Jews Have Meltdown When Navy Chaplain Quotes Bible That The ‘Men Of Israel’ Crucified Christ And Need To Repent

A Jewish-dominated anti-Christian group called the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” had a mouth-frothing meltdown recently when a Navy chaplain posted a sermon for Easter Sunday in which he quoted Peter’s admonishment to the “men of Israel” that they must repent for crucifying Christ:

Lt. Aristotle Rivera serving as a Navy chaplain for the Second Marine Division at Camp Lejuene in North Carolina posted an Easter sermon titled “What did the people talk about at the first Easter?” on a US Military website. The article, published on March 30, dealt with the question of what the first Christians spoke about [on Easter]:

“Did they talk about how loving God is, or how God loves us unconditionally? Did they mention how God helps us through difficult times? Did the apostles go around inspiring others to remember Jesus and to follow his teachings? Did they gather in synagogues to discuss the ethical implications of loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you?,” and,

Did Peter “give instruction about memorizing scripture verses, going to church on Sundays, being nice to people, stop saying bad words and start being better people?”

Rivera answers by claiming they discussed the Jews’ rejection of Jesus. more specifically, that Peter addressed the “men of Israel”, saying “you crucified and killed” Jesus.

“A way to summarize the early Easter message was this: ‘Jesus lived. You killed him. God raised him. We saw him. Say Sorry.’”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a group that advocates for troops and veterans who report discrimination in the military, immediately sent a letter to the Washington Headquarters Services which ran the website. Led by MRFF founder and president Mikey Weinstein, 32 high-ranking military members and DoD civilian employees in the greater Washington, D.C. area, 24 of whom are Jewish, signed on the [following] letter:

“As America still reels on a daily basis from the horrific shock of extremist hate from every corner of our Land, now comes this stunningly antisemitic article printed, not even a month ago, in apparent celebration of Easter by the official Department of Defense (DoD), Washington Headquarters Service.

This putrid filth, spewing and egging on the basic foundations of the ancient hated of the Jewish people as “Christ Killers,” is simply one of the most antisemitic, Old School Jew-baiting pieces of defamatory trash we have seen here at MRFF in a very long time.

Yet once again, the Mother Ship of fundamentalist Christianity rears its repugnant head, this time in an official DoD Headquarters internet publication written by a United States Navy officer/chaplain for ALL the world to see.

And what is its main filthy theme or thesis?

It is, quite literally, to SOLELY blame the Jewish people (”Men of Israel”) for the gruesome execution of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Ms. Meiners, this wretched screed is absolutely base, evil, vile, hateful bigotry and rapacious racism being vomited out of the mouth of this U.S. military officer/chaplain/author and fully endorsed by your official high profile DoD news and information outlet, the DoD’s Washington Headquarters Service.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation demands that U.S. Navy Chaplain (Lt.) Rivera, who is also a West Point graduate, and anyone else who is either directly or indirectly responsible for this mind-blowing, dishonorable, and malevolent publishing of abject prejudice, be aggressively investigated and visibly punished with immediate, due swiftness by the Department of Defense.

Additionally, MRFF further demands an immediate and heartfelt apology in writing from the DoD’s Washington Headquarters Service, which you currently direct and oversee.”

The offending article was removed but the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America (JWV) demanded disciplinary action against Lt. Rivera.

“Lt. Rivera included what JWV believes was an anti-Semitic message in an Easter article he wrote for the Defense Department’s Washington Headquarters Service,” the organization wrote to the Defense Department’s Washington Headquarters Service. “In addition to an apology and admission of wrongdoing by Lt. Rivera, we also ask the Department of Defense to issue a statement acknowledging the anti-Semitic nature of the article.”

Nowhere in the Navy chaplain’s sermon did he use the word “Jew” — nor did Peter — and it’s presumptuous for Jews to think the phrase “men of Israel” has anything to do with them — because by their own admission they are not Israel.

According to the 1980 Jewish Almanac, “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

The ancestors of many of today’s Jews broke any legitimate connection they may have had to the Israelite people 2,000 years ago — after real Israelites nailed Christ to the cross — as witnessed by Peter in Acts 2:22-23 — there were many of them who did not repent of it.

