McDonald’s Pushes Dangerous Vaccinations On School Kids

Kurt Nimmo
August 30, 2011

In addition to pushing junk food – chock full of saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and refined sugar – McDonald’s is now pushing dangerous vaccinations on school kids, as the photo below sent by an reader reveals.

The corporate propaganda effort is called “Immunize for healthy lives” (sic) and is set to coincide with the start of a new year of government indoctrination at public schools.

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116 Responses to “McDonald’s Pushes Dangerous Vaccinations On School Kids”

  1. i told my girlfriend [as this has been ongoing] please honey do not order any fast food tonight please i give in and i end up having excrutiating stomach cramps,gas,irritability,and deep stomach pains not to mention a backed up digestive system.stop eating fast foos and even restaurant foods
    as they have products that come from the same type of food corps as fast food corpserations
    one week without that food and you will be convinced that food will kill you slowly and rob you of valuable enrgy and vitality.i dont care if it is 99 cents and usda and fda backed healthiest food supported by this or that it is all a big lie eat normal food hell make fast food of your own
    it is not hard to make a cheeseburger or french fries and add salt or other stuff and pile on the cheese doesnt matter it is far more healthy than the processed garbage they spend millions of dollars on that have chemically enhanced flavors to keep you addicted and eating more and more

  2. Capital! McChokeandPuke should offer drive through vaccines to make it even more convenient for the blobs!


      • you had me at mcChokenPuke

  3. Their food will kill you slowly. Vaccines will speed up the process. I been boycotting them for 5+ years and better off for it..

    Mean while l been watching THOSE that have taken the flu shots and now their all getting sick in past 3+ weeks???????? all at the same time? ‘WTF’ did the gov’t release something in the air for them ?????.. and they still laugh. WHILE I HAVEN’T HAD THE FLU IN 12 YRS.

    WHICH was the last time i had A SHOT AND A GRAND MAL SEIZER 5 HOURS LATER..

    • i dont condone vaccines but i have a ”am am are” vaccine

      direly needed most appreciated Alex bring back the noblemen speech lol

  4. Enough propaganda already. When will the government ever stop this crap?

    This may be shocking, but here are 5 things you’re most likely wrong about.

    You never heard of Sarah Palin before she was announced as McCain’s running mate. If you believe that her name is really Sarah Palin, you’re wrong.

    Palin and McCain said they were going to reform Washington. If you think they were going to do this by getting elected, you’re wrong again.

    Obama disappeared for 2 weeks after winning the election only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to a John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. If you believe Obama has free will and the feds aren’t writing his teleprompter, you’re also wrong.

    If you believe that we caught Bin Laden immediately following the release of Obama’s birth certificate, you’re wrong again.

    If you believe that the feds haven’t recruited editors, journalists, and moderators to write the headlines and control the commenting on major news sites in an effort to suppress this information, you’re seriously wrong.

    This is the real story that the media is not and cannot report on. Learn what Osama, Obama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret.blogspot

    • Give it a rest dude, your site sucks

  5. Mc Donalds commercials gives you NIGHTMARES! It makes you hungry overnight!

    • …..Why do you think Steve Jobs has pancreatic cancer??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How about “eat a big mac, get a heart attack” or ‘

    eat Mickey D’s fry, watch yourself die”, or maybe

    “bite a mcnugget, then you kick the bucket”?

    • Mc Donalds is such a nightmare, why? Is it Ronald giving people vivid dreams or nightmares? Ronald Mc Donald is an alien from outer space! Where is the Men In Black or the Dream Police?

  7. God gave us incredible bodys and immune systems. the human family survived thousands of years without vaccines. Just look at the ingredients of these vaccines its chock full of metals and fetal tissue and all kinds of other poisons. These drug companys employ only the worst of human scum.. Keep a healthy ph balance in your body by eating plenty of greens and you will NEVER have to take meds, never have to see that pill pimp in the white lab coat, these 6 figure a year rich scum. Remember, everytime you go to the doctor they are trying to make you a repeat customer. By the way…..why would you trust an establishment that uses a SNAKE as its symbol…hint hint snake oil salesman. You wanna know why you get all these heart conditions and bad sickness’s? for one chlorine thats in the water damages your arteries like nothing else. try your best to get off the chlorine…not to mention all the other poisons in the tap water…govt and the medical industry=the worst killers of man ever.

