Malta – The Jewel of the Mediterranean is Lost

With an Area of 316 km squared, Malta is the world’s tenth smallest country per area and the fourth most densely populated sovereign country. It lies 80 km south of Italy, 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 km north of Libya. It was inevitable that this post was coming due. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, as I can’t believe it all yet.

For a little background, my family from my father’s side were on the island for 6 generations definitely [couldn’t find any info on older generations] and my grandfather from my mother’s side was English [my mother’s nee surname was Bonnet] and I have no info whatsoever about him, as he was an only son and he came to the island as a sailor during the time Malta was a colony of the British and according to my mother [he died when I was 9 years, the only grandfather I remember as the others were all dead before I came in this world] he never talked about his family apart for some trivial recollections. I don’t want to write the history of my country as I’m not in a position to do that, but who’s interested you can find enough info on the net.

I want to point to a fact, that in my opinion, was of great importance, even for you guys over in America, as this small island in 1565 saved Europe from being overrun by the Ottoman Empire with just 2,000 Knights Hospitaller and 400 Maltese [check any book about the Great Siege of Malta for more info] after the same Empire took over the island of Rhodes [Greek Archipelago]. I always felt brave for those men, women and children, that though small in numbers managed to achieve such an important feat. I wish I can say the same about today’s generation, but alas I can’t do that.

We as a whole are as brainwashed and lost as any other White nation around the world, yet the problem was going to be felt in a short space of time as the island is a very tiny one indeed. According to wikipedia in 2011 the population here was roughly 412,000, but in just 9 years we went up to 514,000 and believe me those 100,000, though a small number for someone in America, here it was a devastating blow as that number grew with foreigners, not Maltese [obviously Non-Europeans mostly].

The nail in the coffin came just a few days ago as we were notified [the government] that no EU country was going to take anymore immigrants, which is a very good thing as I don’t want Europe to be overrun by Africans, Filipinos and the rubbish from the rest of Asia, yet I’m SURE that we’re just the first step and soon Sicily & a little later all of Italy will be next. Spain and France are very close too, apart from the fact that Greece is what it is these days, so in a nutshell all the countries that surround Mare Nostrum are finished or heading there fast. I know you over there have many problems of your own with the Mestizos and the Caribbean mess, yet I’m sure that those of you who have strong roots feel for Europe as you feel for your Nation.

I’m very Sorry I had to be the bearer of this sad news. I feel very, very lonely. For the last 2 months I attempted the last ‘crusade’ to wake people up over on facebook, yet all I got back were posts of soccer games & girls/women in bikinis as like I said before the people are TOTALLY lost and I’m not talking just about the ones I had as friends [I gave up now]. The two government parties here are still very strong on the Maltese and nobody wants to listen let alone see the plandemic [for one] for what it is. Immigrants are disembarking here so fast that I lost count and now they are going to stay here, like I said, so you can imagine how wonderful the situation is at the moment.

I don’t know what more to say. This was the only site I’ve ever written something to and it’s the only outlet I know that maybe it won’t be lost amid all the other news. I hope you learn something from this. Plan ahead and don’t think that it’s not coming your way just because you live in a big country like America. Thanks if you accept this.

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