Let’s All Celebrate Wonderful Black History Month!

HAPPY NIGGER AT SAG AWARDS“Poor oppressed” Negroes win big at the SAG awards this past Saturday night. The next day, liberal media gushed stupidly about “so much diversity on display.” The big-mouthed female simian is from a Netflix show called “Orange is the new black,” written by the self-absorbed, subversive Heebress below right.

COMMENTARY by Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Jenji Kohan is the creepy ugly Jewess behind "Orange is the New Black." You can tell she thinks she's really cool with the dye job and retro glasses. I have a big piece here on my site exposing creeps like her trashing America. Go HERE and definitely read it.

Jenji Kohan is the Jewess writer/producer behind “Orange is the New Black.” You can tell the phony thinks she’s so cool with the dye job and retro glasses. I have a big piece here on my site exposing Jew media creeps like her busy undermining America’s morality and the White race. Go HERE and read about these filthy media Jews. You won’t believe it!

Look, I don’t usually watch the “electronic rabbi,” i.e. TV much, except to monitor the Zio propaganda regurgitated hourly on cable news, or the Sunday morning Jew talk shows, where they bring on intelligentsia Jews, wordy black militants, cute liberal White chicks and the occasional smirking sodomite to tell us regular White people what to think.

And I certainly don’t watch idiot award shows like the Oscars or all the other Jew media circle jerks, where they get all dolled-up in ridiculously over-priced fashion statements and act like they are oh-so-important getting out of fancy limousines. It’s so stupid.

Several friends and acquaintances called me this past weekend to complain about all the blacks getting awards at the Screen Actors Guild show. Seems the media Jews purposefully flooded the ceremony with “people of color” winners to make up for all the poor little blacks not getting Oscar nominations or whatever the flock they were whining about for the last two weeks or so (if it’s not one thing, it’s another).

Those I talked with were livid over the blacks practically winning everything. I wanted to say “I told you so” but they kept angrily interrupting me about being sick of all this never-ending black BS getting forced down our throats. So I just let them go on. “About time” I thought to myself. “Black fatigue” among regular Whites is now going off the Richter scale — the pendulum is starting to bounce back!

When video surfaced of this idiot Negro debate team winning a championship in 2014, liberals went overboard trying to get the youtube video removed.

When the Youtube video “Our Top Orators in action” started to go viral of a rapping Negro debate team (actually “winning” a national championship in 2014), the idiot education liberal who taped the event went overboard to get the video removed. Go to the link above for one huge “nigga” laugh. You won’t believe the whole thing!

Now we get to hear all the Negroes acting like they are so great, taking over from us Whitey, more intelligent than us etc., etc. The phrase “uppity Negro” is a very real thing when you see it in person. Because of Jew-controlled media in the West, these black apes actually now believe they are paragons of intelligence and civilization.

It’s amazing the huge heads these idiot apes get when any of them win the least kind of award handed to them on a silver platter because of PC. It’s really a huge black racist thing, a ridiculous farce imposed upon Whites once you think it all out. Liberals are such huge morons when it comes to real life.

I wrote some things about all this when I reported here over that dirtbag serial rapist comic guy, Bill Cosby, being popped for rape not long ago. The more I think about these violent and spoiled black brats, the more ticked I get. Blacks will shoot you or stab you dead over a chicken bone. They are indeed two-legged animals and there is no reason whatsoever having them live in our White civilizations and society.

Sure, I know well how brainwashed liberal Whites will scream bloody murder about me being a big racist. But just think how nice and pleasant our countries would be sans Negro. It would be EFFIN’ GD WONDERFUL. Everybody can easily see that’s exactly the way it would be.

Morgan Freeman might be the smartest Negro in world history. The guy has milked PC idiocy and Jew Hollywood to the fullest, making tens of millions simply because he can speak understandable English in front of the camera.

Morgan Freeman just might be the smartest Negro in world history. The old silverback has milked PC idiocy and Jew Hollywood to the fullest, making tens of millions simply because he can speak understandable English in front of a camera. Some White idiots now think God looks like him!

We could easily do without blacks playing football, basketball and that ridiculous crap they call hip-hop or rap. Music, it is not. Now I used to like Motown, but their “culture” has clearly devolved to the point of idiocy before our eyes. Soon, the primitive apes will be jumping around in loin clothes, banging away on garbage cans on street corners and shouting jungle gibberish to everyone around. Oh, wait, they’re doing that now.

I used to be a pretty much “live and let live” kind of guy. No longer. It’s plain to see America is purposefully being turned into a nasty, filthy Third World country, where filthy apes crap in the street and fornicate like wild animals behind bushes whenever the urge strikes them.

Think that’s hyperbole? Just go talk to any White cop on the beat, should he not be fearful of getting recorded. White people: You just don’t know how these filthy animals behave if you happen to live in a nice gated community where you don’t see how the majority of blacks are really like.

