Kickboxer rammed by drink driver chased after suspect and pinned him to car until police arrive

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Last updated at 12:51 PM on 31st December 2011

This is the moment a professional kickboxer pinned down a drunk driver on his car bonnet and waited for the police to arrive.

Have-a-go hero Darren Summers, 39, chased down fellow driver Augustinas Karvelis after he was rammed in his Renault Clio three times while driving back from the cinema in Ipswich.

He hunted him through the grounds of a church, over a fence and into a
back garden – before hauling him back to his car and hurling him across the bonnet.

Brave: Darren Summers pins Augustinas Karvelis to the boot of his car after chasing him through Ipswich

Brave: Darren Summers pins Augustinas Karvelis to the boot of his car after chasing him through Ipswich

Mr Summers held on to his attacker until police officers arrived at the scene and a breath-test confirmed Karvelis, who was driving his Citroen Saxo without insurance, was twice the drink-drive limit.

Mr Summers was travelling to his uncle’s home after a trip to the cinema with his wife Sharon on Tuesday, December 27 when Karvelis roared up behind him. 

The dad-of-two slowed down and moved to one side after Karvelis sped up with his lights on full beam.

Jailed: Augustinas Karvelis was given a 24-week prison sentence and banned from driving for five years

Jailed: Augustinas Karvelis was given a 24-week prison sentence and banned from driving for five years

Mr Summers, of Stowmarket, Suffolk, said: ‘The car came past at a horrific speed.

‘It was all over the show, going towards the kerb and the middle of the
road. We got as far as the church and it stopped in the middle of the

The martial arts expert said he smelled alcohol on Karvelis’ breath and he begged the couple not to ring the police as Sharon dialed 999. ‘He tried to drive off,’ he added.

‘Then he rammed my car
and then reversed back and hit it again.

‘He reversed about
two or three metres and I thought he was going to ram me at speed, so I
made a decision to ram him first and pushed him into a fence.’

Karvelis made off on foot but he was out-run by superfit Mr Summers. The kickboxer grabbed
Karvelis when he ran into the wall of an outbuilding and he was hauled back
to the scene.

Karvelis was jailed for 24 weeks by
Ipswich magistrates after admitting drink-driving, two counts of
disqualified driving and driving with no insurance. He was also banned
from driving for five years.

But Mr Summers said the sentence had been too lenient. ‘I think it is disgusting,’ he said. ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

‘When I was 17 I got banned for speeding. Being young I decided to drive my car to go to work and I got six months for driving while disqualified and I hadn’t been drinking.

‘He was already a drink driver before
this. He was well over the limit and he rammed my car three times to
get away. Not only did he put me in danger and my wife in danger, if I
had not rammed him, you don’t know if any members of the public would
have been killed and I wasn’t prepared for that to happen.

‘I would like to see harsher penalties for people who drink drive once they start hitting double the drink-drive limit.’

Mr Summers has two disabled children and
is also angry because the damage to his car means it cannot be driven,
leaving him to pay out for taxis and bus fares. ‘I can’t get a courtesy
car. It’s costing me a fortune,’ he said.

Have-a-go-hero: Darren Summers looks at the damage his Renault Clio sustained during the incident

Have-a-go-hero: Darren Summers looks at the damage his Renault Clio sustained during the incident

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There’s some lunatics out there driving around. I was tailgated by a car with no lights on at night so I put my fog lights on to say no lights mate, he went berserk waving a spanner a me from his car and pulling up in front of me and doing an emergency stop, on M6 in rushour. He looked like he was on drugs, what’s happening to the world things of all types getting more extreme, in all areas. There’s a lot of stress out there.
People need to chill out more.

AND WHAT NEXT ? The Kickboxer gets a fine and a Prison sentence and the drunk get off with a slapped Wrist ???

Darren Award winner!

Our judicial system is the pits. This man was well over the drink drive limit and as such was using a lethal weapon whilst under the influence and should have received a much tougher sentence, not forgetting the disqualification and uninsured car – mind boggling. Now I guess he will sue?

Well done Darren. A story to warm the cockles.

There should be zero limits on drinking and driving, then there is NO “confusion”, as to how much one can drink and be legally below the limit. Drink drivers are the the worse kind of human beings on this planet.
The victim always ends up at a loss. Just take a look at the justice system, and you will see the many government/charity funded organisations to help the perpetrator, but none to help the victim.

Correct me if I am wrong (I could be talking rubbish?), but if he has two disabled children, would he not get assistance with a car? Brave to pursue the driver, very brave and I too think the sentence is too lenient, the drink driver could well have killed someone.

Drink, driving, try drunk driving, sounds a whole lot better. One drink, is drink driving makes the offense less serious, say drunk, make it sound serious! Drink driving is simply a silly term in this case and all other cases, when being drunk killed someone. Oh perhaps that was being drink and killed someone? I know no person was killed here, but the use of language, allows for the lawyers, to say it was drink, not drunk, let the lawyers use the word drunk in the court of law. The idiot may not have hurt someone -by -drinking and drunk driving, will kill one day, perhaps you all need to wrap you arms around who you would like to loose, freinds, family, or an out of control drinker?

I bet they lock up Mr Summers because he was to rough with the driver

I’m actually surprised that Mr Summers didn’t get done for assault by this crazy legal system we have in the UK. And now he has to pick up the tab for Karvelis’ stupidity. Drunk drivers, and those without insurance, should have much harsher penalties. Banning them doesn’t work as they just drive whilst disqualified! A 3yr jail sentence for no insurance, and 5yrs for driving when heavily over the limit MIGHT make them think twice. But that will never happen – even drunk-drivers who kill don’t get that.

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