Max Keiser: Gold is Not Just a Hedge Against Inflation, It’s a Substitute Currency

August 21, 2011

Max Keiser makes an appearance to talk about the stock market that is tumbling downward again today.

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6 Responses to “Max Keiser: Gold is Not Just a Hedge Against Inflation, It’s a Substitute Currency”

  1. uru

    (in part)

    ” Black Gold

    Windhoek – In just the past 30 days, four huge petroleum firms have expressed a firm desire to get a stake of Africa’s oil.

    Significantly, none of them are African. Apart from the corporate advances for Africa’s ‘black gold’, NATO’s bombing of Libya has largely been interpreted as an attempt by France, the United States and Britain to control that country’s petroleum industry.”.
    Writing in The New Statesman as early as June 2007, Christopher Thompson foresaw armed conflict in Africa over oil.

    ‘The west’s increasing dependency on African oil … gives particular urgency to these new directions in the fight against terrorism.

    ‘Africa’s enormous, and largely untapped, reserves are already more important to the west than most Americans recognize.

    ‘In March 2006, speaking before the Senate armed services committee, General James Jones, the then head of EUCOM (Europe Command, the equivalent of Africa Command), said: ‘Africa currently provides over 15 percent of US oil imports, and recent explorations in the Gulf of Guinea region indicate potential reserves that could account for 25 35 percent of US imports within the next decade’.

    ‘These high-quality reserves – West African oil is typically low in sulphur and thus ideal for refining – are easily accessible by sea to Western Europe and the US.

    ‘In 2005, the US imported more oil from the Gulf of Guinea than it did from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait combined. Within the next ten years it will import more oil from Africa than from the entire Middle East.

    ‘Western oil giants such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, France’s Total and Britain’s BP and Shell plan to invest tens of billions of dollars in sub-Saharan Africa (far in excess of ‘aid’ inflows to the region).’

    Other analysts also see growing militarization of Western ‘diplomacy’ in Africa in the context of oil.

  2. Always so much talk about gold, war, who is right or wrong, scarcity, lack, limitation, murder, theft, drugs, etc and you for real wonder why you there is so much hate and deceipt.
    The conversation and the language used is what your reality is.
    Worship gold all you want and all the other idols I have stated above will continue to be your undoing.
    Just listen to what you worship and who you are denying by this ignorance.
    Fools rush in where wise men fear to go.
    Gold replaces nothing except for another illusion and another idol that came before it.
    It is not rocket science that the logic in this is apparent.

  3. I hear people speak of 2013 or 2015 as if we are going to keep stumbling along without a major event coming in days or weeks.
    These long range forecasts defy reason.
    The SHTF some time ago and its now gone verticle.
    You can not win a war without the moral law being on your side.
    That means if YOU started it, you will lose it.
    And so the story goes…..

  4. Currency is in three forms. Natural currency. Genetic currency. Fiat currency.

    Natural currency has intrinsic value in any culture. Of course this is what gold is. No one anywhere needs an explanation of the whys and wherefores of the rationale behind the universal acceptance of gold to service transactions.

    Genetic currency is born and born naturally and spontaneously out of need. It is the purest form of currency because it at once defines and is defined by the lubricating effect which currency provides to the facilitation of a specific transaction. This type of currency reminds us what currency is in its most pristine form: A transaction lubricant innately adopted.

    Fiat currency is a dangerous contrivance of governments. Its utility relies on a borrowed attribute of trust. Trust lent by edict to a contract with incrementations determined by ink rather than arising out of the estimations of its users. It is wholly dependent on the authorship supporting it remaining an institution of stability and as such all who are seduced by its convenience are at some point left holding an empty bag no matter how full their bag may be. Fiat currency is not true currency since it is not produced or adopted naturally. Therefore it has no fallback claim to validity. Government sponsored currency is the true definition of substitute currency which presumes to improve on the original and can bear only one reliable aspect:

    Its certainty of failure.


  5. Actually gold ( and anything of material value ) is the money and the paper bills are money substitute .

  6. great show Alex and max keep up the good fight….Ron Paul 2012.

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