Mark Dice: Reverse Shoplifting at Kohl’s Department Store
September 27, 2011

Getting out the truth in a new and unique way.

Can’t make it to Kohl’s? Get the t-shirt at the Infowars Shop.

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137 Responses to “Mark Dice: Reverse Shoplifting at Kohl’s Department Store”

  1. Great Idea! Hey Alex Jones, make T shirts with pictures of the Bush’s
    and other suspect Globalists behind Jail Bars and print words reading:


    and put them in store clothing sections the same way! (db)

  2. That’s…kinda brilliant.

  3. This is the method Djs in the UK (and elsewhere) have been using for decades to spread unauthorized bootleg remix records and CDs. This is an old method of spreading media/ideas. Glad to see it used this way.

  4. .

    Seeing that video was A BLAST!! Brought me back to the GOOD OLD DAYS when people wanted TO HAVE FUN and the SYSTEM was not OUT TO NAIL FUN SEEKERS.

    DUDE, thanks for the video, thanks for the FRESH AIR!!. Let’s not forget to PARTY, to ENJOY TO CELEBRATE L.I.F.E. from ALL Sides of Life !!


  5. This is a really really great idea, almost as good as reverse graffiti (a guy started making skulls by cleaning a completely dirty wall in parts, and the councils only option to get rid of the skulls was to finish cleaning the wall.. lol)

  6. Dice’s “Christian Resistance” forums welcomed antimissionary trolls.

    They want to engage you in futile, snotty debates, never to pick out one, local problem and do actual work.

  7. What a douche.

  8. Why are we taking so long in infowars to pair up Rick Perry with the David Dewhurst criminal
    powers and their work with the old George Bush to help establish worst drug cartels beginning
    all the way back to 1970′s? How many Americans have these murderers simply randomly
    slaughtered because of bad drugs and guns. Someone step up and do not let congress or
    military side step these crimes. force administration and Federal courts to act and establish
    this war on Texas border Bring our troops and equipment home from middle east and start
    blowing these bad cowards off our borders air rocket their stinking drug camps, burn them,
    burn cartel alive. just get rid of the murdering bastards. make the border so damn HOT the
    enemy can make a choice leave united states or burn alive where you stand or hide. ACT TELL.

  9. Great clip, Mark.

  10. used to make cd copies of some alex jones documentaries (and other documentaries) and carry them in side pockets and when in the cd section of shops that sold 2nd hand stuff would place them on the shelves etc… blank cd/dvd’s cost next to nuthin, so no loss really. Unfortunately the blanks get bought from corp stores, but at least it isn’t lady gaga or justin beiber being bunt onto them.

    you could carry a cardboard or plastic stencil cut out of your “message” with you too and do on-the-spot spray paint onto peoples t-shirts out on the town even (better in summer perhaps). if you get physically harassed just aim the can at their face and kick em in the jewels…

    • All right you clown- That was hi-larious!

      you could get a hot-dog vendor cart, with umbrella, carry a selection of stencils, and colors of spray, charge a buck or two do pretty well, pushing it from place to place at rallies and such.

      • did I mention copies of a selection of Alex’s movies? I did not, so I just did and there ya go. You’re in business.

  11. Paper plates are springing up here in Ohio with the Infowars logo on light poles and so on!!! The Dollar Store can work with us all!!! Talk about cheap!!! Or y’all could just write this on all that fiat money that works too!!! Remember what W said…”Go shoppin’!!!” Y’all have a goodin’!!!

    “All ‘HAIL’ Thermal Expansion!!!”

    HillbillyJihad TheBubbaLiberationFront

  12. This reverse shoplifting is spectacular! Love the idea, and if caught, what will they do? Give your stuff back? LOL. What a fantastic idea.

  13. If you can’t afford shirts like me (full time small business owner) you can lay down 9-11 literature in supermarket shelves etc. This also works good.

  14. Mark, that is GREAT and sooo funny too!!!

    This is really great because shoppers will see it helping to sink it into their minds.

    Hundreds will see this as they shop even if they don’t try to buy it and it will definately have an effect.

    • I thought it was funny too, so I played it for my wife and- she thought, not so much. Wonder if any one will ring Janet “see-something-say-something” Napolitano to report in?

  15. Wish I had the $ to give away t-shirts, guess I’ll stick to free advise. maybe grafitti? no spray paint cost $1 a can, have enought to keep internet though.

