jews Are Kvetching About “Anti-Semite” Van Morrison

Irish musician Van Morrison, best known for his songs “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Moondance” made waves during the Coronavirus scamdemic by releasing songs against the lockdown, such as “No More Lockdown,” which raised the ire of the totalitarian establishment and their indoctrinated morons.

Now “Van the Man” is causing trouble again with the release of Latest Record Project (Vol 1), which contains songs like “They Own the Media,” “Why Are You on Facebook?” and “Duper’s Delight.” In particular jews are outraged about Van Morrison peddling in an “anti-semitic canard” about how jews run the media, even though he never names who “they” are in the song.

jews know they own the media. Van Morrison, who worked in the music industry for many decades, know they own the media, but even just mentioning that there is a “they” who owns the media is enough for jews (and possibly a few philo-semites) to flip their lids and start kvetching like crazy.

From the Daily Dot:

The “Brown-Eyed Girl” singer has released a two-hour rant in the form of Latest Record Project Volume 1. The studio album, which was released by Sony, includes missives about mind control, clandestine meetings in the forest, the mainstream media, foreigners stealing the west’s “rewards,” and on and on and on. In one song, Van Morrison sings that “they own the media.” The song is being widely criticized as anti-Semitic.

“Van Morrison has gone to the dark end of the street,” commented J. Elvis Weinstein.

Some people thought it was clever to insinuate that Van Morrison is now a “White supremacist” who really prefers blue eyed girls.

The Forward writes:

The lyrics of the song, “They Own The Media,” never indicate who the pronoun in its title refers to. But Morrison, a two-time Grammy winner, was also accused of antisemitism for the 2005 track “They Sold Me Out,” and throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been trafficking in conspiracy theories that frequently overlap with Jew-hatred.

Here is “They Sold Me Out,” which contains lyrics about being sold out “for a few shekels more.”

Good for Van for speaking his mind through his songs, regardless of what the jews who run the media (and much more) have to say about him.

Here is Van Morrison’s whole new album for your consideration.

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