Minds Sues California Attorney General to Block Social Media Censorship Law

Minds Apr 12, 2023

Today Minds, Inc. filed a lawsuit against California Attorney General Rob Bonta regarding California’s AB 587, a statute aimed at censoring speech online.

Enacted in 2022, AB 587 imposes reporting requirements on social media companies related to misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech, among other categories of speech. In the suit, Minds alleges that the law violates the First Amendment, is unconstitutionally vague, and violates the free speech guarantees in the California Constitution.

“Governor Gavin Newsom and others who gave us AB 587 could not be more clear,” Minds CEO Bill Ottman said. “This law is openly about keeping people from exercising their right to create and publish constitutionally protected speech.”

Joining Minds as plaintiffs in the action are broadcaster Tim Pool and The Babylon Bee.

“Minds is proud to have Tim and The Bee joining us in this fight. They understand as well as anyone that real cultural commentary requires the ability to satirize and engage with controversial topics on social media. Mandating policies around undefined terms like misinformation and hate speech is unconstitutional.” Ottman said.

The plaintiffs are asking for injunctive and declaratory relief.

About The Plaintiffs 

Minds is an open source social media app dedicated to Internet freedom. 

Tim Pool is a journalist, commentator and creator of Timcast.

The Babylon Bee is a leading satirical news website.



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