrian Airlines version:

How about Romanian firefighters:

Stuttgart Airport:

A Swedish hospital:

German healthcare workers:

Auto makers haven’t passed up the challenge. Here is a Porsche Inter Auto video that includes a robot and a drone:

The dance challenge must include a religious angle. I guess they figure Christ will protect them so they’ve forgone the masks.

The number of videos surrounding this dance challenge is endless, just like the insanity surrounding the “plandemic.” The various angles on the “plandemic” psyop appear to be endless also and will just keep being pushed unless the more rational among us put a stop to it.

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