  16. That’s GREAT Mark!!! Leave it to you to think of something so simple that anyone could do it. Thanks for the laugh.

  17. Alex.. Lets start a chain of INFOWARS STORES. THROUGH OUT THE COUNTRY!!.. That would be better than walmart , kmart, target ie china marts..maybe every thing could be made in USA and some from HEMP ALSO.???.. As our 1st flag and Conisitution was made USA and written on hemp. Timing seems to be right for it ..

  18. Good idea Mark!!!!

  19. Mark Dice cracks me up.
    I’m going to copycat his ass at Target the day after Thanksgiving the biggest shopping day of the year it won’t just be one shirt either.

    • Lets all try to do THAT with a shrit. It would be great for the holidays season… Try to put one in the store fronts windows dress up one of their ken and barbie

      • Truth shirting….. adopt a chain store and blitz them with truth merchandise….99 cent sale stuff?
        bumper stickers , shirts , trifolds on shelves…Just dont be obvious !

  20. I work at a Kohl’s and I find this epic awesome
    I wish the store would stock things like this rather than the Britney Spears/Jennifer Lopez trash.

    • Can I hear an AMEN?!?

  21. Dice hangs up 911 was an inside job shirt, part time dizzy headed comes along clerk keeps staring at it thinking, “911, I think I heard something about that, why is an emergency number an inside job?” Out of sight, out of mind.


    • Amen brother!!!!

    • research that socialist pledge I no longer say it. I will pledge to God, the country, NOT to a brazen image.

    • Heh…try putting all that on a T-shirt!

    • The flag? Seriously?

      Isn`t the US flag representative of the DC corporation that`s hijacked your country? Personally I wouldn`t pledge allegiance to any flag if it got up and gave me a Nobel prize. I could pledge some allegiance to good principles though, which are in short supply in the ruling classes. Those the US were founded on are pretty good, but they have absolutely nothing to do with the flag.

  23. This is a very funny idea.

  24. I see someone has been watching some Dane Cook and taking a page out of his book.

    • Whom…?


    • aHHH TRY F-A-G, WITHOUT THE ‘SPACERS’…WHAT’S UP ‘ALEXIS’ JONES,(his stage name…!) Hahahaha !

      • You know, it doesn’t matter what name you use…you still won’t ever be respected by anyone with intelligence…

      • Where I come from it`s considered retarded to laugh at your own jokes.

  26. way to go Mark

  27. Who’s running this website now?

    A Coup d’etat began during the 2008 presidential election.

    Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama is now a Pentagon puppet.

    Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last presidential election and the military’s overthrow of our government. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot and learn what no one wants you to see.


      • Could you register a few more IDs? Sorry if you lose your job when the truth gets out.

      • Trying to make money on? Can you explain that? Does it look like the blog is selling frisbees and hot dog carts? Why get so bad? Unless you don’t want the truth getting out about your messiah? Or because you’re law breaking federal agent Shawn McDonald.

      • This entire sub-conversation is totally incomprehensible. Isn`t there some forum for the heavily medicated you two could infest instead?

    • he saw the man behind the curtain dick! Zigniew Brezinznki….plus a few others.

    • Thanks for the laugh.

    • Well, I will give you this…you’re persistent. But really, whats the point? Everyone has checked out your crap, and…well…it’s crap.

      • That’s constructive criticism if I’ve ever seen it. Post a logical argument next time if you can think of anything other than “don’t go there, we can’t have the truth leaking out.”

        • Hey…good on ya for trying to get out what you feel is important…I just don’t see how your convoluted logic equates to the reporting that occurs on this site. These are real, proveable issues backed by documents and video corroborating the stories that appear here, and the site you keep plugging is complete conjecture, with pictures of people side by side that are so apparently different people, but is presented as if they are one and the same…and the text doesn’t really say much of anything of worth that can be construed as factual material. Gold is around 1800 an ounce…that is proveable. Soros sold most of his gold and bought farmland with the money. Proveable. Vaccines cause autism and sterility…proveable. Bilderberg meets every year to discuss world policy, then the policy is implemented worldwide…proveable. Palin worships castro because she has a similar hat and a pin with a star on it…wtf? Obama and Palin played basketball…so what? Stick with real issues, and people won’t be turned off by your posts…its that easy. Stop with the ‘number 23′ crap, already.

