NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests

Brandon Smith
January 10, 2012

The absurdity of America today never ceases to amaze.  In fact, it has become so elaborate that one might even suggest it has reached a kind of poetic symmetry.  When a protest group is willing to stick their necks out to expose the horror of the National Defense Authorization Act and its open door strategy for unconstitutional arrest and indefinite detainment of American citizens, I have to stand up and applaud.  This is the kind of protest we need to see all over the country.  Of course, any establishment system which is willing to dissolve the inherent liberties of its citizens certainly isn’t going to stand by quietly while they blatantly point out the injustice.  The Grand Central Terminal action featured in the video below is a perfect example of the swift and immediate stifling of peaceful dissent by an increasingly totalitarian government:

Responses to the event vary.  Most people who have actually been exposed to the facts on the NDAA have expressed utter disgust and fury.  Rightly so.  Some, however, have taken the old elitist mantra, perpetuated effectively by the Neo-Cons in their heyday, that if you are not for the system, then you are a danger to society.  Not surprisingly, there are still plenty of useful idiots out there buzzing about like parasites in search of blood.

For those who would applaud these arrests, and suggest that they are well deserved, I would have to ask very pointedly; why?

Is it right to crush free speech as long as the message is offensive to you personally?  Do peaceful protestors really present a legitimate threat to our national stability?  Are they truly more dangerous than a corrupt government hellbent on assassinating the legal protections of our natural rights which have existed for centuries?  Would any supporter of the jackboot methodology like to explain to me in a coherent manner why they believe their skewed world view should be shielded from sincere questions?  Please, I can’t wait to witness the kind of ridiculous mental gymnastics required to make such arguments palatable.  If this kind of ignorance wasn’t so destructive, it might actually be entertaining.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter if these activists were in Grand Central Terminal, on the streets, or busting through the doors of the Oval Office.  While New York authorities will attempt to argue property loopholes in free speech protections for Grand Central, or national security because of the vulnerability of the terminal, really, this has nothing to do with either.  This is about the removal of American voices from a room, and nothing more.   If the message is going to be suppressed by the mainstream media, and shrugged off by representatives, then protesters must go to where the people are, and make the truth heard by whatever means necessary.

Ultimately, activism is about disturbing people’s normal mundane routines and shocking them out of their pop-culture stupor, even if for a moment.  If we aren’t allowed to do that without constant police intervention, then the First Amendment is not being served, and then, my friends, we have a problem, a problem which should be forced down the throat of government with even more public action.

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86 Responses to “NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests”

  1. I HATE fat pussie corrupt PIGS ! They are nothing more than “BRICKS” for the mafia style justice system that implements bullshit laws to nickle and dime you in their racketeering scheme. I was thinking the other day and realized if everyone stopped paying for cable T.V. they would give it away for free. I bet they would give away T.V too if people stopped watching them.

    • You are correct – they are pussies. If they were real men, they would stand up to the
      scumbags and actually do their job. And their REAL JOB is to protect and serve the
      public, not the scumbag NWO and corporate interests!!

  2. What the hell is wrong with those people? They just let an innocent person be assaulted and dragged away just because the attackers were wearing uniforms?! They should have stepped in and protected those two! A badge does NOT mean you have authority.

    Until people are willing to return physicality and violence and protect each other, even from those wearing a uniform, they’re going to lose and nothing will change. There’s a time to peacefully demonstrate, but there’s also a time for violent confrontation, those “officers” should not have been able to walk out of the station…

    • They have no balls. What kind of man would let those scumbags drag his woman away
      like that?? The man that put’s his hands on my woman, better say his prayers …

  3. This establishment is in for a real fight! The surge of Ron Paul shows it!

    • these people are true patriots , im sick of the cops who keep assaulting us and no one does anything its time to take the gloves off and start beating these cops asses in to the ground everyone just has to make there minds up ,and stand up to these clowns and take our country back please leave me your comment if you agree or disagree thank you !

  4. i admire these people. they are real patriots. ows has come a long way. the mic check thing, still stupid.

  5. “shocking them out of their pop-culture stupor”
    Good luck trying to do that!