Those unrepentant Jews, led by the Pharisees, fomented a revolution in Judea that culminated in the destruction of the temple in 70 AD — the turning point where Jews completely broke away from the religion of the Hebrews, and their babylonian-inspired refutation of the Torah known as the Talmud became the foundation of their new religion — Judaism:

From [the destruction of the temple], Judaism developed entirely from the teachings of the Pharisees. As Joachim Jeremias notes, ‘the Sadducean role ended with the fall of Jerusalem, and the [religious] tradition [subsequently] handed down to us and fixed by the written word [in the form of the Mishnah] from the second century, came exclusively from their enemies — the Pharisees’ (Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus, p. 243). Indeed, as quoted earlier from The Jewish Encyclopedia, “Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future” (“Pharisees”). In a similar vein, George Robinson writes, “The importance of the Pharisees cannot be overemphasized. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Second Temple, it was only through the efforts of the rabbis, the heirs of the Pharisaic world-view, that Judaism [rather, Pharisaism, as Judaism had not yet fully coalesced] was able to survive at all” (Essential Judaism, p. 321).

With this rejection of Christ as the legitimate and promised messiah of Israel, the Jews naturally fell into lawlessness, endlessly disputing the entire Torah — and replacing the word of God with the wisdom of the rabbis. And proof of this lawlessness is their rejection of Israel’s rules of patrilineal descent — and replacing them with matrilineal descent — sometime around 200 AD, according to their own histories.

This was a crucial turning point in the creation of the Jewish people as we know them today — the rabbis approved of race mixing — the father no longer needed to be Israelite as long as the mother was — in direct contradiction to Deuteronomy 23:2 — and thereby destroying any claim to legitimate Israelite identity.

According to Shaye D. Cohen, the Littauer Professor of Hebrew Literature and Philosophy at Harvard University, at this time between the destruction of the temple and 200 AD, the Jewish sages — or Tannaim — may have developed the rationalization for matrilineal descent by observing mixed breeding in the animal kingdom.

Despite the biblical prohibition the breeding of animals of different species, Cohen argues, the Jewish sages opined in the Mishnah (Kilayim 8:4) that a mule whose mother was a horse and whose father was a donkey should be allowed to mate with other horses — implying that “horse-hood” is passed down through the mother, regardless of the father’s species — a concept that rabbis then extrapolated to operate beyond the animal kingdom.

This rationalization for race mixing is typical of the Talmudic mindset — they know the Bible forbids mixing — but instead of simply submitting to God’s law, they fabricate a justification for breaking the law.

With their rejection of the moral law against mixing came sexual license and confusion — the father’s identity would always be in doubt with promiscuous women — so a child’s Jewish identity could be confirmed only through the mother — matrilineal identity — an after-the-fact, Talmudic justification for lawless behavior.

A 1956 article in the New York Times raised the question of whether or not Jews were a racially identifiable group, and Rabbi Samuel Silver — editor of American Judaism and director of information of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations — emphatically denied that “race” was of any consequence as to what Jews are:

Racial characteristics are secondary to moral and spiritual values which are acquired through education and religious heritage. The notion that all Jews are racially alike is contrary to accounts in the Bible which tell of intermingling of Jews with many other strains.”

Of course, the Bible says no such thing — the only peoples that the Israelites were allowed to “intermingle” with were pure Adamic people of the original Genesis 10 nations — from whom Jacob and his sons took their wives.

These apostate Jews in wake of the destruction of the temple in 70 AD were the ones who ignored biblical laws of marriage for Israelites — and “intermingled” with anyone they pleased — Arabs, Khazars, Mongols, Turks — and then the rabbis concocted an elaborate, fanciful rationalization for doing so.

In his 1953 book Israel Between East And West, Jewish ethnologist Dr. Raphael Patai confirmed this about the ethnic diversity of Jews worldwide,

“The impression is thus gained that the Jews do not belong to a single homogeneous racial a group.”

Dr. Camille Honig, editor of the California Jewish Voice, concluded the following about the racial makeup of Jews based on Patai’s work,

“If you studied Jewish types and communities in five continents, as this writer [Patai] had the opportunity of doing, you would have realized that it is sheer nonsense, and very dangerous nonsense, as well as unscientific to a speak about a Jewish race.”

Today’s Jews are comprised of three major groups — Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and “Oriental” Jews — and all three have very distinct racial ancestry based on the host countries with whom they “intermingled” — which is why Jews have such divergent racial types.

Given this racial confusion, it is absolutely preposterous for Jews to claim to be “men of Israel” — they forsook the right to call themselves “Israel” at the foot of the cross — and then by rejecting the strict laws of marriage, mixing themselves into oblivion to the point where they have no right to even claim that they are any longer a discernible people — except for their one commonality — their hatred for — and rejection of — Christ.

No, Jews won’t ever apologize for crucifying Christ — but they demand an apology from any Christian who mentions that they crucified Him — or that they would do it again if they ever get the chance:

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