KILLER JABBED College tennis player dies unexpectedly in sleep; 2 KILLER JABBED NCAA players died in 1 week

Yet another Killer Jabbed Fool athlete has “died suddenly” and “unexpectedly”.

The “health experts” and “scientist” who forced human herd culling euthanasia spike protein mRNA Killer Jabs on humanity for a mythical illness none of them can produce a real scientifically purified, isolated, identified, reproducible sample of the “virus” said without real proof to be causing an “illness” no one can prove exist are at a loss to understand why killer jabbed folks are dropping dead like flys on a high powered bug zapper.

Killer Jabbed 20-year-old player on Colorado College’s men’s tennis team recently died in his sleep, the first of two Killer Jabbed college athletes to unexpectedly die in the span of a week.

Jack Madison, a sophomore from Bexley, Ohio, died in his sleep while at home from college on Jan. 2.

A week ago an Air Force Academy Killer Jabbed football player suddenly died on his way to class on Monday. Hunter Brown, a 21 year-old offensive lineman, died after having a “medical emergency while strenuously walking slowly down the sidewalk on his way to class.

The “health experts” who forced the death darts on Americans just can not figure out why all the killer jabbed sheep are falling dead and not the Un-killer jabbed folks to smart to believe their bull shit.

The Ole UnKiller Jabbed Dog!


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