  6. Oh my God, where did our people go wrong? For now we must sing such a mournful song.
    From the gathering of men in those hallowed halls, To the call for freedom that echoed from those walls
    Through the battles and wars and internal strife, Endured by those who paid with their life
    To the dawning of our new country, bright shining and free, To the liberty taken for granted by you me
    Now it seems that to those, whom we gave great reception, Have repaid us in kind with nothing but deception
    The ones that we trusted to protect and to serve, Have quietly abandoned us, without even a word
    We rejoiced and we sang let freedom ring, We wanted a leader who would not become our king
    Alas, but sadly this wasn’t to be, Because the man we chose changed that did he
    Where were our “protectors”? Where are they now? Because I for one would like to ask them how
    How as they sat there in Washington, under that great dome, And plotted and conspired to usurp our home
    Oh my God, where did our people go wrong? For now we must sing such a mournful song

    • They turned their backs on Jesus Christ!! That’s where they went wrong!!

  7. Some day these dumb cops are gonna get stomped. In working for our domestic enemies, they have become domestic enemies themselves.

    • amen, agree 100% its time to kick some teeth in!! Im sick of it and so is most of anerica the way now im afraid is physical revolution , I know thats what the establishment wants well there going to get it we have no choice just look what happens if you speak out you get kidnapped and taking away and we just stand there and watch these thugs ,not me not anymore its time to exercise your 2nd ammendment right and start bringing rifles to the protest just as a warning to these thugs who like to kidnapp american exercising there rights and if they try to kidnapp us then we will shoot them in the face WE HAVE NO CHOICE !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Is civil unrest, actually, what the oligarchy wants ?

    The Video: These guys deserve all our admiration for peacefully exercising their right.

    First Remark:

    Protesting in a public place is now considered an offense.
    Therefore it is going to become more and more confrontational and tense.
    If the oligarchy crack down so violently on us it is fundamentally because they are actually getting afraid. They use violence not only as a mean of oppression but also of defense.
    As our numbers are growing, the situation becomes more and more unstable. The brew is boiling and they try to put the lid back on the pot. The pressure increases and the lid is going to blow. One would think… But do not forget that the lid is strong, civil unrest will surely be the pretext to even more dictatorial laws and less freedom.

    So, what peaceful valid fighting mean remains in such situation?
    The work must come from the ground up, through daily propaganda and activism work around us just like these heroes on this video.
    Keep in mind though that you do not have to shout in the streets, you just have to knock at your neighbor door and tell him..

    The final mean of the revolution as I peacefully see it: is a general strike.
    – Can’t beat the system, hey?
    – Nope, can’t!
    – But can block it though!

  9. Oathkeepers is supposed to be an arm of DHS.

    • Well, they are on their List of Suspected Domestic Terrorists…and are you, probably, and I… and maybe everyone on here…?

      When I come to a point I distrust Oathkeepers? I’m just going to bed for ever…till it’ve over.

      • Oh yeah if you look at alex jones site and post comments I’m sure they put all of us in some sortment of boxes. Your a criminal if you disagree with being raped in the ass with a stick.

        • Good, I hope they put me at the TOP of the list!!

  10. Stop the Obama Fascist/Marxist Police State!
    Stop the Destruction of Our Constritution!
    Is Civil War necessary to restore Our Freedom?

    Death to Tyrants !

  11. from the start of the OWS i was saying teet for tatt. if the cops have guns,pepper spray, betons, black unifoms. YOU CAN TOO. MOST IF NOT ALL OF THERE EQUIPMENT IS LIGAL TO BUY….there needs to be protesters gaurds (armed) as a sheld to protect them from the cops like the militia’s did in arizona OWS. we need to show them we meen bissness…..V-VICTORY

  12. That girl reminds me of a Van Halen album cover where they had an angel (charub type child angel) with a cigarett. What courage drives someone this far to forgo the risks invoveld? The time has drawn so closely now with the NDAA that they may never be seen again as they do what they do knowing full well what lies ahead. No doubt she has infomed many an officer of the horrors that await them. I had it comfirmed just the other day that information I had gotten from a friend over ten years ago who had been at Livermoore lab was true as they had developed a gernade that when thrown down next to someone or a small group of people would encompass them in a red glow and then within seconds there would be a skeleton standing and then the bones would all fall to the ground. This could be the kind of crowd control the Neocons cannot wait to unleash because of it’s frightening aspects expecting to quickly quell any dissent if they have any intentions of kicking the can down the road any further being as desperate as they are. I can see clearly how even decent cops would easily be persuaded to countiue following orders no matter what the orders might be since many of them have families and when the good cops all finally bow out and attempt to move to safety there will be none left except for the bad cops.

