Joe Rogan Goes Viral With One HUGE Concern About Elections

The world’s most popular podcaster has once again sent shockwaves through the political landscape. This time, he’s questioning the legitimacy of the electoral process itself.

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, comedian Tim Dillon boldly predicted, “Trump will beat him [Biden], I think, from jail,” to which Rogan emphatically agreed, “Yeah, 100%.”

But it was Rogan’s subsequent response that took the internet by storm.

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TIM DILLON: “Trump will beat him [Biden], I think, from jail.”

ROGAN: “Yeah, 100%.”

TIM DILLON: “Trump will win.”

ROGAN: “But I don’t know if it’s real. I mean, look, I don’t want to cry election fraud, but why would I imagine that they would manipulate everything openly except the election?”

Trump “Almost Certainly” Won the 2020 Election

A ballot fraud study reported on by The Epoch Times from early 2024 concluded that Trump “almost certainly” won the 2020 election.

Despite claims by a DHS subagency that the 2020 election was the “most secure in American history,” the Heartland Institute’s study suggests otherwise.

The authors wrote, “After analyzing the raw survey data, we were able to conclude that 28.2% of respondents who voted by mail admitted to committing at least one kind of voter fraud.”

Those votes should have been thrown out.

The authors also noted, “If the mail-in fraud levels were between 4% and 5%, then Trump wins enough of the swing states to actually force a tie at the electoral college.”

But don’t forget – the survey analysis that this was based on had about 28% of the respondents admitting to at least one kind of ballot fraud.

This is well beyond the 6% threshold. So, the claim is correct. Trump “almost certainly” won the 2020 election.



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