Most Common Female Name For a Biden Voter is ‘Karen’

Just hours before the election, the Democrat candidate for Vice President has been blasted for releasing a video boiling down literal Communism into a cartoon and apparently giving her endorsement to it.

Harris speaks over the animated video noting the difference between “equality” and “equity”:

“Equality suggests, ‘Oh, everyone should get the same amount.’ The problem with that, not everybody’s starting out from the same place,” Harris declares.

“So if we’re all getting the same amount, but you started out back there, and I started out over here, we could get the same amount, but you’re still going to be that far back behind me,” she adds.

“It’s about giving people the resources and the support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing, and then compete on equal footing. Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,” the Democrat concludes.

Conservatives immediately noted the disturbing parallels between the video and ‘full blown Marxism’:

Callers are ready for the election mayhem, or come what may. Riot gear might be the new christmas hot item of 2020.

The development is a perfect illustration of President Trump’s warning that Biden will be consumed by extreme leftist policies if he manages to get elected.

Indeed, Trump has warned that Harris is being ‘groomed’ to take over the Presidency, citing Biden’s age and clear signs that he has dementia.

A report in the Times Of London this past weekend suggests that Democrat voters are assuming Harris will be President in the next four years.

Biden staffers are even introducing her as ‘the next President of the United States’:

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