  13. Exactly why the NDAA Bill was passed was for something like this. But the bill itself is sparking protests.

    There is NO FREEDOM anymore!

    It will get worse, MUCH WORSE!


  14. Im not a big fan of the OWS crowd but they have at least this own right. They were never laid a hand on for the other things they shouted about because most of them were insane and did not threaten the state. But this is another thing entirely. The government with their strong arm and arms can crush you into submission and if you revolt your really now in big trouble. I wonder as an American citizen who has served his country honorable both in the military and civilian, I wonder how much more the people will put up with this non-sense from government appointed enforcers of illegal laws. I guess when you can get away with making War on any country you please, this stuff is childs play in comparision.

  15. We need something big ,we need something to cure this CANCER ,we need to desmantel them,and they are not going to back down,we need two million ARM men to be ready to die for liberty ,we don’t need any more facts to know they are evil and in the path to destruction,because this is what is going to take,they don’t listen or care about any protest or any peacefull demostration IT DOSN’T APLY ANY MORE THE COUNTRY IS NOT RUN WITH THE LAW ,THE COUNTRY IS RUN BY THEIR LAWS WICH ARE ALL ILLEGAL.I AM READY.

  16. Personally, I believe the NDAA is of a level of treasonous intent, criminal purpose, and so contrary to, both, the Constitution and the citizens of the USA that if would justify the death penalty for those involved in its drafting, passing and implementation.

    Franky, I don’t see how anyone with the gray matter to understand the serious intent and purpose of this law and the severity of its’ intent to ignore, or even destroy, the Constitution which is the cornerstone of law in the USA.

    These people protesting in the streets are heroes. They are heroes EVEN if they have been made homeless by the current lawlessness of the USA, the exporting of their jobs to foreign countries, or the attempts to make criminals of the citizens of the USA — yes, this is bad and getting worse, if such a thing is possible!

    • You are correct.

  17. This crowd should have beat these cops to a bloody pulp and left them lying on the floor. No, wait, this crowd should have continued kicking these cops in the face while they were beat down and lying on the floor.

    Every last one of them.

    It’s coming. Get ready.

  18. Ron Paul has a chance to let more people know what we are up against. When the candidates get whittled down to a decent size, all he has to do is let people know what is going on. Pointing out that all the other candidates have stood silent on the Patriot Act and the NDAA, while sueing Virginia for keeping them off the primary ballot. These assholes are fine with Americans losing their civil liberties, but are willing to use the constitution to promote their agenda. That is their reasoning behind sueing Va. They claim it is unconstitutional to keep them off the ballot. Talking about the hypocrisy of doing this while letting our Liberties be stolen is one point that Dr. Paul needs to stress in debates. And it couldn’t hurt to let people know that Romney is a chickenhawk, using his daddies dollars and influence to get two deferments and spending the Viet Nam war in France, and now just itching to go to war with Iran. .

    • Why not take a lesson from their actions in Virginia?

      When things do not go as they want them to, what do they do? Protest? NO! Circulate a petition? NO! Occupy something? NO! Call for a better “leader” to be elected? NO! What do they do? GO TO COURT!

      Hit a cop? He files charges.
      Rob a bank? They file charges.
      Vandalize? They file charges.

      What should you do when a crime is committed against you? Protest? NO! Circulate a petition? NO! Occupy something? NO! Call for a better “leader”? NO! FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES and SUE? F-N-A YES!

      Look at the group that git busted for open carry in Idaho. Did they protest? NO! Circulate a petition? NO! Occupy something? NO! Call for a better “leader”? NO! SUE? F-N-A YES! And they WON! Now, no cop in his right mind will arrest a member of that group for open carry! Why? DUH! They will get sued!

      • FreeinTX,

        Correct in every respect. The law can be a powerful tool. We need to form groups (pool money/resources) with common goals and retain attorneys and pursue in court.

        You can declare duress and place a fee schedule on the assailant. Even if the courts don’t rule in your favor you can pursue for damages.
        Talk to your attorney before attending a rally or protest, go prepared!!!

        This is the only way to move forward!!

        • We’ve got to gin up our Seventh Amendment courts. Study that law and then turn it and tweak it to cover more general matters.

      • When the assault you and many like you — and have done such repeatedly, you hold a revolution, peaceful if possible, and anyway possible if not … I see how some can feel we have reached that point — and are now beyond, and that future actions, of the type name, is now mandatory.

