May 5 – Israel Complicit in Oct 7 Hamas Attack


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More proof Oct 7 took place with Israeli complicity
False flags are how they do everything.  Think 9-11, USS Liberty, Pearl Harbour. 

 ‘By Way of Deception’…IDF posts on Gaza border failed ‘routine inspection’ on Oct. 4

Troops failed to prevent unauthorized people from entering the base on foot or by car, entering the operations rooms, taking sensitive materials, stealing the keys to the armory and leaving with weapons. 

Channel 12 detailed the results of an assessment of the Nahal Oz base, where Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7 killed 66 soldiers and kidnapped six.

“Soldiers” is such a dehumanizing term. Nahal are just teenagers. 
Zionism is expansionist ideology that has nothing to do with being a “Jewish homeland”

Netanyahu said Israel to become ‘world power’ in swearing in of new government in 2022
Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech during the swearing-in of his sixth government in the Knesset on Thursday, saying the new government will act to make Israel a “world power”.

Mahmod Od—-Netanyahu, IDF refuse to cooperate with Israeli State Comptroller audit of Oct7 (because they were complicit)

Pepe Escobar:  Israel Israel planned to fry Iran’s electronics with a nuclear attack but Russia intervened

Geopolitical analyst and journalist Pepe Escobar discusses his reporting on a leak that sent shockwaves across social media which detailed a possible Israeli nuclear attack on Iran. We discuss what this all means for the Middle East and the broader war to come.

(Pepe Escobar)


1. It’s now fully established that The Information was confirmed independently by the intel of a Big Power.

2. The Information was NOT relayed by Russia.

3. It then reached a third nation – and from that to me.

4. The players involved are not backing down an inch from The Information.

5. I was privately provided with two examples of the accuracy of recent intel by the Big Power on two separate big developments in West Asia .

6. The source that contacted me notes that “sometimes, after news has entered the media space, there is no choice but not to provide clarification.”

Additionally, a senior Russian diplomat who does not know the Information, said the following:

1. “That is entirely possible.”

2. It shouldn’t have been revealed to the public.

3. “If this is true, then all sides will be determined to cover it up.”

One unanswered question for me is: Why did the Big Power source relay The Information to an intel agency from another nation? I tend to believe this was to erase its tracks in the chain. Particularly because my initial source has now revealed that the Big Power gained their intelligence firsthand – and that it was not transmitted to them by the Russians, Iranians or other direct parties to the hot war in West Asia. 

To sum it all up, via the source who originally received The Information: “If anyone should be accused of fabrication it is the ‘source’; but in this case the ‘source’ remains confident of the accuracy.”

I rest my case. I published raw intel the way I received it. It’s up to a wider audience to judge whether – and how – The Information connects with new developments occurring at breakneck speed, and part of a New Paradigm.

Israeli industry braces for economic damage amid Turkish trade ban
Construction industry is already in ‘dire straits’, while Israel’s largest refinery warns of significant hit to crude oil imports

Macron Says He’d Send Troops To Ukraine If Russians Advance & If Zelensky Asks

Days ago in a speech he dramatically declared that Europe is “mortal” and could “die” if Russia wins in Ukraine and continues on an expansionist, destructive path (an assumption that many knowledgeable analysts have rejected as a real aim of Putin’s). 

Speaking to The Economist, Macron further called Russia “a power of regional destabilization” and “a threat to Europeans’ security”.
“I have a clear strategic objective: Russia cannot win in Ukraine,” Macron continued. “If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe.”
Movie tip!–Box office bomb “Hysteria” is a hidden gem. 

The movie is about the invention of the vibrator for female masturbation. Orgasm used to be a treatment for female hysteria. Despite its subject matter, this is an elegant tasteful and intelligent movie with superb writing, acting and production values. Available on YouTube and Netflix.

‘Not Now’ Campaign to Defend America’s Sovereignty Against WHO

On April 19, 2024, Members of the U.S. Senate and House, together with leaders of the Sovereignty Coalition, held a Capitol Hill press conference to voice their opposition to the imminent adoption of two World Health Organization (WHO) treaties that are set to be agreed to in just 37 days.  Participants denounced the Biden administration’s intention to approve these treaties that surrender U.S. sovereignty, compromise states’ rights, and undermine, if not terminate, constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

EVs, climate agenda are a national security threat used ‘to weaken us and ultimately destroy us,’ expert warns
Electric vehicles pose environmental problems and national security issues and compromise the safety of drivers, former CIA operations officer says

Electric vehicles are often touted as the green alternative to gas-powered vehicles, but one expert believes that if people knew the truth about EVs, they would think twice before purchasing one. Bryan Dean Wright, a former CIA operations officer and host of the podcast “The Wright Report,” told Fox News Digital that electric vehicles pose environmental problems, national securit

Wright said that one of the most important things to consider when buying an electric vehicle is whether it is actually green. It is his belief that they are actually quite “dirty.” Starting with their batteries, he explained that thousands of pounds of minerals, including cobalt, lithium and nickel from all around the world have to first be extracted.

Documentary: How Rockefeller Destroyed US Healthcare

Although Hippocrates, reportedly the founder of Western medicine, said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, medical schools now provide almost no information about nutrition.

In the Shadow of Flexner is a groundbreaking documentary film by Justin Smith that exposes the century-old corruption that forever altered the trajectory of healthcare. At the heart of this riveting narrative lies the Flexner Report, a document published in 1910, the insidious purpose of which was to eradicate all traces of natural medicine from the educational landscape. In an era when conventional doctors faced public skepticism, the Flexner Report became the tool of choice for industrial capitalists seeking to monopolize medicine.

“Why exactly are we borrowing in a currency that we print ourselves?” (((Jared Bernstein))) can’t explain how money works. This person is the Chief Economic Advisor of Biden who formulate and recommend economic policies that advance the interests of the American people. We’re screwed

Beacon of Freedom? NOT

Amid Closer Ties With China, Russia Raids Homes of Falun Gong Practitioners
‘We are concerned about this whether it happens in China or Russia or elsewhere in the world,’ a White House National Security Council spokesperson said.

Reader–“Nothing stunned me more than the torture-murder of Gonzalo Lira.
The whole Biden Administration knew these Ukranian criminals abducted him and murdered him.
Biden did a political calculation AND NO, Gonzalo wasn’t worth it!  A simple message to Zelenski and Gonzalo’s life would have been spared.
What a tragedy!  Just when I thought Biden couldn’t get anymore vomit-inducing. ” 


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