  28. Pretty nice, Dice.
    I’m a “perfect 36″ if you wanna leave my size.
    (I’ll but you were expecting something mean spirited from me.)
    …well, don’t change that channel.

    • bet not but,

      • Did you know I was going to post about Sarah Palin and her real identity before I posted? How did you know? Do you shadow all my posts online? And pre-post too? Think this will stop the truth from getting out, or just slow it down?


        • Sure….. everybody should go visit your PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot, and check out the phony comparison pics trying to match ‘known terrorists’ up with pics of people who sell internet marketing info products….

          Maybe I should send you a pic of my a-s-s. You can put it next to a pic of G. W. Bush, with a caption that says something like, “It looks like this terrorist is trying to disguise himself by growing a beard.”

      • Yeah everyone is sitting around in the world waiting to hear from you…! Hoping you’ll be nice this time…Geeezusuh Chrrrisstah…!

        • Cry me a river. Either you’re a fan of Al-Qaeda, or you work for the government. It’s not too hard to figure out. People come to Infowars for the truth, not endless swearing and misinformation. The only idiots are the government trolls here dominating the conversation.

  29. OoooKaaay…It is already ’1984 time’, and what are we doing about it…? The Jews attacked the Towers, with the Assist from OUR ‘improperly placed Public Servants’,(yeeeah…),Public Surveillance Abounds,(for our Protection…yeeeah,again), Wars are EVERYWHERE…! OUR $$$’S STOLEN RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER- AHHH, -IN FRONT OF OUR NOSES…’They’ are doing everything and anything ‘they’ can, to abuse any, and all of us without any regard as to whom it does affect,and as a matter of fact, with many of our stupid asshole brothers and sisters approval…”you’re gona stick that big thing where…? Oh wait, let me grease it up and spread it a bit more for you…want a beer while you’re at it,-Oh, you already took one…oh, all of them…?-hey, that’s quite alright…just do what you please, it’s fine with me…! Nooo Problem…” —and you think it’s a two party party, you idiots…we are all done…’EXACTLY’ like those Millions, upon Millions, of Bovine or Swine, ect., ‘milling around’ ( No Really,…look up this definition…!-it’s hilarious…!), at those CORRALLED Meat Slaughtering ‘Plantations’., i.e., ‘FEMA CAMPS’ for farm critters…Hhhhmmmn ? It is all over but the dying part…They just wish to watch all of us suffer a bit more…allll the way up, til ‘they’ get to you, and then you, and so on, and so forth…Yeah they just don’t want to take us on because we have guns…? Yeeeeeah,(3rd time’s the charm…), sure thing…! Just like all those farm animals.

    • Meat slaughtering plantations ?!?

      That sounds like karma !!!

      • Hhhmmmn, could be right…I don’t believe in Karma, no offense, but that 4 step stuff of living, I ‘scored 100%…Especially like the thought of one of the four of complete freedom from bullshit, (religion…?),for lack of a better discription, no offense there Porky boy…!

        • People ( Alex Jones etc… ) use the example of cattle or sheep being
          led to slaughter over and over again , so much so that it’s obvious
          that 70 % of all the nasty stuff going on must have meat culture
          karmic roots …

          That doesn’t mean that the organisms that are doing the repression
          and the mayhem are knowingly on a mission from God , but rather
          that God allows demons to screw up the scene , because of the bad
          collective karma …

          P.S. You believe in karma ( believe me !!! ) , because if someone
          came around your turf , and killed your dog and / or raped and
          beat your wife up good , you’d want them to get some kind of
          karmic retribution … ( Don’t tell me otherwise !!! )

    • Okay get something straight. Zionists is the accurate term not Jews. Orthodox Jews and the likes that follow the Torah are not represented by Israel and will tell you the same thing. It’s not Judaism, not Muslims, it is Zionism to blame.

      • 10-4 that, an apologetic Oooops…! At least I said they weren’t alone…! Wasn’t Zion in an episode of Star Trek…? -just funny with you MR.SERIOUS…! Any arrogant fkers are shit to me…People who treat each other as equals are fkng wonderful…get that straight asshole…! Hahahahaha ! “IT IS STILL ALL OVER BUT THE DYING…GOT THAT STRAIGHT…?”—Semantics at this pint of the Game…! WTF…!

