Nevemind the Jewish Noise Machine – Trump Isn’t Losing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2016

The Jewish noise machine AKA the media has been claiming over the past few days that Trump is far behind Hillary in the polls. This is a manipulation of statistics which are mostly already skewed.

The fact is, Hillary maintains only a very small lead in the states which matter, which are the swing states. The non-swing states all vote the same way no matter what, so it isn’t really relevant what they are polling at.

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And remember, we haven’t even gotten into the bulk of the discussion yet. Trump’s recent low polls are all based on drama that the media has created – which the Republican party itself has continually fueled – rather than the issues themselves.

When the issues themselves begin to be an issue, Hillary’s campaign will collapse.

No one wants to go to war with Russia to save ISIS, no one supports international free trade, and very few support massive invasion from the third world.

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