Jew Gatekeeper Caterwauls Bad-Bad West-How the Western Media Helped Build the Case for Genocide in Gaza

“Liberal democracy is not what it seems.”

“But how to keep the faith when the world’s leading liberal democracies – invariably referred to as “the West” – are complicit in the crime of crimes: genocide?”

“Not just law-breaking or a misdemeanour, but the extermination of a people. And not just quickly, before the mind has time to absorb and weigh the gravity and extent of the crime, but in slow motion, day after day, week after week, month after month.

What kind of system of values can allow for five months the crushing of children under rubble, the detonation of fragile bodies, the wasting away of babies, while still claiming to be humanitarian, tolerant, peace-seeking?

And not just allow all this, but actively assist in it. Supply the bombs that blow those children to pieces or bring houses down on them, and sever ties to the only aid agency that can hope to keep them alive.”

“The answer, it seems, is the West’s system of values.

The mask has not just slipped, it has been ripped off. What lies beneath is ugly indeed.”

A very old saying about the actions of members of the Jew cult.

“We scream out in pain as we beat you!”.

The Judaic cult is the Zionist Zombie Virus which leaves the former human host a soul-less animal who’s only desires other than raping children, stealing, lying, mass murdering, is to spread the virus of death!

Oh yes, and trying to transfer the blame for the evil they do to others to their victims.

The Ole Dog!



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