Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, October 2022

The sun in Libra lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career, making it an exciting time to receive attention!

Rewards and recognition could be coming your way, and you’re applauded for an exciting achievement on October 1 as Venus in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries! A big dream you’ve worked toward for a long time could be coming to fruition and the reward can be especially sweet! Just be careful not to overindulge at this time; it’s not like you to be a show-off, but you might be a bit more ostentatious than usual at this time.

Mercury retrograde in fellow earth sign Virgo ends on October 2, which can find you moving forward with travel plans. If you’re in school, Mercury moving direct is helpful for your studies. Ditto for publishing! Mercury in Virgo connects with Pluto in your sign on October 6, and you might be thinking back to August 22 and September 27 as similar themes discussed then can be revisited now.

Mercury is the planet of information, and Pluto is the planet of hidden things: Secrets could be revealed or intriguing investigations can take place! You might connect with some influential people at this time, too. Pluto ends its retrograde in your sign, Capricorn, on October 8, helping you tap into a deep well of inner power: You’re on the brink of a remarkable transformation. 

The full moon in Aries takes place on October 9, which could bring an issue regarding your home, family, or personal life to a culmination. You might be moving or rearranging your space. It’s a wonderful time to donate items you no longer need. A powerful emotional release is possible at this time: Capricorns are famously composed and even stoic, but your sensitive side can be explored during this full moon! This is a powerful moment for honoring your ancestors and past, and for gaining closure.

Mercury reenters Libra after its retrograde on October 10, kicking up communication about your career, reputation, or life in public. You may hear about a gig, or there could be a lot of buzz about your work! The sun makes a helpful connection with your ruling planet Saturn, currently in Aquarius, on October 11, boding well for discussions or plans regarding wealth or security. You might be creating a new budget or feeling confident and in-charge at this time! The sun symbolizes identity and Saturn symbolizes responsibility: You feel sure of your capabilities, your worth, and what you have to offer, and bringing this energy into the negotiations can lead to great things!

Mars in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces on October 12, creating frustration around communication and making plans. We’ll have to be mindful about not overbooking ourselves as Mercury also opposes Jupiter in Aries on this day! Mercury’s alignment with Jupiter might also find us thinking back to September 2 and September 18, as ideas and discussions that took place around then might come up now. The mood is open-minded and easygoing, but we need to be mindful about exaggerations, miscommunications, and fibs. Take it slow, and don’t rush conversations.

Venus connects with Saturn on October 14, boding well for your finances and negotiations. Again, you’re feeling confident in your worth and your values at this time, and this confidence bolsters whatever you’re working on! You could feel especially popular, respected, or sought after at this moment. The sun connects with Mars on October 17, inspiring productivity, and Venus connects with Mars on October 18, bringing creativity and popularity. All in all, this is a busy time for your career as your talents are sought after.

The sun squares off with Pluto on October 19 and Venus squares off with Pluto on October 20, creating an intense atmosphere. Pluto is all about power and transformation, but it also stirs up feelings like jealousy, greed, and control. Some ego clashes may pop up, and the harder people cling on to what was, the more difficult it is to move forward. Change is inevitable, but it isn’t easy, and you might be noticing how difficult it is for yourself and others at this time. Change in power or leadership at your workplace could be a big topic of discussion. Fears about being left behind while others zoom ahead in their career may come up. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable by being controlling or possessive, it might be time to set boundaries: Enlist the help of a qualified counselor. You don’t have to go through it alone, Capricorn! Feeling like you have backup can be very helpful. 

The sun meets Venus on October 22, bringing an important realization about what’s important to you in your career, and Mercury connects with Saturn, boding well for making plans and agreements, especially regarding money or other important responsibilities.

On October 23, Saturn ends its retrograde in Aquarius, Venus enters Scorpio, and Scorpio season begins! Saturn ending its retrograde can find you focused on building security in your life, and you might be moving forward with plans on managing your wealth and belongings, or generally organizing financial matters. Venus in Scorpio adds extra sparkle to your social life! You might feel especially popular, and exciting social connections can form. This also bodes well for connecting on a deep and intellectual level with your established partners.

The sun in Scorpio lights up the sector of your chart that rules your social life, and during this time, you might be exploring new groups or communities, meeting people who share your intellectual interests, and you feeling inspired to take on a new hobby. The solar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on October 25, and you’re experiencing a radical change in your social life. A powerful shift may be taking place in your friendships: Perhaps you and your friends are growing up, or finding new dreams and inspirations, or you could be connecting with an unexpected social scene. A new wish or hope enters your heart at this time, and its impact can radically alter what you previously thought you wanted your future to look like.

Mercury connects with Mars on October 26, helping conversations move along at a quick pace, and Mercury squares off with Pluto on October 27, finding you getting to the root of an issue. Intense discussions can take place, probing questions asked! You’re getting straight to the point in a discussion with your boss or in your career or life in public.

Jupiter reenters intuitive, creative water sign Pisces on October 28 after spending some time in Aries: This can bring a big boost of communication. Big, inspiring discussions can take place, and you might be breaking out of old thinking patterns and exploring new ideas. This is an intellectually expansive period. On a more mundane level, your local neighborhood might be expanding in some significant way. This could mean new neighbors are moving in, new shops or restaurants are opening, or new or renovated parks are entering the picture. If you’ve felt limited in your neighborhood, the dynamic is shifting. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29, inspiring an intellectually busy atmosphere with exciting ideas and introductions.

Mars retrograde in Gemini begins on October 30, which can find you reorganizing your routine in some way. Special focus is given to a gig or a goal at this time, and you’re examining your daily habits on a deeper level, perhaps ending and old habit. Mars is the planet of anger and passion, and it’s all about taking action! While Mars is retrograde, you may have to look at your own relationship with themes like anger and passion, and examine what motivates you. Capricorns are famously busy and productive, but maybe you need more time to recharge, and Mars retrograde in Gemini can push you to be more flexible with your schedule.

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in November!


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