Jews Accuse Motion Picture Museum Of ‘Conspiracy’ To Downplay Jewish Dominance Of Hollywood

(Algemeiner) After years of denying the self-evident fact that Jews built and control Hollywood, many Jews — including the Jewish supremacist group, the Anti-Defamation League — are now crying foul after discovering that the new Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures — which was founded by wealthy Hollywood Jewish donors — has not sufficiently acknowledged the prominent role Jews have played in the movie industry from its very foundation:

Some prominent members and donors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are asking why Jewish trailblazers who helped build the Hollywood industry are not spotlighted in its new museum in Los Angeles. Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who attended the opening gala of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on Sept. 25, called the absence “a conspiracy of silence and that’s deeply upsetting” in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“I would’ve hoped that any honest historical assessment of the motion picture industry — its origins, its development, its growth — would include the role that Jews played in building the industry from the ground up,” he added. “As I walked through, I literally turned to the person I was there with and said to him, ‘Where are the Jews?’ The omission was glaring.”

Neal Gabler wrote in the introduction to his 1988 book “An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood” that the American film industry was “founded and for more than 30 years operated by Eastern European Jews.” He added, “There were none of the impediments imposed by loftier professions and more firmly entrenched businesses to keep Jews and other undesirables out.”

Hollywood’s Jewish founding fathers included Paramount Pictures co-founder Adolph Zukor, Warner Bros. founders Harry and Jack Warner, Universal Pictures co-founder Carl Laemmle, Columbia Pictures co-founder Harry Cohn, and MGM co-founders Sam Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer.

Israeli-American media mogul Haim Saban, who along with his wife Cheryl made the largest donation to the museum — a $50 million gift — told Rolling Stone that the couple “firmly believe that the Jewish contributions to the film industry, from its founding to today, should be highlighted….We shared our perspective with the Academy Museum’s management and appreciate that they are taking our feedback seriously,” he said.

Some patrons considered withdrawing future financial contributions to the institution, with one Academy member who preferred to remain unnamed saying, “You left the museum with the impression that the film industry was created 10 years ago. They erased the past. And I find it appalling…”

Opening this year is a new exhibition called “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971,” which will explore the history of African-American filmmakers. The museum contains “scant mention of Jewish trailblazers,” with the exception of “Sunset Boulevard” director Billy Wilder, according to Rolling Stone. One of the six Oscars won by Wilder is displayed with a small placard stating that he fled Nazi Germany due to his religion.

“By not including the founding fathers out of the gate, they were making a massive statement,” said Triller CEO and Academy member Ryan Kavanaugh. “As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, it’s just shocking that they erased the contributions of a group who faced severe antisemitism — they couldn’t get bank loans, they couldn’t own homes in LA, and yet they still created this industry that is the bedrock of the LA economy and touches people around the world….Instead of, ‘Look at what what they were able to do,’ it’s just wiped out,” Kavanaugh added. “It goes against everything that our industry says they stand for.”

An insider familiar with the decision-making process for the museum’s programing indicated there was a lack of will to push back, saying, “a lot of people who might have fought harder for the representation of Jews were just really laying low.”

The museum’s director and president Bill Kramer told Rolling Stone that he has spoken with Academy members and donors who expressed their concerns about the lack of Jewish representation. He said the museum will open a display on the Jewish founding fathers of Hollywood next year, and while it was originally planned as a temporary installment, it will now be the museum’s first and only permanent exhibit. “Representation is so important to us, including our Jewish founders,” he explained. “If we are not talking about them in enough detail or more prominently, we want to hear that and we want to respond to that. We heard these notes, and we get it. And we’re really happy to be able to make a change and are going to course correct.”

Sid Ganis, an honorary trustee of the museum, said he found no issue with the current set of exhibits and was “a little surprised” by the outrage. “We have a museum that covers over 100 years of this industry,” he said. “And yes, we didn’t get to opening night with the origin story, but we got to opening night with what was relevant to the audience we were playing to and needed to include. I have friends who said to me, ‘Where are the Jews?’ It’s in the eyes of the beholder. They’re there, and they will be there in a bigger, more prominent way pretty soon.”

Ironies of ironies — the head of the ADL — Jonathan Greenblatt — whose full-time, highly paid job is to smear anyone who makes the “dangerous” suggestion that Hollywood is Jewish, now claims he is deeply “offended” when Jews aren’t placed front and center in this museum and get the acclaim they deserve.

This double-mindedness is at the heart of Jewish life in America — to remain invisible so that the majority does not notice what they are doing — such as subverting the nation with communism — but at the same time crassly bragging about their wealth and power — and their shameless desire to want even more.

Jews have used Hollywood movies to redefine America as a Jewish multi-racial Utopia where Jews are accepted as our fellow white people who merely practice a “different religion” — an ironic sentiment considering Jews are overwhelmingly non-religious.

In 1945, Frank Sinatra — who owed his entire career to Jews in Hollywood and organized crime (like Mikey Cohen) — agreed to star in The House I Live In, a “documentary” short, written by Albert Maltz — a Jewish communist who was later blacklisted as a member of the notorious “Hollywood Ten” by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

This shmaltzy film received the official Kosher stamp of approval when it received a special, “honorary” Academy Award in 1945 — coincidentally just as the world was receiving its first onslaught of Holocaust propaganda as WWII ended.

In 2007, the Library of Congress — at the behest of Hollywood Jews no doubt — made this maudlin piece of Judeo-Marxist “melting pot” propaganda a permanent part of its film collection as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” to America.

And now that liberal Hollywood Jews have been busy promoting other racial minorities in the media to replace white people, many Jews are feeling like they “don’t count” anymore as an “oppressed minority” — and they need some reassurance that they are still “special” — and no one forgets it, if they know what’s good for them.

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