NC Man Charged with Ethnic Intimidation for “I ♥ Being White” Stickers

Back in 2014 when I was organizing pro-White activism I distributed “I ♥ White People” bumper stickers, which really triggered some hateful responses from anti-Whites. It is absolutely unacceptable in our current world to feel anything for White people except hatred and disgust. Loving White people is akin to domestic terrorism, or at least that’s the message from the jew-led Department of Justice.

A man in North Carolina was recently charged with two counts of ethnic intimidation, which is NC’s version of a hate crime, after he put up some stickers that say “I ♥ Being White.”

From WRAL:

A Cary man is charged with North Carolina’s version of a hate crime after putting racial stickers on cars and in a restaurant bathroom last week, police said. The “I (heart) being white” stickers were found on cars parked outside the On the Border restaurant at 1102 Walnut St. and inside a bathroom at Totopos Street Food and Tequila, at 1388 Kildaire Farm Road, on Saturday. John Michael Kantz, 60, was charged with two counts of ethnic intimidation. His bond was set at $500, but police said he remains in custody.

Just think about all the cities that burned, the BLM graffiti all over the buildings with broken windows, the statues defaced with anti-White hatred that toppled to the ground, and the many assaults and murders White people faced after jewish mass media incited violence against innocent White people. Can you name one Black person that was charged with a hate crime or ethnic intimidation? Perhaps it happened at some point, but all I have really seen is anti-White rioters and looters being given a free pass if they were some of the jew who were actually arrested.

Apparently WRAL thinks it is not good enough that the pro-White man was charged with just ethnic intimidation, as they blame state Republican for not passing hate crime legislation.

North Carolina doesn’t have a law against hate crimes, but the ethnic intimidation charge makes it a misdemeanor to “assault another person, or damage or deface the property of another person, or threaten to do any such act” because of someone’s race, color, religion, nationality or country of origin.

Democratic state lawmakers have repeatedly tried to get hate crime legislation passed in the General Assembly to expand protections and increase punishments for such actions. The efforts have never even gotten a hearing in the Republican-controlled legislature.

These same people would probably argue that it is a hate crime if you were to take down a “I ♥ Being Black” sticker.

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