Knee Jerk Calls For Army On London Streets To “Shoot Looters On Sight”

One in three want live ammunition used on rioters

Steve Watson
Aug 10, 2011

The riots in London and now elsewhere in the UK are being used by some as an excuse to call for a full on police state crackdown complete with curfews, martial law and the army roaming the streets killing people.

The most despicable of these drooling nonsensical knee jerk calls comes from Conservative MEP Roger Helmer, who suggested via his twitter account yesterday that it was “Time to get tough. Bring in the Army. Shoot looters and arsonists on sight.”

Shoot them all

When other twitter users and reporters called Helmer out on his comments, he tweeted “Let’s try water cannon/plastic rounds first. But if the police lose control completely, tougher measures are called for.”

Thankfully, the British government has so far dismissed such calls, with the Conservative party declaring “We totally dissociate ourselves from these comments.”

After initially suggesting that the option of using the army was being considered, U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May later announced that the government would not take such extreme measures, with legal experts suggesting armed forces on the streets should be a last resort.

The rush to eviscerate freedom completely in the UK hasn’t ended there, however.

Several other Tory MPs repeated the same ill considered calls for martial law.

UKIP MEPs Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage also called for the military to be deployed in London to crush the rioters and institute a full fledged police state and martial law.

“I think the police have been out numbered… I think the point has come where we have to call in the armed forces.” Batten told RT.

“Lets get our troops back into this country and put them on the streets supporting the police in order to crush this criminal insurrection.” he added.

Batten then suggested that “political correctness” was the overriding factor preventing the use of plastic bullets and water cannons, as well as soldiers on the streets.

UKIP leader Farage made similar comments, noting “We’re not sending out a strong enough signal… I would have thought the logical thing to do was to call the army in.”

Even celebrities have begun calling for the army to be deployed, with England football player Rio Ferdinand leading the charge.

Riot Poll

According to a YouGov poll, a third of the British population wants to see live ammunition used on rioters in the streets. That’s right, just spray them with bullets for instant justice.

Although the poll was conducted for The Sun, the biggest selling tabloid newspaper in the UK, YouGov is a credible source, and is routinely acclaimed as the country’s most accurate opinion pollster.

The results of the poll betray the frightening mind set of a certain large portion of the population.

77% want the army on the streets, 82% want curfews, and 90% want water cannons.

This kind of knee jerk reactionary opinion is a direct consequence of the continuing erosion of what little remains of our freedoms. It is now considered perfectly reasonable by some elected officials, and a huge portion of the population to call for complete militarization of law enforcement and shoot to kill policing in the wake of civil unrest.

Meanwhile, the police, having been ordered to stand back and do nothing for three nights, are now facing full on warfare between rioters and vigilante groups trying to protect their communities in the absence of any order.

All the while the core economic root causes are ignored and the elite, who have manufactured this situation for their own destructive gain, sit back and cackle as the population of the country adopts a gang mentality and descends into full on class and race warfare.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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  3. Hope that BRITISH ARMY doesn’t wear the color CRIMSON RED because they already got beat twice wearing those colors!!

    The GLOBAL ZIONIST and ROYAL ELITE use the WHITE BRITISH ARMY to kill ‘DARK NON-WHITES’ in Libya while they use AFRO-CARIBBEAN IMMIGRANT YOUTHS to rape, loot, and kill peaceful WHITE BRITISH PEOPLE!!

    F-CKIN SICK!!!


      • There was no more room in hell starting 100 years ago and all the demons came here to roost!!

        1) 1913 Federal Reserve Act

        2) 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

        3) World War I and Wilson’s 14 Points

        4) 1929 Great Depression

        5) 1933 Executive Order #6102 by FDR

        6) Ukrainian Holodomor in the 1930′s

        7) World War 2 and Fascism in the 1940′s

        Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 establishing KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS, PERSISTENT PESTICIDES, CIRCUMCISIONS (lol), and FLUORIDE pioneered in AMERIKA

        9) 2 Atomic Bombs dropped in 1945

        10) The creation of the Israeli State in 1948

        11) Korean War (1950-1953) and 1953 Coup Operation code-name: TP-AJAX in Iran

        12) JFK Assasination (1963)

        12) GULF of TONKIN false flag (1964)

        13) 1967 USS LIBERTY attack by Israel


        15) 1971: NIXON takes us off the GOLD STANDARD

        16) 1980: ASPARTAME introduced by SEARLE (Monsanto)

        17) Throughout the 1980′s: CIA bringing in the drugs on HERCULES aircraft.

        18) 1990: George H W Bush’s NEW WORLD ORDER speech

        19)MID 1990′s: MONSANTO READY ROUNDUP GMO SEEDS MASS PLANTED throughout the US. Five years later, AMERICANS blow up like blimps and Diabetes nearly doubles.

