MSM’s Infuriating Narrative Describes Dylann Roof As ‘Victim’ And ‘Sweet Kid’ (VIDEO)

Dylann Roof just killed nine people. He shot them in cold blood as they gathered in the historic AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve seen his manifesto, filled with hatred toward Black people, posted on the racist website he created two years ago. We’ve seen his photo gallery, complete with disturbing images of him proudly displaying the emblem of South African Apartheid, posing with the Confederate flag, standing outside the Charleston Confederate History Museum.

What’s important in the aftermath of this horrific crime isn’t a serious discussion about racism, or hate speech or gun violence. It’s not the nine victims that Dylann Roof killed in cold blood or the grief that their families are experiencing this Father’s Day weekend. Much like the South Carolina judge who was put in charge of Roof’s bond hearing, what the mainstream media wants you to know now is that Dylann Roof’s family is suffering. They’re the real victims in all this, you see. As is Dylann Roof himself.

As NBC reported earlier today, Dylann Roof was “a sweet kid.” Not a cold-blooded mass murderer. Not a hate-filled terrorist. He was “a sweet kid.” He even hugged his aunt once. Not only that, but he’s a victim in all of this. A victim of “Internet evil.”

And here’s a picture of him as a little boy. See how cute and sweet he was?

Dylann Roof family photo, courtesy of Paige MannDylann Roof family photo, courtesy of Paige Mann

Dylann Roof family photo, courtesy of Paige Mann

His former stepmother released photos of Roof as a little boy because she wants people to know that he came from a “good family.”

Since when does the media label cold-blooded mass murderers as “sweet kids?” Since when does the media shift the focus off the shooting victims and their families, and onto the “poor suffering family” of the shooter?

Maybe Dylann Roof’s family is still in denial as to the extent of his depravity. Maybe they can’t yet accept the fact that he’s anything but “a sweet kid.” But we know this kid had been threatening to kill people for a long time. We know that the signs were there, and the people in his life just flatly refused to see those signs. Almost in the same way they refuse to see their son for what he is and what he has done.

In an interview with The New Yorker following the Newtown school massacre, father of mass murder Adam Lanza said, “You can’t get anymore evil this,” (the Newtown killings). At one point he said he wished his son had never been born. What he did not say was that he was a “sweet kid” or that he was “a victim of Internet evil.”

During Dylann Roof’s bond hearing the judge ordered those in the courtroom to view the mass killer’s family as “victims.” The media is giving a voice to their denial, allowing phrases like “sweet kid” to be used to describe someone who committed this horrible, vicious, unspeakable crime.

Thinking back, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and so many others were labelled as thugs, criminals, “bad guys” though they killed not a single person. Their crime was being Black.

Compare the media narrative in those cases to the one being presented today. The shooter is white, the victims were Black. It didn’t take long for the media to begin directing sympathy away from the real victims and toward Roof and his family.

I cannot believe that this needs to be said. The victims in this are the nine people that Dylann Roof gunned down in cold blood. The victims are the surviving family members of those people, who will never see the faces of their loved ones again. The victims are NOT Dylann Roof or his family members. All of those people are still alive and breathing. Dylann Roof’s family will see their son again, if only from behind bars.

Unlike the people who lost loved ones during Dylann Roof’s hate-filled shooting spree, the killer will see his family, he’ll write letters, get phone calls, wish them a Merry Christmas or a Happy Father’s Day. But nine families will never have another chance to spend a holiday with his victims. Nine families will mourn the loss of a father, mother, sister, grandparent, for the rest of their lives.

I’ll save my sympathy for the dead, and those who must live out the rest of their lives with a gaping hole in their lives, where a loved one used to be.

I’ll call Dylann Roof what he is, a mass murderer, a vicious, cold-blooded racist right wing terrorist. A sweet kid? No way. It’s offensive — it’s infuriating. It’s a narrative that needs to be shut down right now, before it’s allowed to take root.

These are the victims of the Charleston AME massacre. Dylann Roof and his family members are NOT among them.

*Featured image credit, Dylann Roof’s manifesto posted on The Last Rhodesian, via Addicting Info

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