Negrobitch Kamala Harris Says She’ll Put $70 Billion into Negro-Only Colleges

A Biden-Harris presidency is unless gibs for niggers.

Harris’ sole agenda as a politician is to elevate inferior blacks into a position of power over whites. Her goal is to use the tax money of hard-working whites and redistribute it to greedy unproductive black welfare bums.

This is all about swindling white people for the benefit of black criminals, pimps, and gangbangers. Blacks are terrorizing the country with astronomical levels of violent and sadistic crime. Blacks are brutalizing whites every day with wanton violent racially motivated assaults and murders. And Biden-Harris want to reward this behaviour by showering these apes with cash.

All of this is designed as a humiliation ritual against whites. Harris is a jew-puppet who is playing out a Talmudic revenge fantasy against the superior Aryan race who she and her jew husband hate and envy.

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3 Responses to “Negrobitch Kamala Harris Says She’ll Put $70 Billion into Negro-Only Colleges”

  1. Anon says:

    How did George Floyd (who wanted to “grow up and become a supreme court justice”) end up being instead a 5-time felon, rapist, drug addict, porn star, armed robber and counterfeiter? Too bad that $70 billion wasn’t available before he ‘grew up’!

  2. nazi jews says:

    Shes not even negro.

    Theres an article somewhere about her ancestry that is not negro.

    Jew World Order using her and all the rest to shift the focus on real problems.. e.g. the JWO dictators.

  3. goldfinger999 says:


    HO! HO! HO!

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