  19. Domari Nolo †

  20. Dead Cops don’t eat donuts…………Please do your part to protect a donut today !

    • And how many cops have you killed today, protecting donuts?


      Do you understand that you are calling for MURDER, and will likely get anyone dumb enough to take your advice killed?

      Running to your guns, when there are unexplored options is IGNORANT and WEAK!

      • I will take and give Nazi Hunters advise Freein Tx.. I can see you will make a great slave to the NWO. Enjoy up your FEMA camp stay.

    • This is so right. Instead of protesting and going to jail, I will use my 2nd amendment on any who try to use the NDAA on me. We will need to the protests to inform the looser sheep but even then until the sheep start being taken away they will do nothing.

      • When you do what you say, the round up will begin. They out gun us all! They out surveillance us all, they will use informants within, you will not see it coming.

        • Spoken like a good slave, SlaveGeorge.

  21. I’m from New York. I live in California. I grew up with lots of people who became cops. I thought NYPD had a lot more class than that, but I guess not. If I were a cop, I’d have turned in my gun and badge and a complaint the day I was asked to violate another’s civil rights. …terrorists now wear badges and masquerade as “government”. I am surrounded by fluoride heads and terrorists who have taken over the US Government. Though the situation looks absolutely hopeless, …I know that eventually, if enough of us resist, the NWO will fail. “The night is always darkest before dawn.” At this point, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain — hang tight people, hang tight!

    • Yes you are surrounded esp in Socal where I reside as well. You cannot walk down the street crooked without getting stopped by police in this state. They will stop and ask you for ID, they will want to search your person, they will then wrestle you to the ground for non-compliance to their orders. Lie to them? Get arrested for that too! Fly a RC plane in the park on a Sunday morning with no one present, get a visit the next day at your front door asking were you in the park yesterday, someone reported you there, got your plate number. Yes my friends, its a soft tyranny right now, the hard stuff is coming.

      The police will follow orders hence the birth of Oathkeepers. The president of the police organization of America said that he believed 50% of police officers will follow orders. Thats enough right there.

      • Sorry Chief, but i have to disagree, he say’s 50% will follow orders, and you say thats enough right there, ok, what about the 50% that will not follow orders, what about the military that will not follow orders, and then add that to the millions of people in this country that will not follow orders.
        I’m not looking for a war with this government, and i dam sure don’t want to die, but i will not lay down like a trained dog, or be taken to a FEMA slave camp to be put in a gas chamber, druged, starved or beaten, We as Americans have an obligation to protect this country, and our children’s future and freedom,i will kill for my freedom and right to live.
        This government is infested with treasonous crimes, there breaking the law, we are not.
        Pickup the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and read it, it was put in place for this very reason.

        • Not saying you should lay down…but this is not the place to make proclamations of what you will or won’t do with regards to some sort of eventual showdown. Play your cards wisely, then maybe you will be counted on later. Set yourself up to be targeted in advance and you sir will not live to fight because when they come for you, you will be in your jammies, or going out the front door kissing your wife and sayin have a nice day as you enter into their lawful arms. Do you understand me now! I have a pocket constitution yes thankyou kindly, am a Oathkeeper/NRA member among other things. I am on your side but I can see by your temperment you will not make a good soldier when it really comes down to it because you lack strategic thinking.

        • I know what your saying Chief, and it’s for that reason why i don’t open carry, they can see you coming.

  22. The NDAA was created by the Domestic Terror Cell known as the Banker owned U.S. Congress.
    John McCain, Lindy Graham, and Carl Levin, the authors of this chocked full of chit bill, ought to be removed from their positions Banker owned Domestic Terror. THEY are the threats to America and the Constitution, which they took an oath to protect. They are the definition of the most treacherous form of Domestic Terror.

  23. FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES with a Magistrate! Internal Affairs will do NOTHING to help you. The ACLU or the NLG are a bunch of SCUM! You MUST learn how to file CRIMINAL CHARGES against CRIMINAL SCUM who call themselves cops!

    Official Oppression, Abuse of Office, Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, Conspiracy to Commit, Organized Criminal Activity!!!


    You do NOT have to be the victim of a crime to file CRIMINAL CHARGES with a Magistrate! If you “have reason to believe and do believe” that a crime has been committed, and you are a “fact witness” to this crime, YOU, not just the victim, may FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES against the perp. Lawyers will NOT help you! They will NOT risk losing their BAR CARD to go after CRIMINAL COPS. Lawyer have a different set of rules to play by that do NOT apply to us. YOU, not a lawyer, must learn how to file!

