The head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, has appealed to the Republic’s citizens with a statement concerning Kiev’s failure to fulfill the Minsk Agreements:

Dear compatriots! Dear countrymen!

Since the very beginning, we have traversed the path of goodness, lawfulness and justice. We went out to hold legal protests against the violent coup in Kiev. And then, in accordance with all international norms, we held a referendum to determine the will of the people.

Then we defended or homeland from shelling and looting carried out by illegal punitive squads sent to Donbass by an unlawful government. Then we simply let captured UAF soldiers return home. Then we elected the head of the Republic and the People’s Council. Then we concluded a compromise in Minsk. And then we fulfilled these agreements despite provocations from the opposing side.

In word and deed we have affirmed that we are for a peaceful solution of all antagonisms with Kiev. However, Poroshenko’s promises and actions are as far from each other as the North Pole is from the South Pole. He has even sent troops which were at first reserves close to our borders. The amendments to Ukrainian law and the Constitution promised by him in Minsk are not even being discussed.

The blockade of our territory continues. Punishers harass peaceful civilians at official checkpoints. Debts in pensions and social benefits, even those acknowledged by Ukrainian courts, have not been paid. More than fifteen months have passed since the day that the Minsk Agreements were signed. In such a span of time, a child can be born and the next can be conceived.

Therefore, we can no longer wait. We are going on an offensive. Firstly, on the diplomatic front. Considering the legal impeccability of our position, we will appeal to the supreme international body, the Security Council of the United Nations, with the demand that Poroshenko be obliged to fulfill the commitments established at Minsk.

In order for this appeal to sound convincing and weighty, I suggest that every citizen of the Republic put their signature on it, and I ask public organizations of the republic to arrange collections of signatures that are convenient for all residents.

Every one of your signatures is a step closer to victory, towards a lasting peace on fair terms. I ask every citizen to show the same activity in this case as you did on November 2nd, 2014 during our elections which surprised and enraptured the world.

The head of the Luhansk People’s Republic,

I.V. Plotnitsky