Jews Play Good Cop Role in Gaza

Jews Play Good Cop Role in Gaza

More and more people every day are becoming aware of the fact that our worldly ills all seem to balance on the sloped heads of one particular group of people; the jews.  In an attempt to convince humanity that some jews are good, and that only the evil “bad cop” jews are causing our problems many jews are employed in the position of the “good cop”.  In this role, jews often take up the lead in protests against jewish crimes and subversion, to give us the appearance that only really bad ones need to be dealt with, and that somehow the rest are harmless, but this is not the case.

Here some jews protest against other jews in Jerusalem. Never, ever be so gullible to believe that jews protesting against each other could mean that any of them are on humanity’s side of the issue.

For the past 4000 years, the jewish race as a whole, has pretty much gone around planet earth subverting all peoples and all nations in an extremely devious and ruthless fashion.  They have worked tirelessly as a unified force, with none of them ever seeming to waiver from the common goal of the tribe, i.e. ultimately ruling the globe with impunity.  The exceptions are supposed to be the jews who are tasked with playing the “good cop” role, as mentioned above, but when the majority of people publicly speaking out against the jewish problem are also jews, who always seem to fail to clearly define the issues, or offer any real solutions, it becomes obvious that even these jews are still working towards the same end.

The jews are known to be some of the biggest protesters that ever existed, but that’s how you cover up being the biggest perpetrators of crimes against humanity.  They protest everything from the price of a loaf of bread, to other jews who pose as Nazis, or even their own puppet presidential candidates.  Some jews protest against the jewish plot for world domination, usually claiming “zionists” to be the problem, while other jews protest against republicans and democrats, for the uninitiated who haven’t figured out the problem is jews, not because they have an affinity for one party or the other.

Many jews rape children, while the jews who haven’t been caught protest against pedophiles.  Some jews will fight for gay marriages to be recognized, because most jews are homosexual, and some other jews will vehemently protest against it.  Some jews will murder a bunch of Palestinians, and some other jews will protest on behalf of their slain victims.  What’s scary is I could pretty much pick any topic on earth, at random, and say the same thing.  See the jew lists HERE to get a glimpse at another small sliver of jew protesters and activists.

These jews protest against the Gaza blockade by sailing around in a boat and being filmed by Reuters. Their group of former IDF soldiers and fake holocaust survivors do nothing more than attempt to make jews look like good guys.

The particular example of this I’m speaking about is some jews who recently loaded up on a boat in Cyprus, and set sail for the world’s largest open air prison, the Gaza Strip, to protest the blockade of the Palestinian people, by the jews of Israel.  Some of these jews are former IDF soldiers who are now part of a false front “Combatants for Peace”, who pretend to stand up for Palestinians, even after serving in an army that oppresses them.  The article, which can be seen HERE, is a perfect example of that which I speak, amounting to nothing more than blatant propaganda attempting to show jews in a better light.

Many of you are fooled by jewish authors and jewish protesters around the globe, such as the jew Anna Baltzer who was promoted by Ognir of TIU, which I wrote about HERE; into believing that some jews are good because they pick their pet issue and protest select portions of the tribe.  However, this is not helpful because they are always mixing up the message and putting the blame on “zionists” or some other small faction, while protecting the rest of the jewish race.

The unarmed Palestinians are constantly attacked and marauded by terrorist jews (see  HERE), and are ironically painted as terrorists by the jewish media.  The people of Gaza are blocked in by murderous Israelis on all sides, and denied the ability to acquire even the most basic supplies like food, medicine, and fuel.  At the same time, their farmlands are constantly being stolen or uprooted by jewish “settlers” (i.e. terrorist squatters), their homes bulldozed by jews at gunpoint (even activists like Rachel Corrie are bulldozed in the process), their children stolen, their people harassed, murdered, etc.  All of this is not just an example of how “the only democracy” in the Middle East behaves, but how murderous, terrorist jews have always behaved, while a few jews here and there take up the role of damage control, a.k.a. the good cop.

This is how jews normally behave towards Palestinians, and they would openly do the same to all humans if they had full control. This is typical vicious, venomous jew behavior that fake jew protesters attempt to cover up and marginalize.

In this instance of jews pretending to be the good guy and stand with their victims against the other jews, 10 rat faced monsters loaded up on a yacht, and sailed for Gaza in a staged publicity stunt, supposedly to protest Israel’s blockade of Gaza.  Of the ten jewish activists, half were from Israel, and the other jews came from Britain and Germany.  As their catamaran headed into Gaza, they were boarded and taken over by the Israeli military without incident, and it’s this detail that helps highlight the fact that this was just a fictional production.

