Maxine Waters: Republicans ‘Don’t Seem to Care’ About Rogue Cops Targeting People of Color

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on Spectrum’s “News 1 Los Angeles” that Republicans didn’t seem to care about “rogue cops” who she alleged targeted people of color.

Waters said, “We have the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that’s on the Senate side, and it is stalled. The negotiators are working to try and work out some kind of way the act will not be compromised. They haven’t gotten to the point they can agree on it yet.”

She continued, “There’s one issue as you know that is middle of the controversy, and that is qualified immunity. So I’m just hopeful our negotiators will be strong, and they will continue to try and make sure we have a good, sound piece of legislation would really benefit all of our communities and particularly our communities that have been so harmed by rogue cops who have basically targeted people of color and cause them to be harmed and their lives to be lost.”

Waters added, “What you have is a typical disagreement between Democrats and Republicans and how we view our responsibilities to all of the people. On one hand, the Republicans have law enforcement no matter what they do. They are the ones who support the police unions. Who basically support all of the police no matter what harm they cause. This is typical of the Republicans in the way that they don’t seem to care as much. They don’t seem to think police should be held accountable — that somehow, they should be able to do whatever they want to do. They join in ways in which to protect them. Philosophically we are on different ends on what we need to rein in rogue cops and what we need to do for police accountability.”

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