Jewish activist angry after BLM blocks Ambulance with critically Injured, causing Death, calls them all sorts of names



After five blacks were shot by their fellow blacks in Oakland, California, a black mob over 1,000 blocked the ambulance from taking the injured to the hospital. As a result, one of the injured died. The laughing black mob was celebrating Juneteeth.

The blacks surrounded the ambulance, climbed on top of it, were “twerking” (dancing) and laughing while their fellow blacks were bleeding to death. If they treat their own brothers and sisters with such sadistic cruelty, imagine what they would do to us if they ever got the chance.

This has got to be one of the most offensive and hilarious videos out there… just watch the video. In the video he calls them ‘low IQ Savage Baboons’ and many other epithets. Now what he calls them in the video is not our concern, it’s freedom of speech, our concern is however, how in the world such a huge story didn’t even make it to the news??

A group of BLM rioters blocking an ambulance causing death!? This is some serious stuff here, were there any arrests? All of them should be arrested just like the did with the Capitol rioters because all of them are guilty of murder and obstructing an ambulance from performing its duties.

This is really really serious, not something to be taken lightly yet the media is silent, not even reporting on it. Had this been done by a group of Trump supporters (needless to say they wouldn’t have done such a cruel mindless thing) you wouldn’t hear the end of it in the media but when blacks do it, its somehow ok?

So without further due, here’s the video:

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