Making AmeriKa Great Again: Trump Signs Into Law NSA Warrantless Spying Program

Like ALL past presidents before him, The Trump Card is going along with the global agenda.

While claiming to be making America great again, Trump just signed into law Sec. 702 of the FISA Act to which he once condemned (see below tweet) …a complete contradiction ….

But really …who needs that 4th Amendment anyways …I mean, if you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you care if you’re illegally spied on …right????

Both the left and right are going to continue to take further constitutional rights away from Americans. This will continue, regardless of who becomes the next US president, they are all under the global agenda and puppets to a higher power that controls them. That includes their latest PSYOP ….”The Trump Card” …please wake up people and get rid of your party line brainwashing ….please.

Via PressTV News Videos:



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