Natural News: UK Gov’t Commits Nation to MASS Starvation (ZIONIST Goal)

“Pingdemic” insanity: UK government commits nation to mass starvationMike AdamsAfter centuries of global rule, the United Kingdom is committing societal suicide by ordering millions of its workers across food, retail and medicine sectors to self-quarantine in their homes. Grocery store shelves are going bare across the nation, and industry leaders warn that the food supply chain is, “at risk of collapse.”In the last week alone, more than 500,000 Britons were “pinged” and ordered to stay home. At this rate, within a few more weeks there will be very few people left to run much of anything.The result is an accelerating collapse of the food sector as there are no longer enough workers to staff grocery stores, food production plants or to drive transportation trucks (“lorries”).This is all part of the planned global collapse, engineered food shortages and depopulation/extermination agenda that’s now well under way.See full details in today’s feature article and eye-opening podcast.New Videos from Brighteon.comSituation Update, July 23rd, 2021 – The “Pingdemic” will unleash mass starvation across the UK as food supply lines collapseWatch this videoDr. John Diamond announces new show “America Unhinged” coming soon on Brighteon.TVWatch this videoMelissa Redpill the World announces new “Freedom Force” show on Brighteon.TVWatch this videoFeatured ArticlesWising up: More than 1 out of 4 unvaccinated Americans believe experimental vaccines are more dangerous than covid-19By Arsenio Toledo | Read the full storyEngland’s contrived “Freedom Day” overshadowed by “Ping-Demic” food shortages and near-collapse of food infrastructureBy Ethan Huff | Read the full storySponsor: Support your body’s natural detoxification process with Groovy Bee Detox Foot Pads.An inconvenient truth: Experimental covid injections are what’s driving the spread of “variants”By Ethan Huff | Read the full storyYale doctor calls out CDC for committing large scale medical fraud and hiding covid cases among the vaccinatedBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full storySponsor: Experience the powerful antioxidant properties of the most potent form of vitamin E discovered.Anywhere pharma advertises, expect to be lied to about health and safetyBy S.D. Wells | Read the full storySponsor: Experience the remarkable health benefits of Fermented Organic Yellow MisoSupport optimal joint health with OptiMSM Flakes and CapsulesChief Originals OptiMSM Flakes and Capsules for Joint Health contain no excipients, pesticides or herbicides and are extensively lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology. Our pure USA-made MSM flakes and capsules are also vegan, non-GMO and certified Kosher.Learn MoreMore of Today’s ArticlesStudy: 2 in 3 Indians have natural immunity against coronavirus, meaning “herd immunity” is already achieved
The latest sero survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) found that at least two in every three people in India have coronavirus (COVID-19) antibodies, or natural …Report: Monsanto forced science journal to retract study of Roundup dangers
Monsanto pressured a scientific journal to retract a study about its flagship herbicide Roundup. This is according to a new report that alleges that the company launched a concerted effort …Rand says Fauci needs “criminal referral” for causing plandemic
Career criminal Tony Fauci is back in the hot seat with a fresh grilling from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) over Fauci’s involvement with illegal gain of function research on bat coronaviruses. …Facebook steps up censorship: People can no longer have online conversations without potentially getting censored
Facebook’s censorship has gone out of control in the recent past. Now, users can no longer discuss their hobbies on the platform without potentially getting censored. The social media giant …Google censors plandemic truth because it’s heavily invested in covid “vaccines”
A big reason why Google, and by extension YouTube, is aggressively censoring all truth about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” is because the company is directly invested in …Lockdowns cause more deaths than coronavirus itself
Last year’s data revealed that the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns have caused more deaths than the disease itself. Those in power ignored the norms of governance, journalism, academic …Disposable no more: MIT team recommends reusable masks to save the environment while suffocating humans
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the threat of plastic pollution, as disposable face masks and other forms of personal protective equipment have become ubiquitous. In a study by …5 Reasons why motorcycles are the best bug out vehicles
Motorcycles are essential means of transportation for preppers like yourself, especially when SHTF and you want to get out of disaster zones quickly. Not only that, but motorcycles can also …New South Wales premier upholds construction ban as part of two-week lockdown in Greater Sydney
New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday, July 21, upheld the building industry shutdown despite calls from unions and Business NSW to end the ban early. The construction ban was …5 Tips for building a bugout trailer
A bugout trailer, also known as a survival trailer, is an extension of your bugout bag (BOB). It makes it easier to carry extra supplies without the added…Prepper food: How to make and use fruit powder
Fruit powder is dried fruit that’s been ground or pulverized. It can be used as a substitute for artificial flavoring in all kinds of dishes but it shines most when used in desserts and …Australian man escapes forced quarantine in hotel using rope made from bedsheets
A man in Australia escaped mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine by scaling down a fourth-floor window using a rope made of bedsheets that were tied together. The incident occurred in …Critical rail lines across Europe closing for “months” following biblical flooding
Large swaths of Western Europe have been left decimated following torrential rains that flooded towns and cities across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands over the past several days. Sizeable …Indian PM, health body under scrutiny for lack of transparency on covid-19
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his health ministry drew criticism from doctors and independent scientists who questioned the drug recommendations that he and the Indian Council of …Experts say there is little chance of covid-19 transmission from school bus rides
Scientists who studied a school of over 1,000 students in Virginia found no cases of COVID-19 transmission on school bus rides. The data, which was gathered from August 2020 to March 2021, noted …Research reveals alarming impact of air pollution and fine particulate matter (PM) on mental health
Air pollution can negatively impact mental health and increase people’s risk of various psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. This is the conclusion of many studies that …Wikipedia’s co-founder says he no longer trusts the site he helped create
Anyone who has ever looked something up online has probably come across the collaboratively modified encyclopedia Wikipedia. After all, it is the world’s fifth biggest website. While some people …Evidence of life on Mars erased over time — NASA scientists
Researchers at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have stated that evidence of ancient life on Mars may have been “erased” as the planet’s climate changed. …Source

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