    • Maybe McBoogers should put vaccines on the menu…they could add aluminum, mercury, monkey kidney cells, aborted fetal cell lines and formaldehyde to their cheeseburgers…oh wait, they already have that stuff in them, never mind.

  8. Kurt, saturated fats are good for you. “Saturated fats are bad for you” is government propaganda and is what is fueling Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders. I never expected YOU to be pushing official government propaganda when it comes to saturated fats.

    • Exactly. Saturated fats are good, but those poor cows that are killed for those ‘burgers’ are probably so laden with antibiotics and toxic feeds, that no good can come from eating those tortured cow burgers. Grass fed beef is very good for you, ditto raw milk and eggs.

  9. …may I have a sillinated BIG MAC and an order of sillinated CHICKEN Mc NUGGETS, two large sillinated fries, and a 32 oz. aspartame contaminated DIET COKE!!!!!!!!…PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • …oh, I want to change my order on the DIET COKE…may I change it to a regular COKE, made with GENETICALLY MODIFIED HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP…..THANKS!!!!!!!

  10. I am past the age of 60 and I remember my first flu shot back in college in the 70′s.

    I was a cutting edge weight lifter and wrestler, never took steriods and was never sick. I got that damn shot and it ruined me for at least a year with stiff joints, aching muscles, always a mild type of very mild head ache and just an overall scratchy feeling like I had that scratchy feeling of post nasal drip everywhere inside my body.

    Like an idiot I tried it again a good number of years later when I was in my 40′s. I got the same reaction but not as severe and it lasted for about 6 months.

    Never agian!!! that crap is really bad for your health. I am not just saying it, but rather KNOW FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE!!!

    • The people that make this crap are really a bunch of loose nut jobs and I have no idea what they must be thinking.

      I am 100% positive in another 100 years if civilization makes it that far, that these vaccinations will be viewed as totally barbarick medicine, at par with tribal, ritualistic clitorectomies done on young virgins in parts of Africa.

      It’s at par with buring witches, electro-shock treatment and cortorizing the mentally ill with hot irons to make then behaive.

      The only reason people believe vaccinations work is because people think it works like rain dancing. The real truth is, it’s EXTREEMLY DANGEROUS and is probably the biggest health risk you will ever take when you consider facing cancer and other diseases like Lupus, MS, HIV and many others that are a direct result of vaccinations.

      Read the book, “Emerging Viruses” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

      • When my older brother got the mumps vaccination when he was in his 20′s because mumps were going around the local doctors recommended all young men that had never had the mumps get the shot.

        I specifically recall that within a year or so they all developed mental problems and within 5 years all of them developed a severe form of schizophrena and never recovered. I remember this because 4 of them were good friends and one was my brother. When we questioned the doctors about this they said there was no connection to the mumps vaccine given, but in my honest heart of truths, I know better.

        I’ll never prove it, but I know.

    • A flu shot killed my friends father…those shots make you sick more than any of those ‘docs’ will ever let on.

      People won’t eat the ingredients in those shots…why would they inject them into their bodies?? Yuck.

  11. Then why is it that people who get vaccinations every year for the flu, always end up catching the flu, colds, and other sicknesses? They are the most sick individuals. Do you want to know how many sick days I took in the last 15 years? The answer is 2.. Do you want to know how many sick days my wife took in the last 15 years? The answer is 3.. Do you want to know how many sick days my daughter missed at school in the last 4 years? The answer is 2.