It’s just like the business with homosexuals. Most straights are completely clueless on how disgustingly filthy and immoral fags can be. They think they are just regular old nice people like them, sitting around in plaid shirts and jeans in front of the fireplace with a golden retriever by their side; when the truth is, homos like to get all tricked out in bizarre leather and spandex outfits, snort piles of crank before engaging in extreme perversions and unprotected anal sex with the ugliest of total strangers!

What’s worse is criminal blacks kill us decent White people all the time, should they get the drop on you. Don’t believe me? Well, just scroll down THIS PAGE to get a big fat dose in your face. Jewry is doing everything it can get away with blocking Whites from seeing these photo montages I created. Trust me: Whites who do manage to get a look come away thinking a whole new way!

Blacks are indeed brutal, ugly animals. Criminals, rapists, dirtbags, filthy scum. Animalistic up the ying-yang. The only reason why America is kowtowing to this beastly race is because of Globalist Jewry jacking with our emotional, “Mr. Nice Guy” side for decades. Yep, the Hebrew brainwashers surely don’t want you to get it about how blacks are really like in real-life, now do they?

When the dead Trayvon Martin’s ugly fat ghetto girlfriend took the stand during the George Zimmerman trial, she was so idiotic, liberals went all over the airwaves trying to defend her. They even gave her a big NY trip for her and her family, a failed image makeover and put her on prime time CNN, where idiot liberal Piers Morgan actually called her “one smart cookie.” Hilarious!

What’s worse is that we got to pretend some of them are worth a caca. How many times have you come across some black promoted way, way past evolutionary development? Happens to me on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. You’re forced into keeping a straight face while some gibbering idiot ape acts like he or she knows what they are doing. If the situation allows for it, I will let out a chuckle to see the reaction. One day I might get shot to death, but I’ll have a little fun in the meantime!

All humor aside, these apes are costing good, decent White people jobs. No lie. How many times have you seen on that show, “The First 48,” a competent White detective reporting to a black chief in charge — sitting on his fat Negroid ass back at headquarters?

These apes are promoted over Whites all over the place these days, simply because they have black skin and nappy hair — even when Whites have seniority and better test scores. For decades, the Affirmative Action system has been giving them our jobs to placate the spoiled brats.

Guess what, White people? It’s not working. They are still complaining, rioting and burning that bitch down! NOTHING makes these apes happy.

There’s probably tens of billions America loses every year in lost productivity due to blacks promoted way past their competency. And that’s not even including all the money spent in law enforcement, the court system, emergency rooms and feeding them in prisons for committing criminal depredations on themselves and us White people. The black race has simply been the worse ROI (return on investment) dealy any civilization or country has ever made!

Imagine what White people, back in the earliest days of the republic, would have done about these apes when Jew slaver ships docked at port looking for buyers, if they could have foreseen what huge trouble blacks would eventually turn out to be? Hell, they probably would have burned the ships down to the waterline!

Oh yeah: We need to ship these worthless monkeys right on back to Africa and make it quick.

BLACK AFRICA IDIOCY MONTAGEAmerica is NOT going to look like some kind of clean, wonderful, high tech Tomorrowland of Disney. One merely has to look at places like South Africa to see the true future facing our race. Hell, this kind of thing is already happening in many places in America today!

Blacks are so ridiculously stupid in general, it’s hard to know where to start. It’s really a numbers thing — sure, you have a small percentage of somewhat intelligent examples up to around the average White person, but such blacks are soon elevated to super hero status in our lands simply because they are black. This total upending of nature has been forced upon our race by the devious, social-engineering Jews, quietly working to turn our race into powerless minority and keeping themselves protected from a possible fascist backlash as they continue their Globalist financial rip-offs and living high on the hog.

So go ahead and call me a racist — I’m just saying it like it is.

Imagine all the hundreds of billions we’ve spent trying to educate these apes to act civilized over the decades? Imagine all the White teachers in public schools pulling their hair out trying to get them to learn and behave while in class? Imagine all the idiot White liberals who have spent so much time, money and effort over the decades trying to integrate these two-legged beasts into White civilization?

I just say it’s time to let nature take its course with blacks. Cordon off our cities. Set up free-fire zones. Ship them back to Africa. Withdraw all the legions of White do-gooders over there, stop shipping all the life-saving medicines we invented, refuse the tinpots our yearly tax money and food shipments. Just let them starve to death or shoot each other up with old Cuban and Soviet AK-47s until the ammo runs dry and the firing mechanisms rust out. Won’t take all that long.

Once equilibrium with the natural world is restored, we’ll see Africa beautiful again — like it was before idiot Western liberals and the devious Jews screwed us up in the head when it comes to these two-legged apes.

All the crap these idiot blacks left behind will soon be lost to the jungle reclaiming itself. In our lands, we won’t have to listen to them whining 24/7 about the stupidest thing, or killing us Whites in convenience store robberies every minute of the day.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it. The planet will thank you for it. Logic and rationality will thank you for it.

PRECIOUS GABBY SILO 2Multiculturalism has been a HUGE failure and everyone knows it!

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