Kinder Chocolate Replaces White Kid on Packaging with Immigrant Kids

Ferrero chocolate replaced their usual cute blonde, blue eyed White kid on the wrapper with nonWhite kids. The kids featured are members of the German national football team when they were children, including Jerome Boateng (father is from Ghana) and Ilkay Gundogan (Turkish).

PEGIDA objected to the packaging, understandably. In Germany, Germans want to see Germans on their packaging and they want to watch Germans play on their sports teams. A man from Ghana will never be ethnically German. Why is someone from Ghana or Turkey on a German national football team anyway? If you go to Ghana or any nonWhite country, you will not find German men on their sports teams. It’s not about the stupid packaging but what the packaging represents. Population replacement. German genocide. Only White countries are told to take in the entire world and ‘diversify.’

In France and Germany, political elites brag about the ‘diversity’ of their sports teams and use it as a political tool to advance their agendas of mass immigration into European countries. They signal their self proclaimed moral superiority for having one of every kind on their sports team. But when a German football team does consist of all German players, it’s controversy and practically another holocaust! We all know this is ridiculous.

The more ads in Germany that feature non-Germans, the more Germans will want a Germany just for them.

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