Markets heading to new danger zone: Zoellick

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Aug 15, 2011

The loss of market confidence in economic leadership in key countries like the United States and Europe coupled with a fragile economic recovery have pushed markets into a new danger zone, something that policymakers have to take seriously, the head of the World Bank said on Sunday.

Speaking at the Asia Society dinner in Sydney, Robert Zoellick also said the global economy was going through a multi-speed recovery, with developing countries now the source of growth and opportunity.

“What’s happened in the past couple of weeks is there is a convergence of some events in Europe and the United States that has led many market participants to lose confidence in economic leadership of some of the key countries,” he said.

“I think those events combined with some of the other fragilities in the nature of recovery have pushed us into a new danger zone. I don’t say those words lightly … so that policymakers recognize and take it seriously for what it is.”

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Markets heading to new danger zone: Zoellick  150709banner2

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3 Responses to “Markets heading to new danger zone: Zoellick”

  1. Recognize and take seriously the great work or there will be consequences.


  2. What will happen is the humans will see a few more days of good gains and just assume things are fine and call the crap of the last 1-2 weeks merely being a correction while ignoring the actual issues that exist which clearly show we are in a world of hurt whenever it happens.

    This is the way the moronic human species is- they refuse to ever learn from the past and want to keep living in la-la land as though there aren’t any problems.

    Sometimes it blows me away that humans have managed to survive for as many years as they have. Maybe the reason is because for most of the time the species lived in a “basic” world so they couldn’t be so confused and screw themselves over like people today do with all the advancement that exists. Basically it seems that the species is not capable of surviving with all the advancements and inventions we have and it needs to go back to the days of living in simple dwellings in areas of few people with no real contact to the rest of the world.


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