    When cops file charges against you, they do it in their PERSONAL CAPACITY, not as a cop. YOU, just like any cop in this country, can file CRIMINAL CHARGES against ANYONE you believe has committed a crime. The magistrate, once given a SWORN CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, must, as a duty, follow through with the charges. He has NO DISCRETION AT ALL! Failure to perform a ministerial duty is a CRIME as is SHIELDING FROM PROSECUTION! Learn how to fight government corruption! Learn to FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES!

    • Er, umm, don’t look now, but they don’t give a shit about committing crimes. They
      are committing crimes every day now.

      • And they will CONTINUE to commit crimes as long as people do NOTHING!

        If I robbed banks, and every time I robbed a bank, instead of calling the cops and filing charges against me, the bank went out and held a protest about me robbing them and called for their employees to elect someone who will pass a new law, why would I ever stop robbing the banks?

        If they do not fear reprisal, they will not stop!

        FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES against the cops in their PERSONAL CAPACITY and sue the living crap out of them, in their PERSONAL CAPACITY!

        When the cops think they may go to JAIL for their actions and lose all their little toys, they will stop! Until then, they will simply follow orders.

        • And if the bank robber received a bullet between his friggin eyes, he
          wouldn’t be robbing any more banks!!

        • They use to fear lawsuits but not even that will stand with these new laws. So if it is no longer law suits that holds the government at bay, then there is only one thing left. See Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Iran for examples.

  24. This will get worse and worse. The only thing we can hope for is to wake up as many people as we can, including policy enforcers, before the hammer drops. At that point I pray that policy enforcers such as these are right with God and are on the right side.

    • HAL?..Yes Dave,

      Yes this will get worse! 2012 promises already to be chock full of excitement to make 2010/2011 look like calmer times. Your going to wish for the good old days shortly. We are headed for a major shake up here and abroad. Check the price of oil lately? See the War brewing in the Mideast? This is what this is all about! They are planning for the eventual uprising that will happen in these united states. I like the middle bunk in the FEMA Camp please. Stock goods, guns and ammo while you can. Seek out alternate remote areas to escape to. 1 day more outside the FEMA Camp is something you’ll wish you would have planned and prepped for.

  25. PIGS don’t care about arrests or THEIR RIGHTS only A WEEKLY CHECK SO SAD TO BE SO SELFISH idiotic I would have to say scum!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • When these pigs start giving us the NDAA treatment we give them the 2nd amendment treatment. These pigs know what they are doing is wrong but they are so terrified of losing their paycheck that they will do so eventually under a barrage of armed patriots firing on them and killing them when necessary

      • That right there will get you a front row standing position for the firing squad. Your going to need to be smarter than this going forward or you will never even get a chance to stand and fight for your country.

        • Stop whining like a little girl or I’ll start calling you PunkGeorge.

  26. It really does not matter that I detest the robotic mind controlled ‘repeat after me’ type of protesting that has permeated New York and the left coast.

    What does matter is that people are being denied their right to protest period. The Bill of Rights does NOT say that people can protest, as long as the government allows you to do so, on their terms.

    Who the hell came up with the ‘designated protest area’s?’ Who the F$ck said that We the People need a damned permit to protest?

    EVERYONE in the United States of America needs to realize that the provisions within the 2012 NDAA bill which authorizes indefinite detention of Americans without due process, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. We should be swarming the US Capitol Building, the halls of Congress, and the United States Senate. Every last congress critter that voted for this bill, should be held for treason, then tried in a court of law, by patriots, not federal ‘bought and paid for’ judges.

    My oath still stands as much today, as it did 30 years ago. I DO NOT CONSENT. Go ahead, write all the unconstitutional legislation you want. Pass all the illegal laws you want to. I will not recognize ANY law that goes against the Constitution. It is not only my duty as a citizen to resist tyranny, but to throw it off by any and all means.

    Do you bastards really think that I, and millions of others are going to just ‘forget’ about this? Do you actually think that there are no real men left in America?

    • Just about everything our scumbag government has done since 1912, is

    • Most who still have a job are too busy trying to keep it to go to DC and do like you’ve said. All politics is local. Secure your local area first. Link up later with others.