You see, when Congress woman Cynthia McKinney attempted to use a private boat to bring aid to the people of the Gaza strip, her boat was rammed three times (HERE) by an Israeli war ship, endangering the lives of those on board the vessel, and causing severe damage.  McKinney’s purpose was to help bring medicine to the people of Gaza, who at that time were under a severe lock down by the murderous jews, coupled with an intense bombing campaign of civilian targets for both ethnic cleansing and fun ritual murder.  However in this case, rather than simply being boarded without incident, Cynthia and other activists are labeled terrorists (read: irony) by the jews and rammed without warning.

“We were prevented from entering Gaza … by Israeli patrol boats that tracked us for about 30 minutes. They shone their spotlight on us and then all of a sudden they rammed us approximately three times, twice in the front and once in the side,” said former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney who was aboard the boat.”Communications from the Israelis indicated that we were involved in terrorist activities … I presume that’s why they rammed our boat,” she added.

Quite a stark contrast is obvious between this earlier event, and the recent publicity stunt with the jews pretending to help their own victims.  What’s funny is this occurred in international waters, not Israeli waters, and not waters belonging to Palestine, so the jews had no right to intervene, as the boat was clearly in waters that don’t belong to them.  Of course, anyone who understands the jew, understands that the jew believes the entire planet belongs to them.  Even the solar system and beyond belongs to them, in their eyes, because they see themselves as supreme beings, and have claimed themselves the heirs of everything, including even the humans who walk the earth.

When former Congress woman Cynthia McKinney attempted to bring aid to the people of Gaza, her boat was purposely rammed and terrorized by Israeli war ships, who’s claims equal stating that helping the victims of jewish terrorists is terrorism!

Racism and supremacy are key features of jews, and especially the ones who pretend to protest the other jews for you. If you are foolish enough to believe that any of them will actually help you stop the rest of the tribe, rest assured when your back is turned, they laugh at your naivety like hyenas seem to laugh at their prey before the kill.

This previous incident is indeed typical of jewish behavior, where we see them lashing out uncontrollably at anyone who disagrees with their murderous behavior.  Even according to the article, Israel had (at that time, and during the offensive taking place during that period) killed 60 civilians and wounded 650 others, during their blood lust massacre of Palestinians, which is indicative of genocidal maniacs with no remorse.  It wasn’t their intention to allow any aid to the people they were trying to kill.  What would be the point of that?

Reuters Television filmed the yacht sailing for the port of Ashdod under its own power, led by a small naval escort vessel.

Five of the 10 activists were Israelis and the others came from Britain, Germany and the United States. Police held the Israeli nationals for questioning and later released them. A police spokesman said the foreign activists would be deported.

One of the activists who set sail from Cyprus on Sunday was an 82-year-old Holocaust survivor, Reuven Moskovitz.

Before leaving, he told reporters he was taking part “because I am a survivor. When I was in a ghetto and almost died, I hoped there would be human beings who would show compassion and help.”

Yet more evidence these jews weren’t really out to help the Palestinians can be seen in the quote above.  It seems that Reuters Television just happened to have someone in the vicinity, who magically got word of the incident, right as it was happening, so that they could be there in time to film this boat heading into an Israeli port under it’s own power.  What would we ever do for news if these reporters didn’t always happen to be Johnny on the spot with every event jews want us to take notice of?

If you are going to attempt to bring aid to the victims of genocidal jewish terrorists, you might as well be running a “terrorist training camp”, because the jew will claim you are an evil terrorst for trying to be a humanitarian to their victims.

Why are these people simply called “activists” and not labeled “terrorists”, as was the case when a former U.S. Congress woman attempted to bring aid to the people of Gaza?  That wasn’t just some bunch of nobodies, it was a U.S. politician who’s boat was rammed, and here they are calling her and her group of humanitarians “terrorists”.  Indeed they should be saying the same about these rats, right?

Note that just for good measure these jews pretending to be activists brought along a holocaust survivor.  The fake holocaust survivor was brought along just so we could hear about poor jews in ghettos, and how these jews are so much like the victims they murder and abuse.  The poor jew supposedly lived in ghettos, and always hoped humanity would help.  Sure, it almost sounds the same, until you realize a parasite can’t claim to be a victim of the host, no matter how the host reacts to the parasite.  Showing some humanity would mean cleansing the world of these rats without remorse, and without being swayed by anything the jews have to say about it, because this kind of unsubstantiated drivel about ghettos and persecution are all you will hear from jews anyway.

