A heavy rainstorm yesterday ravaged the Chinese city of Chengdu during evening rush hours, causing traffic chaos.

Terrifying video clips circulating on social media show high wind gusts pushing cars on the road like toys and smashing down the glass doors of an office building.

The extreme weather also caused a huge explosion in the city centre after power cables caught fire, according to local reports.

The storm is said to be the most severe one that has struck Chengdu this year, reported Sichuan News.

It began at around 5pm local time yesterday and lasted for about three hours.

Traffic came to a grinding halt as the high winds and heavy rain battered the provincial capital city of 16 million residents.

Around 9,000 air travellers faced disruptions to their journeys after 10 flights were said to be cancelled and more than 40 flights were delayed.

In addition, more than 40 planes were forced to land in nearby cities.

An explosion occurred at around 6pm near Chunxi Road.

The blast is said to be caused by a short circuit after tree branches were blown onto power cables setting them on fire, reportedChina Central Television Station.


The storm uprooted 2,345 trees. The city’s authority dispatched 165 vehicles and 1,357 workers to attend the rescue operation.

No casualties have been reported as a result of the storm.