Jim Fetzer… ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’


In a stunning demonstration of online book burning, Amazon.com has just banned a book because of its contents. The book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook
consists of analysis from a dozen contributor authors, and is edited
Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. ~ Video – FREE E-Book

The book concludes that Sandy Hook was a staged
FEMA drill carried out by the government to push an agenda of nationwide
gun control.

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have a full download of the book below in PDF form, so keep reading if
you want to find out what’s so “dangerous” about this book that Amazon
had to ban it…

Whether the authors’ conclusions are
well-founded or complete lunacy isn’t the point here. Amazon.com has
selectively targeted this book for censorship due to the political incorrectness of the author’s conclusions.

Remember, Amazon.com went out of its way to ban Confederate flags in
the aftermath of another shooting, enforcing a grotesque, almost
Stalinist political correctness in its decision to pull Confederate flag
merchandise from its online store (including children’s toys like the
General Lee car from Dukes of Hazzard).

Yet at the same time, Amazon sells tens of thousands of books asserting all sorts of bizarre things, from authors who believe the Earth is literally flat to Adolf Hitler’s pro-genocidal Mein Kampf.


“If you disagree with the government, Amazon can pull your book…”

banning of Fetzer’s book is a dangerous precedent of banning books
based on their non-conformity with political correctness. “Amazon gave
me no reason,” Fetzer told Natural News. “The situation is completely
absurd… if you disagree with a government version of anything, Amazon
can pull your book.”

This brings up the possibility that Amazon
might soon ban U.S. history books that show the country’s Founding
Fathers in a positive light, for example.

Will books on Thomas Jefferson
soon be memory holed by the Amazon Ministry of Truth? What about books
that question the cancer industry or Monsanto’s GMOs?

Notably, Jeff
Bezos is both the founder of Amazon.com and the owner of the Washington Post, a highly politicized paper whose “science” writers parrot Monsanto talking points with absolute obedience.

On Fetzer’s blog,
he further explains that Amazon.com had already accepted his book for
publication, then reversed its position when sales began to take off:

Space and Amazon.com review every submission for its suitability for
publication and conformity to their guidelines before they are accepted
for publication. They accepted and published NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK
on 22 October 2015, nearly a month ago.

There is no good reason for this
book to now be taken down for further review other than that it has
become a sensation and has the potential to embarrass the administration
of President Barack Hussein Obama, which appears to be the underlying

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November 27, 2015 – KnowTheLies


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