    I don’t believe in prescriptions unless you absolutely need them. My father was taking 50 prescription pills plus asthma inhalers, eye drops, anti acids. VA doctors would keep writing him new prescriptions every visit. I remember my dad trying to give me one of his Valium because I “was hyper” at the age of 7. I refused and got spanked. I saw how paranoid he got, and had a loaded shot gun by the door because he was afraid someone was out to get him. I saw him as a child going to the hospital on a half dozen different occasions because he had a reaction, or over medicated himself.

    I don’t believe in vaccinations unless you have very weak immune system and really need it. At which case should be the person’s decision to take the vaccination not the government.

    • Vaccines cause weak immune systems. Websearch “vaccines weapons of mass destruction” to learn the truth. NEVER get a vaccination. Vaccinations set you up for a lifetime of disease.

  12. This is disgusting. How is a fast food chain now telling people what to do to be healthy! This is a perfect example of whats wrong with this country.

    • Who knows better than McDonald’s about how to be healthy.

      Just walk inside one, and look at the general shape and wellbeing of the people eating at the tables.

      (I haven’t eaten there in years- I use it for a place to whiz while travelling)

    • LOL. Very true. That’s like a fat doctor telling you how to lose weight.

  13. Any fool that eats McDonald’s deserves the cancer needle.

  14. McDonalds is a satanist company. So it’s no surprise. As far as vaccines, is it me or can’t people take their chances and if they do get a disease, hope a Dr can save their life (and they most likey will)?

    • I would bet the shit they put in the food is at least as dangerous as a flu jab. I would never take the jab and I seem to stay healthy when others are sick around me. I’ll take my chances and they can stick the vaccines where the sun don’t shine.

    • Drs don’t save lives they create disease per the Rockefellar/Rothschild medical mafia. Take control of your own health and learn how to boost and balance your own immune system. Whatever you do, do NOT ever get a vaccine. Websearch “vaccine weapon of mass destruction” to learn the truth

    • And so is Rite Aid, they had a table to sign up for Vaccinations in their store. Roll Up Your Sleeve!

  15. LOL-MC Donalds(rumsfeld) is making you sick with their shit called food and now they are for vaccination to keep you healthy-strange kind of logic. (I think if you take a look at how healthy americans were before Mc Donalds started to sell poison and how sick and fat they”d become since than you woild never again eat at MCdemons)

  16. M = 13
    satanic number.
    Repent now
    Jesus Christ is the Lord!

    • Does being born on the 13th day of the 12th month make me satanic?

      I’ll repent…. but I can’t change my birthdate.

  17. I can’t wait for the McFlu — a flu vaccine-filled burger kids and adults alike can enjoy…and then spend hours and hours vomiting up in agony.

    • Hahaha!! … Quit it! I almost spewed my coffee!


      • get inside your flying disc and go crash into the himalayas!

        • Cut the Flying disk shit. You believe in tht, fine but youdon’t even understand what your saying. Wheat Tares perhaps? n wtf is this anti-homosexual crap at the end? Your a fuckin waste of air. Rein your ego back into check and GTFO till you learn a bit more, just a suggestion dont wanna ruin yer free speach kid.

  18. Mc Donalds and other fast food joints don’t need to tell your kids to get vaccinated. They need to tell you to eat their food and get fat.

  19. I have been telling people for years Ronald McDonald is the big cheese behide the federal reserve ponzi banking scams and he is a pysho path to boot. Just ask those profilers, they will tell you he fits the MO for killing off the population.

  20. Quiet ironic to see a company like McDonalds talking about healty life. McDonalds food is filled with MSG other toxins is extremly unhealthy extremly harmful extremly addictive. Im sure there really concerned about the health of people,give me a break.

  21. Ugh-

    I drive by the local McDonalds and the line for drive thru is around the F*ing building.
    People will eat anything, that stuff sucks.

    Back in 1996 when I last ate that garbage, I had a nice 4 hour long stomach ache that the 10 tums i ate didn’t even put a dent in.

    McVaccination anyone?!?!?

    I wouldn’t eat McDonald’s even if it was served out of Megan Fox’s cleavage.

