New fighting in Libya as Gaddafi loyalists refuse to surrender

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By Mohammed Abbas and Robert Birsel
London Independent
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loyal followers of Muammar Gaddafi are refusing to surrender to those who have forced him into hiding, raising the prospect of new fighting in Libya when an ultimatum expires after this week’s Eid holiday.

The new ruling council, keen to consolidate its grip and relieve hardship after six months of war, won a $1.55 billion cash injection when the UN Sanctions Committee released banknotes in Britain in frozen accounts once controlled by Gaddafi. The new leaders said Libya may start pumping oil again in days.

On the front lines of a pincer thrust toward Gaddafi’s coastal bastion of Sirte – one of several places, including Tripoli, where his enemies think he may have taken refuge – fighters for the interim ruling council paused, observing an effective ceasefire announced by their leaders until Saturday.

Nato warplanes have been bombing Gaddafi forces near Sirte, and the alliance has assured its Libyan allies that it will keep up its military drive from the air for an end to the conflict – something the council leadership says will only be secured once Gaddafi is found, “dead or alive”.

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13 Responses to “New fighting in Libya as Gaddafi loyalists refuse to surrender”

  1. Typical, so much have already been said on the subject though. Nato warplanes, the weaklings. I say, invest in anti-air defenses.

  2. How can anyone surrender, did anyone expect Gadaffi’s forces to just lay down and die ? Yes, anti-air defenses is the best strategy that money can buy.

  3. I hope they repel the Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization.
    there isnt anything “humanitarian” about what theyve done!

  4. IF i was in that position i would be releasing the mustard gas.

  5. Sounds like we installed another CIA puppet. They say the more things change, the more they stay the same…

    reconscoutsniper Reply:
    August 31st, 2011 at 5:20 am

    Good call Matzo. The only things that really change are the names, faces and places.


  6. I hope Gadaffi has a nuke and detonates it !




    Super Duper Man 1776 Reply:
    August 31st, 2011 at 8:20 am


  8. Snip sounds good too.

  9. I wish all of Africa rises up and kicks the scum out for good and to see NATO run away with there tail between there legs. I am so pissed of at what our nation is doing to other countries. Do you think, Obama, that creating wars is going to help the economy here in the US…?
    This is not the way to gain the respect of your people and I hope Gaddafi survives after we are thrown out. Stealing the oil so you can keep the price down is insane and you need to go away and hide your face before somebody wipes there ass with it…

  10. Game is not over till somebody quits. Haven’t seen that yet.

  11. Did you ever think, Gadhafi could be very similar to Bin Laden story?

    Bin Laden was in USA on 9/11 seems and while all air traffic was grounded ,he was able to leave on a flight?????

    so Gadhafi could probably already be out of Lybia also??? why would it not be? With all the money he transfered from the bank, he is capable to do what Bin Laden did? buy his way out?
    Think about it: he ruled for 40+ years and just now he is killing his own people? Is it not more to hide the truth why they want to kill Gadhafi? all about money and control nothing less.
    The bitshers love to dirty who ever they want to attack even if they need to lie about it? what did Bush,Cheney do? : weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they never found any!!!!!!!!!!!

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