July 20 – Vaccine-Injured Forced to Fend for Themselves

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Vaccine-injured Canadian says they have been abandoned by Fidelito and his junta

MDs threatened if they help; Media silenced


She has Bell’s Palsy – can’t work, can barely function. “Who’s resposnsible? I did the right thing and now I’m paying the price.

Reader- “My husband was also paralyzed from it – Guillain-Barre – paralysis in his legs and feet – couldn’t work for a year and still has nerve damage. No one gives a fig.”

Dr. Paul Alexander—Was COVID a ‘premeditated’ evil assault on populations, freedoms, on America principally to bring her to heel, was it devised & designed to instill fear & panic & submission? Yes, 100% & it did! The players involved must be investigated fully, in proper legal tribunals and hearings, relentlessly & if what we think is proven, they must be stripped of all monies, imprisoned, & some hanged publicly


Yuval Noah Harari gaslights conspiracy theorists


The guy who serves as advisor to the WEF, who is pushing us towards transhumanism, who wants to eradicate Christianity and replace it with a new AI religion, and who says those who oppose his agenda will be given drugs and video games to pacify them, assures us that there is no conspiracy.

Premeditated GENOCIDE: Registered Nurse Zandra Lewis States She Was Instructed to Euthanise Patients With Midazolam + Morphine and Withdraw Water


Cognitive Impairment in Adults – What Role Did COVID Vaccines Play?

A Midwestern Doctor’s in-depth exploration


“I tried to warn my colleagues about the dangers of this vaccine, but even when I pointed out Pfizer’s own trial admitted the vaccine was more likely to harm than help you, no one would listen to me. Not being sure what else to do, but not be willing to do nothing, I decided to start documenting all the severe reactions I came across so I could have some type of “proof” to show my colleagues.”

Pfizer factory where a quarter of country’s injectable meds are created is destroyed after a tornado with 135mph winds tears through North Carolina town leaving a path of carnage in its wake


A tornado swept through the town of Rocky Mount, 60 miles east of Raleigh, on Wednesday

A Pfizer factory which stores large quantities of medicines was hit: 50,000 pallets of goods were strewn across the site, damaged by rain and wind

Shocking aerial footage showed the roof of the Pfizer site crumpled and twisted like a discarded tissue 


PJW- Nigel Farage is a canary in the Chinese social credit coal mine



 Pro-Brexit, retweeted a Ricky Gervais joke about real women and pretenders; friends with Trump

 “Disgraceful” Coutts ‘De-Banked’ Nigel Farage Because Of His Conservative Views, Internal Dossier Reveals

Farage is “seen as xenophobic and racist… a disingenuous grifter. Being associated with Nigel Farage presents a material and ongoing reputational risk to the bank.”



Ed Dowd Drops Bombshell Data: Hematological (Blood-Related) Claims Up 522% Above Trend in 2022

“The trends were stable — and then this exploded.”


Shocking data from Israel’s largest health organization shows staggering rise in cardiac arrest diagnoses

And the number of people who die after being vaccinated.

 Cardiac arrest diagnoses almost doubled from 2020 to 2021 and more than doubled from 2021 to 2022.






 Died Siddenly Death Tolls from around the world




Biden Admin Releases Thousands Of Children Infected With Tuberculosis Into 44 States


Close to 2,500 children who have been diagnosed with TB have potentially infected thousands of American children within the last year.

The new numbers stem from a report from the US Health and Human Services Department.

The new report revealed, “The government says it can’t treat the children because they are in custody for a short time and treatment requires three to nine months.”

CDC confirms COVID Vaccination caused shocking 338x increase in Cancers & AIDS-Associated Diseases


SEIZURES in young people – 22 yo Youtuber Annabelle Ham, 36 yo Miss India runner-up, 10 yo daughter of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Executive (left) – all died of seizures – 14 seizure deaths examined!



Live blood analysis of this C19 unvaccinated individual shows high level contamination with many spherical construction sites, hydrogel CDB filaments, rouleaux formation in only one drop of blood. This contamination comes from C19 vaccine shedding, environmental sources like geoengineering and contaminated food supply.




 Reader-“It seems that they are destroying all live in earth with their self replicating synthetic nano structures.”

“Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.”

Legendary New York Police Detective and Medal of Honor recipient Frank Serpico has slammed the Ottawa Police Service for covering up an investigation into the potential connection between mRNA ‘vaccines’ and Sudden Infant Deaths.

Detective Serpico says this cover-up is proceeding even though it puts “innocent infant lives” at risk.

OPS Detective Helen Grus faces internal Police Act charges for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January, 2022……


Moon landing hoax


By Leo Hohmann July 16, 2023—The nation of Ethiopia has announced it will make the transition to mandatory digital IDs for all citizens, with the chief enforcement tool being the major banks. Using a World Bank-supported digital ID system with standards also approved by an eight-nation working group within the United Nations, all citizens of Ethiopia will need to have a digital ID in order to use banking services in the country by 2025.

This is just the latest evidence that banks are driving the digital identity agenda. We’ll break it all down in this article and show why digital identity must precede digital money in the reset to a completely digital global economy.


YOUTUBE: Jason Aldean TOPS CHARTS After New Song “Try That In A Small Town” Gets YANKED By WOKE CMT Network



CMT can try to CANCEL Jason Aldean but small town America is NOT gonna allow it

Kristi Noem Defends Jason Aldean, Offers Country Artist Incredible Location for Concert – Front Lawn at Gov House


“I think a lot of times people that go out and fight every day on these important issues and have an opinion and remember the freedom and liberty that this country was founded on get persecuted for it, and we’re seeing that right now with the Aldeans and the songwriters that worked so hard on this.”

Aldean responded on Twitter, rejecting claims that the song supports lynching or racial intolerance, labeling these accusations as not only unfounded but dangerous. According to the singer, the song and its video, which only contains real news footage, does not hint at or refer to race in any manner.


Quebec teenagers who trampled LGBT ‘pride’ flag at school face criminal charges: report

According to a video report by Rebel News, six high school students ages 13 to 16 from Pincourt, Quebec, are facing criminal charges for removing and trampling on a gay ‘pride’ flag that was being flown at their high school in May.



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