    • Same thing here. Everyone should know that McDs sells garbage but the line is around the boggles my mind. I think that a lot of people are at the point where they just say fuckit. I see people with broken spirits every day, I think it is becoming an epidemic.

      • Maybe it’s an addiction- a defeating, and fattening addiction.

        Like getting your depression ‘super-sized’.

        Who really knows what the hell they jam in that crud. A little chemical-cocktail of downers… mixed with a little TV programming. “food = :^)”

        I’m Lovin It.

  22. Mcdonald is supporting Eugenic organizations in America
    Starbucks is funding Planned Parenthood Homo sex groups in America.
    they really want to destory American culture also the society.

    • Yup! They do not have our best interest in mind yet we continue to line their pocketbooks.

      Starbucks logo is RIDDLED with occultism and represents the pagan god Dagon. – sneaky, how many of us sport this satanic logo on coffecups, water bottles etc…..

      Howard Schultz, is an active Zionist. … with ‘The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award’

  23. Legal Exemption from vaccine shots is available in Florida , at least. You tell your doctor that you want your child to be exempted, for religious reasons. There is a form to be filled and signed by your doctor. End of problem. check your local laws for same “legal exemption”.

  24. Also, what do we expect, when a CORPORATION gets in bed WITH THE GOVERNMENT and gets FAVORS FROM THEM like the waiver of the Health Care Control Bill, then, what can we expect?

    THE ABOVE IS WHAT WE GET……and should not be a surprise to any of us.

    EXPECT MORE CRAP from GE, as well….

  25. I can’t think of a BETTER reason that this to BOYCOTT MCDONALD’S FOR LIFE. Not only do they and their employees get the waiver from the Health Care Control Bill, now this, right in the midst of a MAJOR VACCINE INJURY EPIDEMIC.


    This is egregious, when after all the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL directors know about the deadly effects of brain damage to our babies being vaccinated, of which, my grandson has been a VICTIM.

    DO I KNOW! It is absolutely sickening, unfair, and grotesque, all of it. Disgusting!


    • I boycotted them for over a year and lost a bunch of weight…

    • When my kids were little, to keep them from wanting happy meals all the time, I used to teach them to say “McDonald’s has yucky food.” Little did I know at the time how true it was!

    • I finally got rid of my food addiction to fast food, its horrible how if you are exposed to that garbage when you’re a kid you actually ‘crave’ it.

      They are trying to indoctrinate kids is what they are doing.

  26. Mcdonalds is the no.1 importer of cow eyeballs from red china,over 80% of their patties is eyeballs -thats how they justify calling it beef——-see for yourself go to anthony j. hilders Free World Alliance its under boycotting red china somewhere

    • =P

    • My Father used to cut meat at a grocery store……

      After all the meat is cut up then the left over garbage like eyeballs, intestines, tongues, brains are ground up…… dyed and salted into the meat we know as HOTDOGS!!!!!

      That is how the market justifies calling Hotdogs “Beef” “Turkey” and “Pork”

      • Don’t forget the lips and assholes. Baloney is the exact thing as hotdogs. If anyone ever saw what goes into their food…would they still eat it? I saw hotdogs being made once and now I can’t even look at a package of hotdogs without gagging.

    • well there are people who eat pigs feet, chitterlings and hog brains. as the bible says in the new testament the whole animal world is ours for consuming. people in other countrys even eat monkey brains and bugs and worms. If it tastes good go for it! im of the oppinion its better to be fat than super thin because when the great tribulation gets here and the hardcore famine it will be fattys who can outlive the thin healthnuts. good luck when the stores empty and the power goes out! Even bears fatten up to survive a whole winter.

      • At least people can choose what they eat. It’s pretty bad when it looks good, maybe even tastes good, but you have no idea what’s gone into it.

  27. Soft Kill –

  28. I’ll go to McDonalds for health advice right after I go to the government for business advice.

  29. Well the people dumb enough to eat at mc dumbnuts will be retarded enough to get a shot.
    I wonder when they will start giving kids happy meals with their vaccines…..

    • I would say it’s right around the corner!

