“Ladies and Gentlemen, Take My Advise, Pull Down Your Pants and Slide on the Ice”

Has all the bull shit fed to you every day, flat earth vs round earth, the sun rotates around the earth, the earth rotates around the sun, the moon is an artificial space ship, the moon is made of green cheese, Hands Biden Vs Trickster Trumpster, Demophiles Vs Republiphiles have you ready to just damn well jump off a cliff and end it all?

Are you afraid if you don’t do EXACTLY as ordered by some religious cult, take your personal pick of, you will burn in hell forever?

Well, just take the advice of the psychiatrist from the old TV show mash which he gave to the crew of MASH when they all got a bad case of the Red Ass one time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Take My Advise, Pull Down Your Pants and Slide on the Ice”.

Don’t sweat all this Mickey Mouse shit!

If this world is flat or round, how does that really affect your life?

If the sun revolves around the earth or it is the other way around, how does that really effect your life?

If hands all over little girls Biden who is a Rothschild’s bribed and blackmailed whore or Trump who is a Rothschild’s bribed and blackmailed whore sits in the Monica Full Service Office in the big white Cat House located in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, as both are hand puppets with Rothschild’s hand shoved so far up their asses when you see their tongue move that is really Rothschild’s middle finger flipping off humanity, how does that effect your life?

There really is not much you can personally do about most of the insanity running rampant in this world presently.

And if you stop paying attention to all the them vs us, this vs that shit, you will have much more time to spend doing enjoyable things and working on understanding leading to wisdom.

This world is an illusion.
You soul or spirit is the alien which is possessing the body of this hairless sheep monkey so your soul can function in this world so you can learn from your screw ups here.

This world is a school for souls.
The only real important thing is that you reject evil, embrace good, learn from your mistakes.
That body you are using is going to die.
You really did not think when your spirt or soul, there are even folks will argue the difference between these two concepts, returns to the other side you were going to be able to take that body with you do you?

Sometimes the thought comes to me this whole world, this whole universe is in a folder on the lap top computer of some advanced being and our existence here is just an illusion like in the movies The Matrix or Total Recall where the real being is somewhere else while we think we are physically in this world.

Stand against evil, don’t sell yourself out trying to keep this body alive as long as you can.
Embrace spiritual enlightenment and growth through pain, disappointment, heartache, loss.

When this body dies, your spirt or soul or both if that’s how you want to think of them, go home to the other side.
After some after action studies, a bit of rest, your soul or spirt will return to a new body, in a different setting, in a world which has changed from the last world you studied in.

So don’t sweat all this noise, all these wars and rumors of wars, all this “left” vs “right”

Just pull down your pants and slide on the ice.
Learn from this life.
It will be over in the twinkling of an eye anyway.
History is what happened a split second ago.
The future becomes the present each breath you take.

Want a better future?
Stop worrying about all the Mickey Mouse shit thrown out there to keep the sheep going in circles and worry about your own life, what you can do to make it a better world for your dog, for your cat, for your wife, for your husband, for your children/grandchildren at your level of control.

You can not control the Rothschilds being evil f##ks making war on humanity.
You can not control cowardly political whores like Cancun Cruz selling his ass to the dark side and helping the Rothschilds make war on humanity.

You can not personally stop a war from happening.
But you can treat those you love, and those lost souls around you wandering in the darkness of ignorance better, show some kindness, give them a helping hand and you will have made a better world.
Do that every day and you will create a better future.

Don’t sweat the little shit or big shit you can not change.
Spend your time changing yourself for the better which you have the power to do which will lead to a better world for you and those around you.

The Ole Dog!


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