Laurastar trash steam irons


Stay away from the Laurastar Steam irons. They are unreliable and expensive to fix. I am an ex technician that used to work for Laurastar for the past few years.

Laurastar Steam irons are labelled Swiss made, but the internals are actually China made, yes all their internal parts come from China, then Laurastar in Switzerland stick their brand on them.

Laurastar irons constantly break down. Even the expensive high end models. The quality is the same for any model.

Even a brand new steam iron out of the box will have issues 60% of the time… I have replaced and repaired more Laurastar products than I have had dinners.

Laurastar iron will always need to go to a service department to be repaired constantly.

Do not think that once your iron has left Laurastar’s Service Department that it will not happen again. Their Spare parts are meant to break down, so you can bring it back.

Before you purchase one, speak to a legit owner, not a salesman or someone who is affiliated with the brand.

Do not trust those product review websites, they are filled with bogus Laurastar staff comments pretending to be happy customers, to get more sales.

Swiss Laurastar steam irons made in china



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4 Responses to “Laurastar trash steam irons”

  1. Tony says:

    Repairing a Laurastar iron is something that is a bottomless hole. Laurastar are China made rubbish, labelled Swiss, that continue to break down. Even brand new out of the box, 50% are already faulty.

  2. LAURASTAR says:

    I am working in LAURASTAR Switzerland, the Headquarters of the LAURASTAR Group, and can assure you that that the information stated above is false.
    LAURASTAR is a Swiss brand. The products are designed by Swiss engeneers. All spare parts come from European manufacturers and the products are assembled in Europe.
    LAURASTAR designs and manufactures high quality ironing products with a life spam far greater than its competitors.
    If you have any issues with your LAURASTAR, please contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly help.

  3. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Laurastar crap says:

    I am glad you admit its not Swiss made, but rather designed on paper by the Swiss.

    Perhaps its time you ask your European manufacturers to stop using China to make their products..

    I understand getting a Chinese child to build a product in a sweat shop is very cheap… but it makes your Laurastar brand pathetic, with a very bad reputation for breaking down, again and again and again!

    You must be a Laurastar salesman, aren’t you ashamed of conning customers into buying your fake high quality fake Swiss branded product, that continue to break down after they have been repaired again and again and again?

    You cannot fool an ex laurastar technician that has repaired more Laurastar products then you have had dinners.

    it is tragic that even repairing a Laurastar steam iron, will still come back for more repairs, because the spare parts are the same cheap chinese rubbish to begin with.

    To all those reading this, boycott Laurastar products, until the Swiss manufacture 100% of their own product, including their own dodgy spare parts.

  4. Alex says:

    Laurastar PCB (logic board) for S line made in china by HUA XING PCBA LIMITED.
    I think it not bad but write what “All spare parts come from European manufacturers» it is not good.

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