Latest Twitter Litter Files Reveal Rothschild Directed Disinformation Site Suppressed Killer Jabs Sceptics, Even Eminent Doctors

Read the words of the Nobel Prize winning novelist, historians and victim of Jewish Communism.

I personally had my Twitter Litter account locked for telling the truth of the dangers of the Killer Jabs.

All this is VERY simple.
The suppression of the truth that the Rothschild’s witch’s brew voodoo euthanasia assisted suicide human herd culling Killer Jabs were designed to kill humans,

using Media

and owned “government fear porn about a “disease” or “virus” which has never been scientific ally proved to exist, is a violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code

and a HANGING offense.

One does not need to be the evil bastard who commissioned the Killer Jabs and set up the Fear porn Scamdemic to mass murder Millions of Humans to be guilty of mass murder and need to be hanged.

All religious charlatans who pushed the killer jabs, all school teachers forcing harmful but useless dust masking on children, all political whores pushing the killer jabs, forced masking and family business killing communistic “lockdowns”, all hospital administrators who took bribes from the USA “government” to help mass murder folks, all doctors, nurses, pharmacies which pushed the lies and killer jabs as well as ALL media types who pushed the lies and fear porn and helped cover up the truth of the evil of the herd culling killer jabs MUST be given fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law trials, followed by fair hangings.

And Musk is not there to make sure the truth comes out.
Musk is a Rothschild’s bitch creating a diversion for the sheep to watch while other forces keep forcing the killer jabs on humans at the same time Rothschild controlled “governments” are working on creating famines of biblical proportions, a thinly disguised One World Communist Dictatorship run by the Rothschilds, an electronic prison and control freak surveillance grid is put into place.


Musk dressed up on Halloween as a soldier of the Dark Side

You will either stand up to this great evil or humanity as free will creatures of God will cease to exist.

Your choice.

The Ole Dog!

Latest Twitter Litter Files Reveal Rothschild Directed Disinformation Site Suppressed Killer Jabs Sceptics, Even Eminent Doctors

Newly released documents detail how Twitter executives sought to censor accounts sharing “true but inconvenient” data about the COVID-19 vaccines, even when the accounts belonged to eminent medical scientists. For the full story, read David Zweig’s report in the Free Press (based on a Twitter thread he posted on Monday). But the has summarised the highlights.

In the latest instalment of the Twitter Files, journalist David Zweig laid bare how both the Trump and Biden administrations pressured Twitter executives to censor information that was “true but inconvenient”.

Using their pull, Zweig writes, the government was able to discredit doctors and experts, and suppress ordinary users’ freedom of speech on Twitter – even if they were citing the Center for Disease Control’s own data.

The Biden administration also piled pressure on the social media platform to suspend former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson over his tweets questioning Covid vaccines.

The documents provide more context as to how the government infiltrated the social media giant to suppress certain stories, as Twitter CEO Elon Musk vows there will be more revelations next week.


Latest Twitter Files Reveal Company Suppressed Vaccine Sceptics, Even Eminent Doctors


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