Judge Upholds Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Conviction

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Editor’s Note: This potentially could have led to a new trial and another long grind for all involved. But the judge was OK with the inadvertent omission by a male juror not having confirmed having been abused. No details were given.

Some visible bias (to other jurors I would suspect) would have had to have been exhibited in the juror’s conduct to have trashed the verdict. The facts presented were substantial. Maxwell’s memory is just fine. She knows what she did, and why, and never showed any remorse.

Ghislaine has a late June sentencing date, and she could be saving some cards to play at sentencing, and before. There has been background chatter for many years that she had her own stash of videos for possible future use at blackmail.

The Israelis kept themselves from being mentioned at all, the best I can recall, and historically they have been known for their Intel services getting compromising material on high-ups to have for a future day to use to ‘encourage’ their cooperation.

We may never know, or we might have a big surprise before this is over. One of the reasons is due to the large number of Intel people who think that Epstein was murdered so he could not name names in an effort to get a reduced sentence.

If that is the case, the prison guards would have had to have been in on it, with their falling asleep convenient timing for when Epstein was supposed to have been snuffed… Jim W. Dean.

NEW YORK — A U.S. judge refused to throw out Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking conviction Friday, despite a juror’s failure to disclose before the trial began that he’d been a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Maxwell, a British socialite, was convicted in December of helping the millionaire Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse several teenage girls.


Judge Upholds Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Conviction


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