Mary Trump: Donald Will Call for ‘Political Violence’ as Allies Turn on Him

Mary Trump predicted Saturday on MSNBC’s “The Katie Phang Show” that her uncle, former President Donald Trump, will call for political violence as his allies turn on him.

Trump said, “It is quite something to see the consistency with this man unraveling as the pressure builds. It was inevitable because it is not a mistake that the worst things get for him. The worst things are lashing out for him. We are now talk about the fact that this guy is embracing the far-right extremists. He knows that he is losing allies, and so he’s doubling down on the worst elements in our society. That is the only place that he’s going to get support, and that is the best way that he knows so to rile up his base, which seems to be his bread and butter.”

Phang said, “Trump has been hitting back at people like Bill Barr. He called Barr a weak and pathetic RINO with no guts.”

Trump said, “On the one hand, Bill Barr was his staunchest defender at one point, acting like his private attorney. But, on the other hand, because of the egregiousness of Donald’s behavior, even people like Bill Barr can’t stand with him anymore.”

She added, “The window of opportunity for Donald to squirm out of this is closing because of the seriousness of the potential charges that are coming his way. And what have we seen in the past? He goes to violence. When he said that President Biden was calling for political violence, he was, as usual, projecting. That was what Donald’s going to be calling for as he gets more and more cornered.”

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