Lemon pectin kills bacteria viruses & cancer cells

Lemon juice and its peel (a natural source of citrus pectin) kills bacteria and viruses.  Lemons have very strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers. Researchers in Turkey found that lemons were very effective at treating urinary calcium stones.

The rind (peel) of a lemon contains 10 times more vitamins and bioactive compounds than the fruit itself. Lemon rind greatly slows tumor growth. It’s thought that this is due to the high concentration of D-limonene oil that is in the rinds of citrus fruits. These limonene oils are a known inhibitor of several cancers, including lung, colon, and breast cancer.  Limonoids can actually slow the growth of cancer cells and encourage cell Apoptosis.

the apoptosis mediated by LE extract in the MCF-7 cells (breast cancer cells) was associated with the increased expression of the tumor suppressor p53 and caspase-3. Additionally, the expression of a pro-apoptotic gene, bax, was increased, and the expression of an anti-apoptotic gene, bcl-2, was decreased by LE extract treatment, resulting in a shift in the Bax:Bcl-2 ratio to one that favored apoptosis. The expression of a major apoptotic gene, caspase-3, was increased by LE extract treatment. In light of the above results, we concluded that LE extract can induce the apoptosis of MCF-7 breast cancer cells via Bax-related caspase-3 activation.

National Library of Medicine – Apoptosis-mediated inhibition of human breast cancer cell proliferation by lemon citrus extract

Above quoted study indicated that lemon extract can induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Another study concluded the same thing:


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