Only a rat faced, demonic, genocidal KIKE would use boats and helicopters full of commandos to stage a murderous raid against humanitarians attempting to deliver medicine and supplies. There is nothing human about a jew, so don’t be fooled by jewish protesters who attempt to convince you otherwise.

So, what about the botched flotilla raid that from late May this year?  Israel didn’t simply escort these people to port. Israel had a bunch of commandos land on the deck from helicopters, and summarily execute 9 activists, in an act of premeditated cold blooded murder.  The jews had even made up “code names” for this “operation” to counteract humanitarian aid groups attempting to cross their U.N. condemned ILLEGAL (see HERE) blockade of Gaza, calling it “Operation Sea Breeze” or “Operation Sky Winds”.  This just means there was indeed a plan ahead of time to lash out in illegal fashion against protesters of their illegal blockade.  Look HERE to see how kikes like Joe Biden attempt to stick up for this illegal murderous rampage.

Six ships, as part of a “freedom flotilla” attempted to bring food, water, medical and construction supplies to the people of Gaza who, due to the lock down by the jews, are in dire need of even the most basic supplies to sustain life.  Unlike the more recent event, where some jews pretend to protest other jews, there was no peaceful behavior on the part of the jews.  Instead, they boarded the ships and carried out a plan of systematic executions against, what many say was a list of activist targets marked for murder.  HERE is a page with a breakdown of events which included jews cutting off satellite communications before attacking in the middle of the night in international waters, shooting everything in sight, possibly sabotaging the boats, calling everyone terrorists, confiscating their phones, cameras, etc.

“It was a surprise because it happened in the middle of the night, in the darkness, in international waters, because we knew there would be a confrontation but not in international waters,” she told Brazil’s TV Globo on Tuesday.

“Their first tactic was to cut all of our satellite communications and then they attacked,” Lee said, reportedly speaking from an Israeli prison in the city of Beersheva, 80km from Jerusalem, where she was under arrest.

“All I witnessed first hand was the shooting,” said New York-based Lee, who has also lived in Iran and Lebanon. “They came onboard and started shooting at people.”

Lee, a former director of the Sao Paulo film festival and whose film Synthetic Pleasures was nominated for a Sundance award in 1996, said the operatives then sent the women to a lower level of the ship.

“They said we were terrorists – it was absurd. They came into the part where the women were, lots and lots of them, dressed in black and with gigantic weapons as if they were in a war.”

“They confiscated all of our telephones and all of our luggage that was on the ship and took everything out of the bags and put it on the floor.”

Again, why is it that there is such a stark contrast when real activists set out to help the Palestinian people, compared to this recent media stunt, where a few jews sailed a boat towards Gaza, got apprehended by some IDF jews, and had the whole thing filmed by some ready and waiting Reuters news jews?  The answer is simple.  The most recent incident was staged by jews playing the role of the “good cop”, possibly to mask over the other incidents while painting some jews as good guys.  Those previous incidents rightly showed jews (by their own actions no less) to be evil, murderous scum, but this most recent event paints them as humanitarian holocaust survivors from the poor, poor ghetto.

Many jews, like this fat slob Mike Rivero would like you to believe that because they speak out against simple things like “zionists” that they can be trusted in the fight against jews. Never, EVER trust a jew to even HELP protest against jews, let alone take the lead.

I am only bringing up these incidents to make a specific point.  When jews protest against other jews, it is 100% benign, and serving the purpose of the jew.  Whether they be a writer, public speaker, an activist, a fake humanitarian, a protester on the street, or anything else; when a jew claims to stand up against the rest of the jews, the jew is not doing it to help humanity, the jew is doing it to help the jewish race.  Otherwise there wouldn’t be such a glaring difference between these events, and this most recent sham wouldn’t be full of perfectly timed propaganda that only serves the jewish interest.

Don’t let jews fool you into thinking they are standing up against other jews for your benefit.  They are doing, it in your place, to keep you from doing it properly. The jews who pretend to lead the protests are merely attempting to make sure your protests are ineffective, or that they never go further than waving cardboard signs.  When you pick up arms and start expelling the jews, watch how fast these fake jewish heroes turn on you.  When you actually start executing jews, how many of these fake hero jews do you think will be standing there helping you?  Never, ever trust a jew to protest for you.  Instead, it’s time you all stand up and FIGHT for yourselves, because protesting protesters like the jews is nothing but wasted energy, but allowing jews to protest for you is a sure way to ensure nothing changes.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to support those who stick their neck on the line to tell the story in completely unabridged fashion.


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