Media Shifts Narrative Now That Their Owners Have Coup’d President Trump

By infostormer -January 21, 20213

Now that the terrible orange man has been removed from office via a fraudulent election, it looks as if the Jewish media has decided to change the narrative on the coronavirus hoax. Since they no longer have the bad orange man to blame on anything, they’ve decided to stop focusing on it.

CNN in particular has stopped displaying all of the fake coronavirus statistics.

The World Health Organization has started talking about the false positive issues with the coronavirus tests.

We basically have people admitting many of the things that we were saying about this dumb hoax this entire time. Things they called conspiracy theories this past year are now being reported on as facts.

They probably figure that they are in a fairly precarious position with half the country not recognizing the legitimacy of the Harris-Biden regime. The economy has been left in shambles thanks to policies advanced by the media and many uniparty politicians. And people are generally very angry right now. So they’re trying to carefully manage the situation.

Democrat politicians are also coming out and saying that we need to open the economy up again. Go figure that they would say these things after the Harris-Biden regime was illegally installed.

Whatever the thought process is, they seem to be shifting away from this virus bullshit and pushing this angle claiming that anybody who disagrees with them are terrorists and should be put in camps and/or killed. Because of that, I’m not sure we can really consider this a positive development. But the shift away from the coronavirus hoax is noteworthy. They’ll probably use the false positive test stuff to claim cases are going down and then try to give credit to the Harris-Biden regime for fixing the non-existent problem. We can also assume that they will still use this fake virus threat to ensure people’s freedoms are limited, but it just won’t be as big of a focus.

It’s all so stupid. These people used a hoax to destroy and ruin the lives of millions for no reason outside of political power and profits. They all deserve to spend eternity in hell for their role in pushing this gay hoax.

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