Middlebury Director of Counseling Claims ‘Whiteness’ Is a Primary Cause ‘Psychic Suffering’

Not only is racism a public health crisis, but Whiteness is a serious mental health crisis. White people existing is driving some people absolutely insane, so the only solution is to abolish the White race.

From Campus Reform:

Last month, Middlebury College hired Alberto Soto to serve as its Director of Counseling. In an interview Soto told The Middlebury Campus that “source of all our psychic suffering,” are “whiteness, heteronormativity,” and “patriarchal systems”.

“The body and mind cannot be healed solely by self-care and focusing on surviving,” Soto told the student newspaper. “At some point we must address and identify the source of all our psychic suffering, which is whiteness, heteronormativity, patriarchal systems, etc.”

This anti-White creature will be in charge of all counseling that takes place at Middlebury.

Soto will be in charge of overseeing counseling staff at Middlebury and responsible for designing policies related to addressing student mental health.

He plans on routing out toxic “Whiteness” wherever it appears on campus.

According to the article published in The Middlebury Campus, Soto also wants to question Eurocentric ideas within mental health and wants to challenge whiteness within the campus community.

You have to think that someone as anti-White as Soto will negatively affect the mental health of White Middlebury students, who account for around 2/3 of the student body.

Campus Reform asked the university if it believes Soto’s comments on “whiteness” could dissuade white students from seeking care. Campus Reform also asked Soto why he believes “whiteness” to be at the root of “psychic suffering”.

This is just absolutely sick.

Here’s the kicker, though. This mental health professional is apparently dealing with some demons of his own, as he is getting wasted and driving around Middlebury, endangering the lives of the community.

Middlebury Police Log: Man cited for DUI after crash
Thu, 10/07/2021 – 1:47pm meganj
MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police cited Alberto Soto, 32, of Providence, R.I., for driving under the influence, following a single-car crash on Quarry Road on Sept. 28. Police said his evidentiary test revealed a blood alcohol content of 0.211%, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08%.

You know what caused Soto to get drunk and crash his car? Whiteness! It’s the source of his psychic suffering.

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