  30. If the boogey man is out to get us all, then I certainly would not be afraid of immunizations or medicine.
    There are a myriad of other ways to dispose of us and one way or another they will get us.

  31. Haha…they probably have to advertise this crap per their ObamaCare waiver. LOL McDonald’s telling people what they need to do to be healthy!?!?!?!? Their burgers can barely even be considered beef!

    • They aren’t real beef really, real beef rots and goes away, leave out a big mac and fries, it will look the same other than dried up for years and years!

      I stopped eating out altogether 2 years ago!


  32. This might be old news to the Staff. But, we just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this new TSA Pre-Screening Testing that will be coming to an Airport near you in the Fall of 2011.
    Google/Startpage this:
    Expedited Screening Pilot TSA

    An Interesting Q and A in the Article:
    Q. What do participants need to do?

    A. Members of CBP’s Global Entry program are assigned a participant ID. To participate in TSA’s pilot program, these passengers must place their CBP participant ID in the ‘Known Traveler Number’ field while booking their reservations. That number is then passed to TSA’s Secure Flight system and taken into consideration during the pre-screening processing.

    Is the CBP participant ID: The New “Mark of the Beast” with Regard to Travel? Perhaps.

    With regard to the McDonald’s / Vaccines Article: No Surprises here. We haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s in more than 5 years now. We Haven’t had a Vaccine in over 5 years now. We haven’t had the Flu in over 5 years now, also.

  33. The asked me, I told them take their flu shot and give it to Nazi government in Washington.

  34. Would you like some fries with that

    • Oh Yes! Supersize me with extra McDeath Vaccines to go with my Cholesterol burger and fries. I know those fries will out last me: they NEVER rot.

      I keep getting static from the Mil Hospital each time I need to take my kids there. “Your children’s immunizations aren’t up to date.” No lie. They haven’t had one of those poison needles since 2002, and neither have I. “Are you going to get your children’s immunizations up to date?” “NO! State law says I don’t have to.” But it’s getting more and more difficult to find the legal reference for my state that exempts my kids from this crap. Home schooling sure helps.

  35. Keep your kids out of school any school that makes shots mandatory. You as parents don’t have a clue what these people are experimenting with, and what it is doing to your own child.




    • So you NEVER eat out at fast food joints?
      Everything you make at home is 100% healthy?
      I doubt both statements.

      • I never eat ant fast food period!! and I get all my food from a local organic farmer.

        • Same here. I don’t eat at restaurants and we get our food from organic farmers, farmer’s markets and our own garden. I don’t trust restaurants not to serve irradiated, GMO-laden crap. I’m recovering from mercury poisoning and have to be careful to eat only the cleanest, most pure food.

      • Of course you do…you think that just because you can’t control yourself, then its not possible that anybody can. You of course couldn’t be further from the truth. McDonalds IS poison, we’ve known about their health care waivers for months, and now we are starting to see the propaganda McDonalds is required to spout in order to obtain their waivers.

        Before you get all snotty, take the time to read and watch what others have spent countless hours trying to get out to you and your families (without making the trillions of dollars in sales Micky Dee’s does too). If your only response is going to be caustic and derogatory without offering anything of substance to the conversation, I guess we all know where you stand.

        Have a wonderful day.

      • Darien, I have not eaten in a fast food joint since the late ’70s before I understood what mass produced fast food was all about. I know it may seem impossible to some, but once you get a clear understanding of what you are putting into your body, it’s pretty easy to stay away from the poison factories.

        If they where selling Rat Poison for cheap and delivered in under a minute, would you eat it? How about if they didn’t call it rat poison and called it a Happy Meal, would that make it go down better?


  38. Most school districts REQUIRE a host immunizations in various grades before children are allowed to attend class.
    I guess it would be great then if they were not required and kids would die in hoards because of disease epidemics. Hello polio, measels, mumps, etc.
    Lets go back to the days of mustard patches and witch doctors.
    Some people are never satisfied.

    • Darien, I mean Damien, you know just enough about the dangers of vaccines to be dangerous to you your family and all your friends.