        • You are the only one being an asshole in addition to your double standards. I wasn’t being arrogant as there is no context to give that impression. It is very important now more than ever that specificity is key and that come through in our language. Nowhere in my comment did I slander you or refer to you as an asshole. If you cannot take important knowledge for what it is that is a serious defect. I didn’t become an asshole until I noticed all your posts and your intent especially when you responded to my comment down below which was just note that while doing what he is doing, which is effective, he can also do it without being an asshole and bring a smile to somebodies face in the process. I assure you if your childish dreams of nihilism comes true, you will be some of the first to perish.

        • You are the only one being an @sshole in addition to your double standards. I wasn’t being arrogant as there is no context to give that impression. It is very important now more than ever that specificity is key and that come through in our language. Nowhere in my comment did I slander you or refer to you as an @sshole. If you cannot take important knowledge for what it is that is a serious defect. I didn’t become an @sshole until I noticed all your posts and your intent especially when you responded to my comment down below which was just note that while doing what he is doing, which is effective, he can also do it without being an asshole and bring a smile to somebodies face in the process. I assure you if your childish dreams of nihilism comes true, you will be some of the first to perish.

          *made those corrections for the censors just so you get the message =)

        • Wanna bet…?

        • Two things then done…I do not give a fk about ‘your’ Philosophical crap, it is right up there with fkng religion and the invisible man rescue team bullshit… # 2, if you feel I was directing insults(previously no, but now, fkng aye skippy), you errored. I believe in MY OWN PHILOSOPHY, NOT SOME OTHER MTHR FKR TELLING ME HOW TO LIVE. Believe it or not you wouldn’t even believe how assholes like your ‘righteous self’, rub me fkng wrong…(Sarcasm, stupid). Same as those holier and scared fkg christian types…! All the answers. Yeah sure, about the here after…Ahuhh…!

        • I see linguistic minimalism has reached Infowars with great fanfare. Why don`t you learn some words Fleshbug02? If not to make me and everybody else with an IQ above 85 happy, then to make yourself look less of a moron.

          Please note that I didn?t say you are a moron, only that you sound like one when you curse and swear in every single sentence.

      • We are to blame.

        • Hey screwy Logic , I commented in response to your, “We are to blame”…it is down under the heading of ‘skywatcher’, a lil’ bit down, for anyone, but was directed to your comment…as I said you are absolutely correct…!

    • I do not like that plantationing of these friends of ours, but it is an easy parallel for ‘our’ dumb herd, no…?

      • You are the dum heard right now

        • *herd yes yes laugh it up

        • Ahhhhahahaha ! That’s alright sir, heat of the ‘right’ =write= night…get that one…?

    • You have such a positive and progressive view of the future.

      Nihilism is the only way. Just remember, Nazi Germany was destroyed and Germany was rebuilt.

      The Nazis and the Zionists took up ongoing activities in the US.

      You have an obsession with inserting things in the anus. It detracts from your points.

      Why so nasty? You think ALL others are but Sheeple? How wrong you are.

      • Look ‘asshole’ They have been sticking it up your asshole for so long you don’t even realize it’s still in there…like a beat down whore…! It is figurative speech you fkng moron…but it is real truth that no one can admit. Germainy was just a fkng game to these same fucking assholes,(you’re in great company…), and they won’t ever stop unless they get smashed out of existence. Like Bruce Lee said: “Booaarhds doon’t hhit Baaack…”, Well asshole face, either do sheeple…! and asshole faces either.Hahahaha !

        • Not my @sshole. I am well aware of what is going on down to the details of the synthetic logic regime. Your infatuation with @ssholes really says more about you than you realize I think. Not too mention ramble on like somebody that couldn’t beat their way out of wet paper bag.

        • Very interesting post about the systematic ruthlessness taking place in this country and in our wars of aggression. I do not take nasty comments personally… you have made a good point about ruthless people and leedurrs.

        • Okay, 6′ 2′ 230lbs puke fucker, want to make a date just say so…I will beat you down. Let’s exchange some info if you really need to know my truth,Shit head. Let me know, okay honey…?

        • It was not meant to be taken personally just to wake people up to the fact that we’re already in the middle of 1984…!

