Maine State Trooper Abuses Arrestee

A hectic video published to Facebook two days ago shows a Maine State Trooper repeatedly kneeing a young man in the back of his legs, punching him and threatening him with mace.

The video starts with a state trooper wrestling a man against the passenger side of a car. The young man repeatedly yells “I didn’t do nothing, why are you hurting me?” A group of his friends ask the officer why he is kicking their friend? They also tell the officer “Dude, she was hitting him” and “She hit him in the head“.

Regardless of their protests, the officer continues to wrestle with the man.

His friends then start advising the man, whose name is Dennis to calm down and let the officer put cuffs on him. The officer then starts kneeing him in the back of his legs in order to make Dennis put his hands behind his back.

Just as one of the man’s friends goes to alert the mans mother, the officer punches Dennis in the head. You can’t see it in the video but their is an audible thud, followed by an angry line of questions directed at the officer. Shortly after the officer follows up the punch with multiple slaps upside his head.

The man’s mother comes out and tells the man to stop resisting the cop. All of his friends present are yelling “criminals, criminals” over and over again. Combined with Dennis yelling at the cop he is wrestling with it makes for a hectic scene. His mother yells “Shut up!”. When the man tells the cop he has witnesses that “she hit him a bunch of times”, the cops just tells them “that’s what the courts are for.

Replies such as this are commonly used by police and government agents as it shirks the responsibility for their actions on down to the next person on the assembly line of the legal system. Unfortunately there is not much quality control or assessment and the end results are usually void of any justice

After unsuccessfully wrestling with the dude for over 3 minutes the officer resorts to threatening him with his mace, if he continues to refuse his order to get on the ground. The cop then kneels on her son and begins to cuff him. The man on the ground starts making fun of the officer and yells “I’m a pussy, I’m a Maine State Trooper and I can’t even take down a 21 year old kid”, in a mocking tone at the cop who is having issues getting the cuffs on.  

Eventually the officer is able to get the man to the car and the video ends when he is placed in the front seat.

The reason for the police being called is unknown but from what people are saying in the video, it sounds like an interpersonal dispute between the man and his ex girlfriend. at different times during the video you can hear his mother tells him “She hit him a bunch of fucking times in the head“, as well as, “She just said he never hit her“.

Square-bannerSquare-bannerAccording to witnesses this man was innocent and never hurt anyone. Obviously this could be untrue but for now I’m willing to give this man the benefit of the doubt. If he is innocent you’re probably wondering why he is resisting so hard, and not complying with the officer? News flash, innocent people don’t like being manhandled and ordered around either.  It’s not only dehumanizing but it’s unprofessional. Instead of trying to deescalate the situation by talking with the man and informing him that he could face more charges for resisting him officers often times just fight with you and add another often unnecessary reason for their arrest.

Maine State Police Facebook Page

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