      • Do you ever get sick?
        I’m sure you do, so why take medicine such as antibiotics? They are probably poisoned also.

        • I use colloidal silver whenever I feel myself beginning to come down with something. I haven’t had a virus in over 7 years. Go here and discover for yourself what’s going on in the demented minds of the bioweapons lab “scientists”. You’ll find out that all these diseases are engineered. Then maybe you’ll wake up.

          http ://

          remove space after http

          My friend’s son is autistic. I often had to accompany her to the ER when he would come down with HIGH FEVERS right after getting his childhood “vaccines”. Sorry, but this is all hogwash. At least mustard patches didn’t give kids cancer years down the road. Dr. Russell Blaylock is one of the foremost authorities on what these things are doing to us.

          I wouldn’t go shooting my mouth off about something that serious without having all my facts straight. Right now you’re shooting the NWO’s poison darts.

        • Ohhhh Kaaay!
          What is Dr. Blaylock selling?
          I gues every single thin pharma sells is poison.
          You better hope you don’t get gravely ill or get cancer. oooop, i forgot, colloidal silver will take care of that!

        • Ok, Mr. Big Pharma. Don’t you know that antibiotics are useless against viruses? Do you know the difference between bacterial and viral infections? Don’t you know that, even if you take antibiotics for the proper reason, you are severely unbalancing the friendly flora in your gut? Don’t you know that the majority of antibiotics are way over-prescribed, which has led to the super-bugs of today which kill people by the thousands??

          DARIEN, CT: Home of many pharma businesses. What a coinkidink!

          WARNING: Reading posts from a pharma shill can result in brain tumors, rapidly bursting aneurysms, high blood pressure, bulging eyeballs, involuntary vomiting and Tourette’s Syndrome-like cursing.

        • Yes, I know about viruses V. germs.
          So waht should we do? Get sick and die because we don’t want to kill the flora in our guts?
          Thats absurd, eat some yogurt to combat the affects of antibiotics.
          PS – After weeks of homeopathic treatment of silver, C, garlic, etc., the only thing that knocked out my respiratory infection earlier this summer was antibiotics. It only took a few days to clear it up.

        • i think i have some of those symptoms. is there some kind of drug for this?

    • I have a distant realtive who fell to prosecution in the witchtrials of Salam, Ma. Perhaps, by order of the pagan dieties, i can be bestowd the gift of gohnerra of the mouth, so when i open up, chants and curses and rables of babble FLOOD the air, causing Organic Immunity. Yes, i think that is it- Organic Immunity. We can sell that to all the corporations who act all corporationery and exploite their debt-slave labor. We are a good team, u and me. Will u write the business plan, i going pratice my hogwash magic chants!!!

    • Darien, taken them yourself, it sounds like you are already affected.

    • That’s another deception. There is no law, they just say it’s required. If you push the issue and demand a waiver they will back down.

      Better yet, home school. We’re home schooling, it’s not as hard as you might thing, we had to make a few sacrifices, but our Children are worth it.

      What pushed me over the edge toward home schooling wasn’t the vaccines, I simply told them to piss off about that. It was the constant pushing the evolution theory, and this is in a public Catholic school!? No, they don’t teach “In the beginning God created…”, they teach, “Long ago and far away, it rained and rained on the rocks, and the rocks turned into slime, and the slime turned into us….ahem…right.” If teh earth is billions of years old, and it’s slowing down by a second every couple years, then billions of years ago the earth would be what? The moon is moving away from the earth, so billions of years ago the moon would have been what? See the trouble? The earth is not billions of years old, that theory simply does not work. And why don’t rocks turn into life today? Anyway I’m ranting now. I’ve had enough of all their bull.Enough!!! Arrrrgh! Home school your children! Do whatever it takes, get them out of those hell holes!


      • Good post. Home School and tell the government to shove their injections where the sun doesn’t shine.