        • Sky watcher,Exactly. And they know we are confused and just wish things to be different…but that won’t stop them, they are psychopaths and see our hesitation as a weakness, not a consideration for all involved, all we love,i.e., our families…they don’t even love their own families over power and money. That is our achilles heal people…we have those who we love, they are using that against us…! This is why we balk. The only reason. we haven’t lost it yet, because when that happens that is all she wrote for them…that is their achilles heal…they don’t believe that…! So they keep pushing. They won’t like it, the result that is. They won’t like it at all…!

        • Are you trying to destroy this site? Do you really think people want to read your hatred rants of nonsense? I know who you work for and I’m starting to think you’re also the person who covers the comments as “youzentube” on the youtube video that comes up when you search sarah palin on Google. The same nutjob works there 24hours a day.

        • 11 obscenities and 7 insults followed by you laughing at yourself. You really are a disastrous person if you aren`t a COINTELPRO scripting program!

      • Okay, I had to research more confusing explanations of why we have to be important…WE ARE NO MORE IMPORTANT THAN A CELL OF BACTERIA. Self preservation is a natural response, (unless you’re driving late at night and keep fkng nodding off for some unknown reason to me…?), that’s a reality joke asshole face…I love life, but I am not in denial as to where this crap is sending us, i. e., CLUB FEMA, if we’re not going to ‘cowboy up’, and fkng soon. Well if I die, I fkng die, so what, boo hoo…? I was dead before I got here…right ?, and so were all of you…! It will be a tussle for any involved, unless I get sniped or something. Again, so fkng what. take that bullshit Philosophy and stick it in your roomy asshole…! All the freedom they have stolen from you and still you don’t realize it…they are fucking you up your ass and you say no they’re not. Yeah right.

        • Sorry, but God created me in His image and knew of me before I was born as He dis you. Any helpful suggestions about how to err “cowboy up”? We are so much more than a simple cell of bacteria, so are the Globalists, however, they have gone to the Dark Side. You know the scene in the movie “Meet The Fockers” where the baby suddenly blurts out “asshole”? You kind of remind me of him for some reason. It gets attention.

        • oops he did you… he did not dis you.. my eyes were watering..sry

        • While you are at it, in military terms what DEFCON level would you put the domestic situation?

        • You can and do only speak for yourself. I don’t think you fathom the concept that I have been prepared from an early age. I never bought into the farce. Why is it so hard for you to accept that there might be some folks that are really prepared and even some that are in positions to step in at the right time. That time is not now. If you reject that notion then you run the risk of rejecting your strongest allies. If you think you don’t need them you are more than welcome to give it a whirl all by yourself but I do not suggest it. Freedom can only be taken from you if you allow it to happen which I have not. Most importantly it has been attempted by way of psychological tactics to reduce formal logic of the masses. None of which has any effect on me and impossible to convey on this medium. I am well aware that many others cannot say the same but you can only do so much for other people before you push them away and turn em off to the cause. It is a fine line that leads to victory. I am not here to fight you man for that is what is expected of us. If you play into that it will spell disaster. Everybody needs to try and remain calm and clearheaded. ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ =)

        • I never openly express many of my spiritual views and it was meant more as a tease to you know who. If you read any of my posts, you will see I am very awake, very aware and do my homework and prepared. The religion thing threw you a curve. Either we stand together strong with fine minds, strong bodies and strategies or we will be eaten alive by the vermin that dare to call themselves leaders.

          I come from America, the only nation to not only destroy its own World Trade Center 1 2 and 7 with at minimum 150 kiloton nuclear bombs (research it) but also ram its own Pentagon with a nuclear Russian Granit missile. Then on to false wars of aggression and conquer. To say this country is seriously twisted and fukked up is to put it mildly. The twisted sick demonic freaks have got to go. (Rumsfeld, Building 7, “I never heard of Building 7″ Thanks Mr. Seale Aspartame Freak. Oh, I should mention the recent intentional killing of members of Seal Team 6 in Afghanistan. 32 Seals and Special Forces loaded into ONE Chinook helicopter that was allegedly “bombed” by the Taliban. That is never ever the way Seals are moved. I knew about this two weeks ago and heard Jesse Ventura mention it today.

      • Fleshbug is either a shill or a piece of white trash with zero class. I don’t know why he is allowed to post here. Kinda makes me wonder……………..