  27. Same demonstration head cop says “I don’t give a F***” if he is a Vet, and Vet says I don’t give a F*** if your a cop.

    good video

  28. there gos freedom of speech!! see what happens when you try to petition the government for a redress of grievances!! you get takin away by these mindless ss wanna be fucktards i hate wathin this kinda shit everyday

    • watching*

    • You don’t “petition the government for a redress of grievances” by standing in GCS and yelling!

      You do it by going down to the courthouse, and FILING CRIMINAL CHARGES with a magistrate!

      The reason cops have no fear of retribution is because no one makes them pay for what they do!

      Send a few cops to jail, sue the living crap out of them, in their PERSONAL CAPACITY, and all their little minion buddies will back off!

      Until this starts happening, things will continue to get worse!

      • Ah yes, the real fighters for freedom…Lawyers.

        • The Bible has nothing good to say about lawyers – trusting them
          is what got into this pathetic shape.

      • Well FreeinTX, can i go down to the court house and file charges against Marco Rubio for voting yes for the NDAA ?
        By the way, you are no more free in TX than i am in FL. sorry Bro.

    • They get taken away because they allow themselves to be taken away.

      • Did Rodney King allow himself to get the sh-t beat out of him? Do you think he would still be breathing if he had tried to use a gun? Do you think he would have even made it into the nightly news if he had tried to shoot a cop?

        • Freeintx. I see you enjoy being a victim. When a cop breaks your jaw, arm or leg will see how quickly you change your mind and start defending your self after you have been permanently injured.

        • I’m starting to think that FreeinTX … likes to get beat up.. Heh Heh..

  29. Listen americains. You posses millions and millions of guns. You better start using them. I imagine if say a dozen or so polidicktions were removed with the use of a few grams of gun powder. I think things will start to go your way. Aim for the top and let the ones on the bottom never repeat the same mistakes.

    • Resorting to guns is NOT the solution.

      1. Ballot box – okay they are black boxes now, and can’t even count to 10. I have seen this PERSONALLY.

      2. Jury box – The step no one seems to be willing to take.

      3. Cartridge box – the last resort if the 1st two steps fail.

      Skipping #2 and going from #1 to #3 is CRIMINAL! Don’t be a criminal! FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES and SUE!!! Let our juries and Grand juries fix this problem.

      • It worked in 1776 …

        • Are you crazy?

          Have you read the Declaration of Independence? Do you see the part where they did everything they could BEFORE going to their guns? They did NOT skip the steps that involve the courts, even when it was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the courts were on the side of the King.

          The LAST RESORT was taking to arms, and that happened when they came for their arms, in Boston.

        • Actually, the last straw was the Bloody British trying to take away
          our guns. Guess what?? The Redcoats are at it again!!

      • We have already tryed step two. Wake up

    • They f us that is right on. When the pigs give you the NDAA treatment you give them the GUNS treatment.

      • He who fires first, loses, don’t give them a reason to use the law against you.
        Only when they use the law against you for know reason is when it’s time to take a stand.

    • Your a troll looking to create havoc here! Go away!

  30. @ 0:45 “I’m a police officer”. No, in actuality you’re a goon’s tool to circumvent and prey. Like the vultures you are.

    • Actually, he’s an ARMED FELON! Assault committed by a PUBLIC SERVANT is a FELONY! If that PUBLIC SERVANT has a gun, he is an ARMED FELON!

  31. Looks like police targets will soon replace herman the german.

  32. Make some nooses, and start using them!!

  33. Those who know what the NDAA specifies are not going to be silenced. No matter how many people get jailed; more will take their place telling the truths!

    • Only a small number will get jailed. The reason for that is the 2nd Amendment will be invoked and the cops, Feds, TSA, FPS, and military will go home in body bags. FPS appear to be the first group we will have to fire on,

  34. Obama knew better than to sign NDAA into law! Did he really think all peoples that know that law is treason to the Constitution of the US of A would not cause peoples to speak out against the tyranny and treason of that bill?

    • They’ll use loopholes in the language of the Bill of Rights while ignoring the intent of the amendments:

      The 5th amendment’s military jurisdiction “in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia” was intended by the First Congress to apply only to members of the armed forces. Giving the military power to detain citizens causes the cases of those citizens to thereby arise in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia. Hence it’s military court not civilian court for those civilians’ cases.

      They’ll end run the 6th Amendment right to a speedy trial by skipping prosecution. Trials are only for cases that are prosecuted. so even if you’re not picked up by the military, you can still be indefinitely detained w/o prosecuting the case in court.

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