      • Here’s another revelation. Oil is abiotic, pumped from the earth under magmatic pressure. Just do some deductive reasoning. Just the mighty military complex alone would have used up every drop of “fossil” fuel long ago if oil came from tar pits and decaying dinosaurs and fossil plants. What a crock! And this same garbage was shoved down our throats and is now being shoved down our kids’ throats. Meanwhile all the NWO maggots are laughing all the way to the bank.

        As far as slime, amoebas, monkeys – I actually know a few who fit that description.

    • Well, if immunizations were all they are, that might be fine. I’ve seen pictures of people with measles and small pox and I most definitely don’t want to catch any of those diseases. I just have a HUGE distrust of the government and the medical industry. I don’t trust them not to put something in my immunization that will guarantee that I get sick in some way in the future, maybe not with the disease I was immunized against, but with something else.

      Yeah, it’s a gamble. The last time I had any kind of immunization was something like 23 years ago or more when I was a teenager, and then in 1991 I got a tetanus shot. I just don’t trust them not to include some monkey pee or something in the syringe.

      • You’re absolutely right in your distrust. Look what they do to the military (I’m disabled from it), making them guinea pigs for all kinds of crap, then send them overseas and blame all their disabilities on collateral damage from warfare, agent orange and other horrors.

        People underestimate the human body’s ability to fight off disease. God also made plants with medicinal abilities. The reason big pharma is so against people using anything natural, is because natural compounds can’t be patented, therefore they can’t make money off them. Follow the money. They will do ANYTHING to make a buck. Even put out pills that kill people. Wake up and look at the commercials. Now we’re supposed to ask our Dr. if X is right for us? Come on, doctors are too stupid to figure out what’s wrong with us, so we’re supposed to tell THEM? And the side effects. For example, from a commercial for an antidepressant… “may cause headache, nausea, diarrhea, feelings of suicide” HOW’S THAT AGAIN? Now there are actually ads for class action lawsuits if you or a loved one has had heart trouble or died from a certain medication. I don’t have TV at home, I just have a small amount of exposure in the break room. And my co-workers sit there drooling like zombies, never questioning the insanity. Makes me want to pull out what little hair I have left!

    • Had the polio vaccine in the 50′s. Had measles twice, had mumps, and chicken pox. I’m still here. No vaccines for measles, mumps, etc. when I was a kid. I did however find out that the polio vaccine we boomers received also contained the Simian 40 virus, a monkey virus. The H1N1 they’re now even recommending for pregnant women, which contains mercury. Just a few years ago they were telling pregnant women to limit their intake of fish due to the mercury content. Now it’s ok to have it injected into your body????? My younger son (now 25) contracted a light case of chicken pox from his older brother (now 29) when he was 6 months old. His pediatrician said it was probably best because now although he may (which he never did) get the chicken pox again, he had built some immunity to it. WOW! Imagaine that, the body building its own immunity without the “help” of BIG PHARMA!

    • Your logic is flawed like most trolls and zombies who post on this site.

      Riddle me this, Dummian: If the majority of kids are immunized, why do you assume that kids will “die in hoards” due to measles and mumps, etc? If you believe in shots, then by all means, shoot your kids up with their poison. Supposedly they will be “protected” and will survive. If vaccines are safe and protect all who get them, then why the fears over an “epidemic”? It appears like you approve of the idea of children belonging to the state, rather than to their parents, and as state property, they need their shots….just like prisoners and members of the military.

      I am old enough to remember that we all had the measles, we all got the mumps, we all got chicken pox, and here we are, old and in better neurological shape than you seem to be.

      We also got the polio vaccine, which was cultured on green monkey liver tissue, hence we all got a good dose of SV 40 (simian virus), which is partially to blame for the current “epidemic” of cancer in my age group. The tumors that had DNA run on them show the SV 40 virus. My own child got a severe case of measles from the MMR shot as a toddler. The medical histories of those with autism ALL REPORT that the children were fine until their 18 month shots, where they got exceptionally sick and then never recovered their mental faculties. I know this from working for years as an intake worker at the state MHMR here in Texas.

