Police in Orange County, Florida are investigating a crime scene in suburban Orlando involving “multiple fatalities.” There is no active shooter, and the situation is “contained and stable,” the authorities said.

The shooting happened in an industrial park in northeastern Orlando. There is a heavy police presence at the intersection of Forsyth Road and Hanging Moss Road, which are closed to traffic

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office called the shooting a “tragic incident” but has not released the number of casualties or any other details. There is no threat to the local community, the police say.

While there is no official information yet available, WKMG reported that a single shooter – a disgruntled employee – opened fire inside a business. The shooter is not alive, and the incident have nothing to do with terrorism, according to the station.

The incident comes almost a year after the terrorist attack at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, on June 12, 2016, when a gunman shot 49 and wounded 53 people.