    • The Jews committed 9/11? You mean all Jews? There were no non-Jews involved? Bush and Cheney are cyrpto-Jews? I thought the NWO was Luciferian? I thought Jews worshipped Yahweh, not Lucifer.

      You are one of the reasons why sheeple view the 9/11 truth movement with disgust and disdain. You are a blight to the patriot movement and a vile piece of trash who cannot communicate without vomiting some disgusting epithet. Anyone with a modicum of class and maturity who came to this site for the first time and read your posts would NEVER come back to this website. Maybe that’s your goal.

  30. This is awesome and he makes me laugh in the process. =)

    • Keep laughin skippy…! Everything is Aaa Oooo-kay…!

      • Actually it is for me because I am not a f*#ing idiot parading around on the comments making a complete ass of themselves just trying to push peoples buttons. This Marine is g2g. I promise you, you have not a clue if you think prancing around trying to stir the pot is the way to go. I am prepared for what ever comes my way and I promise you I will remain. There are plans in place for when/if TSHTF that go beyond your comprehension that consists of good people across our country and not FEMA. It makes me wonder why you are not aware of this. Because had you tried a different approach maybe somebody would want to include you. Your approach shows in the event it gets truly real, your type is one the first to be picked off.

        • *of

        • If fleshbug is not a shill, he is probably some white trash teenager. I would bet that he is a shill.

        • He is not awake to it because he keeps dwelling on the negative influences and does not have the coherency to know there are plans well designed if TSHTF. He will wake up. I don’t think he came from a military family… and someone said it was a she! That kind of person would burn out fast in a true confrontation. So predictable.

        • should add, he is thinking too globally.

        • He works for the CIA or NSA or FBI or some agency trying to draw attention away from this site.

  31. donate DVDs and books to the library where people can rent them.

    • Run off copies of Obama Deception and put 10 or 15 in Laundromats every week.

      Not only poor people wash their clothes in coin laundries!

      Professionals have their shirts washed pressed in there.

      Most people will pick up a free DVD movie if its right in front of them.

      • yeah that might work. i would just be worried of the laundromat or businesses confiscating them.

  32. How about a whole rack of truther T-shirts? As always, Mark’s videos are entertaining, and also informative. Keep truthing Mark!

  33. That gives me an idea, i can buy 100 bumperstickers for 100 bucks (normally 4 bucks ea.) set up a small booth make a large sign that says “FREE BUMPERSTICKERS one per customer!”

    Libertystickers sells thousands of different political stickers that cover everything from the police state to patriotic quotes, the one’s i run are 9/11 was an inside job infowars, government schools the reason you and your kids are so stupid, the federal reserve looting the US since 1913, bad criminals go to jail the best go to washington, and, “if dont like my bumperstickers your part of the problem”

    they’ll even make custom ones for ya like i’m gonna get one that says “Bush/Obama same shit different assholes…yeah?

    I just re-read what i posted and i apologize for sounding like a commercial, i hate that:(

    • I liked the same poop and different anus’ T-shirt.

      RON PAUL 2012

    • Good idea!! Keep it up

  34. Classic !!

  35. Back in the mid 90s when Linda Thompsons Waco: The Big Lie came out I had the idea to
    “hack-in” to the T.V. cable lines ( if it is possible) going in to sub-divisions and neighbor hoods and force broadcast videos on all channels. Can it be done??

    • yes but then the FCC and a bunch of other letter agency get involved and and then you would get sued by whoever owns the line

      • Actually, for some strange reason, it’s criminal and not civil. Federal offense. Wonder why that is.

  36. I think printing up some dvd’s and sticking them with $0.00 price tags or a “special gift” sticker, then leaving them in stores in the dvd section would work good.

    • If we make it to the next “patriotic” holiday, just hand them out where crowds gather.

  37. Nicely done!

  38. Donate some to the salvation army store. You wouldn’t need to sneak them in. Before I moved, I dropped off many items and clothes that were hardly worn, or new. They would sell.

    • This video really makes me happy – Kohl’s sucks, and Dice knows!!!

      Here is a vid of Mark Dice exposing their clothing and death symbolism:
      “Death worship Illuminati symbols in Kohl’s department store”
      Man I like this guy!!!

      Good idea on Salvation Army as well, and it’s a Happy Day for you littlewing

      • The death culture is alive and well in many stores – sadly. All the clothes with skulls on them for small children, sickening.