      Immunization is the biggest lie ever perpetrated by the medical establishment. Later vaccinations also caused idiocy, which explains you.

  39. Shouldn’t that poster read, “Immunize for healthy Lies” instead???

  40. well sure why not, their in the slow kill business.. sell a turd berger here, push a shot there, give
    em some toys from china with some lead paint, and before ya know it – jr. on his way to an
    early grave.

    • a pit stop of death

  41. thats an oxymoron. how can the words “mcdonalds” and “healthy” be used in the same sentence? and so subconsciously, you’re looking at your food tray, and there’s a giant M next to “healthy lives.”

    McDonalds = healthy lives. these fries taste pretty good, oops i dropped one, “healthy lives.” take a swig of that large soft drink, set it down. health.

    • They have health food, not unlike any other resturant. NEWSFLASH!!! The following restraunts all sell french fries; TGIF, applecrappers, dennys, ihopthehelloutofthere, Friendlies, RichPotatoSlahyers, redlobster, outback stakehouse and that’s just a start. The majority of places DO sell them along with, guess what- HAMBURGERS!!! Yes, that’s right, and some have CHEEEEEEEZE on them.

      Get this– order an asian grill chicken oriental salad, or an apple, ever hear or yogurt, or perhaps you’d prefer a bottle of, yes this write, whateerrrrr. Eighhth, thoo, ooohhh. So fresh and so clean.

      You have the illusion of choice when u are spending money in a capitalist socicet that thrives on debtsaves and fiat currency made available by ass-ra######ing dunkey ###### bankers who exploit the this great land. You can use it anytime you feel like exploiting that ILLLLLUSION !!!!

  42. Before long they’ll be telling us how good the guillotine is.

    • the McGuillotine.

      • Truth Monger you are a free thinker, McGuillotine

      • Ha that’s funny.

  43. All the local drug stores are pushing the flu jab. At Walgreens drug store they are announcing over the intercom how good it is for you and how healthy you will be this winter. The sad part was watching a woman with 3 kids waiting in line to get jabbed.

    • Id like to see kids jab back with ice picks.

      • Well, Halloween is coming up. You never know what will happen.

    • What an awesome day has come to America, where every Happy Meal comes with a lobotomizing cancer shot and a lead painted toy from China. WheeewWhoooo!

      Come here little kiddies don’t be afaid or the Clowns and puppets!!!! hehee

    • It’s social Darwinism. If the mother is too stupid to do any research, then i hate to say it, but perhaps her offsprings are better off…..”immunized.” The ones that are smart enough to get it, should produce more children.

      Okay…that sounded a little too Luciferian. I apologize.

      • natural selections….good at grapes

        • You have the same mentality as the condescending superior elite, who has contempt for the rest of the world. Instead of saying she is so stupid she and her kids deserve to be immunized into submission, it would do a lot more good to hand her over a simple page regarding the negative effects of flu shots versus the positive. Educate, help people get their spine, help awaken.
          People respond to compassion.

        • The problem is, we’re so inundated with “information” that we don’t know what is true and what is propaganda. Mothers are made to feel stupid and abusive if they don’t “protect” their children. Dads don’t know any better. Then when we pass out our pages, we’re considered dangerous because we’re encouraging people to put their lives at risk by sidestepping the damned shots. The elderly are at great risk. Get the flu shot, get the flu, then get pneumonia, then get the casket. Well, that’s that. We don’t have to pay their social security any more. We just cut millions in expenses by getting rid of grandma. Let’s make autistic invalids out of the kids, then when they can’t contribute to society by working, euthanize them. First they make disabled people, then blame them for the country’s problems. These are satanic maggots that deserve to eat their own feces and die.

    • The asked me, I told them take their flu shot and give it to Nazi government in Washington.

    • Ugh! That breaks my heart. I’m going to print out some info on the ingredients and hand them out at Walgreens to let people know what they are injecting into their kids. We should all do that! We have to tell people. I certainly don’t care what people think of me. Maybe I can save some kids. Breaks – MY – Heart!!

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