Moscow-run rabbinical conference brags of Jews ‘bringing the corona virus vaccines into the world’

Chief rabbi of Moscow and chairman of the conference of European Rabbis, Pinchas Goldschmidt (L), speaks next to European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek during a press conference on May 30, 2011 with other religious leaders after a meeting to discuss rights and democracy at EU headquarters in Brussels. (GEORGES GOBET/AFP via Getty Images)

“The 3 vaccines in the final stage were created by Jewish scientists; Modern, Pfizer and the Gamlia Institute, while the virus of hatred against Jews is only erupting more strongly, “said Count Goldschmidt at a conference opened today at the Conference of European Rabbis (Haredi)

By Hanani Breitkopf

November 18, 2020 Anno Domini
Translated from the Hebrew

The European Rabbinical Conference convened today (Wednesday) as well as tomorrow, via the Zoom, for its biennial conference. Among the guests were the President of the European Parliament, Chief Rabbi David Lau, and the Minister of the Diaspora, Omar Yankelevich.

The chief rabbis and chief fathers of the tribunals from European countries, came together to discuss halakhic, personal and welfare issues that concern the Jewish communities around the world and especially in the Corona era that severely damaged European Jewry in particular and in general.

In the discussions chaired by the President of the Great Conference of Moscow, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, and the Chairman of the Standing Committee, Rabbi Menachem Gelli, Rabbi of London; Geneva, and Strasbourg.

The conference was opened by Rabbi Gaali in the Psalms for the Medicine of the Governor of Europe, Rabbi Hanoch HaCohen Ben Beila Arentroy, as well as in remarks in memory of the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs. Remembrances were delivered in his memory.

The guest of honor at the conference was David Cecily, President of the European Parliament, who spoke of the rising anti-Semitism in Europe and said: “No one should be seen as a minority because of their religion. Everyone should be seen as a full-fledged European citizen. We will not tolerate anti-Semitism and violence in Europe.”

“I accept your position that this is a dangerous virus and we have a responsibility to fight it with greater determination.”

Later, a discussion took place with the President together with the President and Rabbi of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt, who expressed the fears of the Jewish community in Europe about legislation in various countries that poses a threat to slaughter or circumcision, and the constant fear of terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice in recent weeks.

At a past conference of the conference in Jerusalem, with Rabbi Lau (Photo: Eli Itkin)

The GRP sought President Sasuli’s assurance that the protection currently enjoyed by the Jewish community would be enshrined in European law. “We are concerned about the rise of the far right across Europe and the dangers facing religious communities because of Islamic extremism.”

GRP Goldschmidt described anti-Semitism as another virus to be fought and said that the European Union must work for the well-being of the Jewish people and communities.

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Jews are the ones who are currently bringing the corona virus vaccines into the world. The three vaccines that are in the final stages have been created by Jewish scientists; “Bursts harder,” said the GRP.

Sasuli responded to the GP and said: “We will not tolerate anti-Semitism and violence; I accept your position that this is a dangerous virus and we have a responsibility to fight it with greater determination.”

“Physical violence and desecration of buildings or cemeteries experienced by Jewish communities throughout Europe are unbearable. He said there is no room for indifference in the face of these acts and that states and the EU itself must enforce appropriate measures against them.”

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau, said at the conference that he managed to prevent a number of conversions abroad. “I informed everyone that only a certificate signed by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is an acceptable conversion certificate, certified”.

Rabbi Moshe Lebel of the European Rabbinical Conference expressed the concern of European rabbis about the proposed conversion law on the eve of the High Court decision on the matter, and that the voice of Diaspora Jewry was not heard.

“Unfortunately, we hear the voice of ‘Diaspora Jewry’, ostensibly from the United States, of bodies that are far from the law and the foundations of the Torah and the Holy and the voice of the keepers of Kerem Yisrael the courts and rabbis of Europe is not heard.”

Rabbi Lebel reminded the participants of the Berlin agreement signed between the European Rabbinical Conference and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, under the guidance of the GDO, according to which uniform criteria were set regarding conversion and the central part of the GRD Lau in its preparation and existence.

GRD Lau replied that the Rabbi strongly opposes the proposed law and the outline of miracles. “Indeed, Daraa’s Had is one. We are fighting the proposed conversion law and the outline of miracles.”

In a professional discussion with the Minister of Diaspora, Ms. Omer Yankelevich, the participants raised a number of issues in the field of strengthening communities in Europe and especially support for the future generation.

The minister said that “the community framework, which is the connecting thread between the Jew and the community, is currently at a very critical point. I am aware that the difficulty of maintaining an education system and holding prayers, holidays and community events is almost impossible.”

“You rabbis are the spearhead of the people of Israel in preserving their identity, and I thank God for the right to head an ministry that faces these challenges. We are preparing some excellent programs to help you with this; The issue of the budget today, as you all know, is not simple, but my office will help as much as I can to meet the challenges, especially at the critical point where we are today.”

Tomorrow, as stated, the discussions of the Standing Committee on Slaughter in Poland and Belgium will continue. Monitoring of the Agunot Law in Israel, with the participation of MK Yaakov Asher, Chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution Committee.

The situation in the United Arab Emirates community. Bill for Agunot in the Netherlands. A mass grave discovered in the city of Jaslo in Poland. Developments on the subject of the Vilna Cemetery and the establishment of an organization of rabbis of Islamic countries.


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