        • It IS sick FL. Skulls are for poison stickers and twisted secret societies, okay pirates too. The skull n bones booties and pacifiers is to get the babies desensitized and ready for full on Monster High by elementary school. I saw a massive display of Monster High at Toysrus. It made me nauseaus. Nothing makes death, destruction and the underworld savy like coloring it pink.

          You could also go for kiddie t’s with bleeding baphomets if skulls aren’t your flavor though:
          I think I’m going to need to take up sewing pretty soon.

      • That’s right Sarah. It continues to be a very happy day, indeed.

  39. alot people will not be happy .but who cares fcuk them. the buying one today.

    • truth sells!

      • What if one day… you couldn’t buy anything without the computer chip in your right hand or forehead? What would you do then let alone in a cashless society! Would you join in or fight against it?

        These are relevant deeper questions today to consider than just buying what you think you need when you want it!

        I’ve found I can do nothing except Christ is in it! Clic my name then see issue guide…
        Don’t be dumbfounded … take the red pill!

        • ericnueman;

          Go to: WhyWon’tGodHealAmputees dot com for real truth.
          Don’t be afraid to take the red pill. Follow your own advice!
          You are brainwashed and your jesus is a fable! You are wasting your life.

        • One reporter asked David Blaine if he could move things with his mind. He said yes, just look outside the window and observe all that is moving.

          All of us are the small minds connected to the big mind / infinite universe. If your connection is fuzzy static, try refining your diet to resonate and tune in the correct frequency.

          The Bible’s Jesus has been distorted. Jesus in India seems to coincide more clearly with his missing years from age 12 to 30.

        • These fkng asshole Jesus fkng christ freaks, are walking billboards for the mind contol designed by the elite eons ago…dumb fks, Makes me laugh…! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha ! (WHEW…!)

        • I’d rather have Jesus control my mind than whatever vile thing is controlling YOURS.

        • And how do you do it in life…why would you make up a name truth seeker if that is your goal? You apparently wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring you in the face, and it is!

          The thing is at least I knew Jesus was the answer to everything even when I was young sitting listening to Christmas carols on a Canadian street!

          What is making you so angry with me?

          Are you fighting God! What if I’m right about Jesus? What do you have to lose by trying? You have nothing to convince me you love me enough to show me better especially when you used all those profane words in your last post!

          I’d say you have a road to hoe in humbling out and trying something you’ve needed all your life and here I am to give it to you and you thrown it back in my face! You’ve got to be a baby to go to Heaven or child like! Come back humbler we’ll talk!

        • This person is really crying out for love.. does not realize it, but it is the truth. Probably quite depressed too, so you see the anger raging. All Christians are tools of the “elite”. Total bullshit. We seek God in our own ways and many of us have deeply examined our beliefs and are not smug about them. People are not automatically assholes, perhaps you have been treated poorly by too many people meeting that description.

        • What’s a matter ericnueman?
          You can dish it out but you can’t take it!
          What pisses me off is; this is not a forum to preach your jesus crap!
          Have you heard about, “Shaking off the dust and leave”?
          Really; how many non-believers have you converted on this forum?
          Your jesus and bible are a joke!

        • Real (you really should change your handle) and fleshbug, there are thousands that come here looking for something other than the propaganda mainSCAMmedia is promoting. Anyone reading through these comments can see the hate coming from such as you, vs. the gentle calling of Jesus through those of us TRYING to hold our tempers despite being human beings and fallible. Good and evil are polarizing, and your hate is clear as a bell. We’re not ready to shake the dust off our feet just yet. We go where we’re sent. If you don’t like it, keep spewing your hate here, exposing yourselves for what you are. Otherwise, there are plenty of internet sites that you can slither around for your pleasure. Get over it because we are NOT going away. Feel free to ignore what you read. Jesus is calling. Grace is still extended, but not for long. Judgment is coming and the age of grace is coming to an end. Why not get on board while there is still time?

  40. Brilliant.

  41. First time I’ve seen anything like that. I love it.

  42. That’s awesome and creative! Truthers should not overlook the power of tshirts, bumper stickers, etc. to get the word out.

  43. That is exactly the kind of thing I have been doing for a while. Creative Infowar.

    • You are not alone. This is one of the few ways I can help, also.

  44. Nice one!

  45. funny

  46. Thanks for the video. It made me smile.

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