Jews are not Whites

I’m not white, I’m Jewish!” – Paul Kivel

As the anti-white genocide starts digs in, now some Jews are claiming that they are in-fact not white, they are Ashkenazi Jews, descended Jews from the original Hebrews in the middle-east.

Being white is not just a matter of identifying as white; it involves being treated as white.” – Kwame Anthony Appiah

In these times of racial strife and blame of Whites as the sole cause of non-white suffering, the Jews are quickly asserting that they are in-fact NOT WHITE and are begging BLM and ANTIFA to not blame them, loot their stores, or riot in their neighborhoods because they claim that they are “not the problem” but rather they too suffered under the Whites.

The Jews affirm that “Whiteness” is to take a supremacist position over the other races, including the Jews, who point to the Holocaust as the fact that they have been persecuted by the Gentiles (White Non-Jews), treated as non-whites and not included in the gentile society. They also claim that Whiteness is to uphold patriarchy and engage in systemic racism.

Though Jews in America have enjoyed what they call White Privilege, they claim that White antisemitism has greatly harmed their communities, and created injustices such as the Holocaust. They claim that they are victims just as the Negro is a victim, just as the Native American is a victim, and just as all non-whites are victims of the Gentiles.

We can no longer let others define us. We need to start defining ourselves. And the only way to do that is through learning about our ancestry, our genetics and our indigenous connection to the land, culture and language of Israel.”- Jewish Journal

Of course, the Jews blame the Gentiles for their ills and that of the world. Of course, they cry out, “Not me” and point the finger at the Non-Jew as the criminal.

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