        20) 1995: OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING FALSE FLAG TERROR: Clinton goes after Patriotic Americans


        22) 3/11/2004 MADRID ATTACKS, 911 DAYS AFTER 9/11 ATTACKS on WTC, PENTAGON

        23) 7/7/2005 LONDON BOMBINGS

        24) 2008 ECONOMIC CRISIS W/ 2 subsequent BANK BAILOUTS by BUSH and OBAMA. LEHMAN BROTHERS transferrs $400 BILLION to 3 ISRAELI BANKS ahead of LEHMAN BROTHERS COLLAPSE!! The Israeli Banks that got the money: Hapoalim group, Bank Leumi group, Discount Bank group

        25) 2010 BP DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL RIG DISASTER: GOLDMAN SACHS shorts BP OIL 44% 3 weeks before the blowout preventers somehow fail and the rig goes sky high!!


        26) NORWAY FALSE FLAG ATTACKS by MOSSAD creates suspicions of a WHITE AL QAEDA

        27) 2011 STANDARD POORS downgrades US CREDIT RATING to AA+…Stock market sees its biggest drop since 2008 Economic Crisis. RIOTS, LOOTING, ASSAULTS mainly perpetrated by YOUNG BLACK THUGS in LONDON, MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO, PHILADELPHIA, SOUTH CAROLINA. ZIONIST and BOUGHT OUT LIBERAL MEDIA keeping it quiet on BLACK YOUTH ATTACKS IN US!!

  4. To all the brits, Libya is not your country. why are you bombing them? what are you doing in Iraq? who gave you the right to kill millions and steal their resources? what are you doing in Afghanistan? guarding the opium field? you know 911 was a hoax and so was the weapons of mass destruction claim. stop being a parasite and stop invading other countries. then they won’t come to your country to become a slave.



  7. Well, When they start shooting people maybe NATO will come in to protect the civilians…

    • This not having a gun to protect yourself seems so foreign. Can you imagine being a farmer in England or wherever and not even having a rifle to shoot a wolf or rabid dog or whatever. Hell if they were North Koreans they would’ve pulled out some num-chucks and gone to town on some of them. I agree that to forget how to defend yourself and not be able to form a fast and furious neighborhood watch to give em a run for they’re money sure doesn’t speak to well for the decadent state we allow our national states to lull is into though. Especially in the big metropolitan areas. It seems they just get so disconnected from the land and reality of reaping the fruit of your labor that they’re whole life becomes contrary and subject to things outside of your control. At least in the country you can build a storm shelter. But weather is about the only thing I can think of you don’t have any control over. No I here about saving you seed from prior harvests is subject to patent infringement and rural councils and shit like that. I can just imagine my cousins in the country areas laughing out loud. Hell when times get tough they just hunt a lot of squirrel.

  8. How are banks and government going to protect themselves from the public when the finincial system collapses? The police and military are also getting poorer and losing their jobs and so these people will turn against those in power. I wouldn’t want to be one of those in control of a global capitalist system that is in collapse when everything turns on its head. There ain’t gonna be a NWO because their insane idea is flawed.

    • They are delusional if they think they have some safe haven. My grandma told me stories how bankers and wealthy elite types were just throwing gold, jewelry, anything at local farmers just to have something to eat and save they’re ass. Even if they all try to flee to Costa Rica or wherever. The locals are not going to put up with their shit once everyone is awakened to the agenda and their decadence is exposed. The dellusion is that they actually can control the human condition and their perseverance for truth and justice. When shit hits the fan all bets are off and people will instinctively recognize in desparate times how to fend for their families and whom to turn to. The false masks will come off and we will see in their eyes whom they truly are. There are more god-fearing people in this world than people give credit for that will be helping one another out in large numbers. INHO.

  9. I’m gonna have a talk with my sons about the upcomming elections and important choices they need to make in their lives. They can make a difference if they can see the enemy. Yes all good and ill starts within each of us and the choices we make, but educating them about these new world order evil agendas and to recognize evil for what it truly is. Not some bull shit axis of nations or whatever the flavor of the day is for the NWO. I will teach them about their parents and grandparent’s history as the hard times fast approach. I can put up with a lot of shit and really have nothing to lose. My grandmother watched as her white russian neighbor shot her children in the head while the reds were marching up the street to prevent them from raping her daughters. And she raised my mother in 1945 Berlin and knew what suffering and starvation was all about. I will die for my children if and when I have to. Good people come in all colors and will prevail against the NWO. We just need to realize we’ve all been hoodwinked into not trusting each other and rely on and fearing government, authorities, and military might that is clearly being misdirected everywhere in search for a fight and a people to oppress and not directed to protect our borders and our good prosperity. Wish I had a list of 10 things I could do to completely flip the paradigm and send a big fuck you to the NWO and the powers that be and bring our troops and this nation back to the farm where we all have our roots and can defend ourselves just fine. Just keep that gun handy for when you will need it and keep friendships deep and strong in your communities and families all around you.

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      • You fun.

  11. Radioactive hot particles will make short work of us. What is this slow kill Alex is always talking about??
    Dial M for Meltdown

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